Gang Stalking – U.S. government, you don’t know what the word “freedom” means.


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The hackers are at my computer again. They always are, but now they’re really serious.  Every day when I turn on my computer, I don’t know if I’ll find anything in it.  Lately, they like removing everything from it.  But I’ve learned a lot about computers in the last six months and they’re having problems taking me off.  But if I should suddenly disappear from site, you’ll know why.

The last two weeks have been fantastic for us targets. More and more information is leaking out about spying on American citizens.

For a long time, I’ve had to deal with people telling me that government spying was not happening to me.  That I should go to some mental health clinic and get help for my paranoid. No one believed me when I told them the government was hacking my phone, computer, video cam.  Now, they can’t say it’s not happening, because it’s also happening to them.  The gates are half-open for us to get out the information about our harassment by government.  We have to take advantage of the opening given us before it closes and we lose our way in. Now if you tell someone about your harassment, they might believe you.  It takes people time to open their minds as to government harassment.  Keep telling everyone you know what’s happening. Don’t be afraid to come across as crazy.  We have to strike while the newspapers are writing about  government spying.

The government tells everyone we targets are criminals.  That they have to watch us every minute.  If anyone is a criminal, it is the U.S. government.  The government is the terrorist, not us.  We haven’t done a damn thing!  We’re innocent victims of a government gone spy  crazy. The government is committing a crime against us.  The crime of taking away our freedom.

The government has taken away a lot of our rights. The 6th Amendment is one. We haven’t been told what crime we’ve committed.  We haven’t been given a trial, and the 6th Amendment states that no American can be punished without a trial. We’re being punished without having our day in court in front of a jury. We’ve been tried in absentia.

Years of our lives have been taken away from us.  Years that we can no longer get back. We’ve missed opportunities to make our life better because of government spying. A lot of us are broke, and the government’s turned our families against us. They’ve made places we live into war zones.

I will never, ever trust the government again.

A lot of innocent people killed themselves, or  killed others because of  harassment  by government flunkies.

U.S. government, do you have anything to be proud about?  Don’t you feel any guilt for what you’ve done to innocent people? In my opinion, U.S. government, you don’t deserve to call yourself  a free nation. U.S. government, you’ve made government into a thing not to trust.

U.S. government, you talked a good game about freedom, but it was nothing but lies you fed us Americans.  You are as bad as China, Russia, Egypt and all those totalitarian governments. But U.S. government, you’re worse.  You’re worse because you preached freedom.

U.S. government, you should learn what the word “freedom” really means. Maybe you should Google what the word “freedom” really means.  You obviously don’t know what the word means.

Well, maybe, just maybe, our day has come to gain our freedom back.

We targets will never be the people we were. We’ve all changed. But we’ve learned a few things about ourselves.  We’ve learned what the word “freedom” really means. No one will ever fool us by using the word freedom loosely.  We’ve also learned how strong we targets really are.  In spite of the horrific things you’ve done to us, we’re survivors.  We’ve learned not to take an ordinary day for granted, because an ordinary day is a spectacular day.

U.S. government, you thought you’d beat us into the ground.  But we’re all here ready to tell our story about what you’ve done to us.  We will tell and re-tell our experiences to anyone who will listen to us. We don’t want this to happen to anyone ever again.

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24 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – U.S. government, you don’t know what the word “freedom” means.

  1. My blog was just deactivated today due to “violations in terms of service”. I asked them to reactivate it. Has this happened to anyone else? How do I get it back? If not I’ll just start a new one and back everything up on a memory stick.

    Remember when life was normal?

    • I’ve never had this happen to me by WordPress, but the hackers have done it to me a lot of times. It’s probably the hackers doing it.

      No, I don’t remember when life was normal!

  2. Just to let you know if you decide to have a conversation with somebody that I disapprove of, (and by the way, I disapprove of you talking to anyone), that I will find a way to let you know your conversation was not private, by quoting something that was said. I helps if this person who is pretending to be your friend says something to make you look stupid. Then I can repeat that to you and make you feel exponentially stupid, while letting you know I am morally superior because I have access to everything you say, which makes me almost like a god. pffffft!!! I just love perps!!!

  3. They won’t let me do anything that I could use to make money. They let me crochet, and I make beautiful doilies. Some have won ribbons at the fair and the perps pour candle wax and brown stuff on them to ruin them. We can’t do anything we enjoy. Especially if it might give us some success. No one stops them from success.

      • Yes, I know you are right! They are stupid (some are IT geniuses, etc) but in life and human interactions they are stupid.

        And they can’t draw, paint, write good stories, do intricate craftwork… they have no imagination. That’s what makes them so easy to recruit. They have no ability to think for themselves, let alone question what they are told to do to us. Yes, they must be jealous!

        We are much more gifted – but if they would just take the time to try to learn how to do the things we do instead of preventing us from being able to do them, they could do them too. But they don’t, because they’re stupid.

  4. You know you’re right… More to wit IT’S GLOBAL. The Illuminati’s plans R being carried out in real-time. Not to take away from what you’re saying but IT’S not just the USA’s government…You know there are perps recruited in every city,state & country.We must keep praying for all of us TI’s For good will conquer evil
    God bless us all

  5. You could use your art to heal. I would run run run from shrinks, then. No more false “diagnoses” of mental illness for me. I would not be getting anxiety attacks and depression over the perps–no more “meds”, EVER!!!!!!!

  6. I don’t even know what I’d do with myself if I found myself not targetted. I once had a post on my old blog about it but it’s gone. I’m getting older now. I guess I’d go back to work or start my own business. I could volunteer, travel, have enough money to tithe. I dunno maybe I’d get a cabin somewhere far in the woods and hide. I’ll never trust another person again. “Freedom” is just a word to them, not a reality. It’s a word that is supposed to bring up images of flags, pies, and fireworks. You are supposed to think of picnics and blankets. Real freedom in this day and age is an alien concept. They have legislated, cut off, and restricted all real freedoms. This “program” we ti’s are under is was used in Nazi Germany.

    • I studied art, but haven’t touched a brush in years. Anything I painted, the perps destroyed. So I stopped painting. And I’d spend all my time at the beach. I’d never spend too much time at home. I’ve been cooped up for too many years, I’d want to feel the air, see the blue sky, and just relax.

      • Yeah, th at. Not having to hide at home or hide in the car when going on errands with another. I’d wear the colors and clothes I want and I’d go where a beach is. I always wanted to start knitting and the perps forbid me even though they used to “let” me crochet. I also used to crosstich. I might go to a Christian concert but mostly I’d like to be out in the elements and left alone, at first, merely to heal.

          • Not me, I’m too fat. I just want to pick out clothes w/o Voice to Skull telling me what to wear and threatening me!!!! I get punished too when I wear wrong colors.

            • You shouldn’t let them scare you. Wear what you want. The scumbags have no right to tell you what to wear and what not to wear. They’re a bunch of stupid idiots!

              • A few years ago I tried it and paid in spades! I was skitted, harassed, brought to tears, followed by police and then they did something even worse. All I did was wear a t-shirt in my favorite color maybe 3 times and a t shirt in my second favorite color a few more times than that then “rebelled” and got earbuds in the “forbidden” colors as well.

                • Personally, I’d figure since they’re going to do that crap anyway, I’d wear what I wanted, but I’m not you, so if you don’t feel comfortable defying them I won’t tell you to.

            • I’d tell them to go to hell and put on what I wanted to – unless it’s torn, puckered with some kind of tool, has round holes, etc. that’s what they do to my choices of what to wear. I frequently have to find something else to wear to avoid looking like a stupid slob like they want me to.I never buy clothes new – just garage sales and second hand because I know they are going to get perped.

              What do they do to punish you? More V2K? I thank God they don’t do that to me.

              I do talk to them, though because I know they’re listening. I talk to them like they’re in the room. I tell them off all the time. Not that it helps, but it makes me feel better. I tell them to go to ___ and to go ___ themselves, etc. It releaves the stress really well! When they interfere with my computer I tell them in a non-polite manner to go away. When meth king Tom Goff takes off revving his stupid really loud truck, I mutter “Go hit a tree, @$$%0!*” He always disappoints me, but I feel better getting my feelings out than keeping them bottled up.

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