Gang Stalking – Verizon customers, do you know U.S. government is tracking you?

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Yesterday, the hackers got into my computer and removed everything, but I was able to get myself  back on. It  took a while, but I did it.  I’m getting really good at fixing my computer. At one time if the same thing happened I’d have to take it to a repair shop.  But I’ve come a long way.  Every time I took my computer to a repair shop, they didn’t fix it.  I paid money for nothing. Now, I can save all that money I would have thrown away.

Well, what good news!  Did you targets hear about Verizon?  Verizon is keeping records of all calls, emails, Facebook photos, etc.  What they’re doing is legal.  They’re required to keep records of all calls, etc. that customers use.

It’s getting crowded with all the new targets. First, it was Associated Press journalists, then the internal revenue harassment of Americans, and now people who use Verizon phones are targets of U.S. government.

The new group is targeted under the Patriot Act. Oh, we targets know about that  Patriot Act.  They’re being targeted under Section 215 of the Patriot Act. It gives the government the right to keep track of  whomever they feel might be a danger to America.  I guess the U.S. government must feel  all the people who use Verizon are terrorists, since every customer’s being tracked. Can you believe?

My question is:  What about all those other phone companies, like Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile, and all the others.  I know they’re also keeping track of Americas.  I used to have Virgin Mobile and stopped using it because of all the hacking. Now, I have T-Mobile.  I’ve used this  phone so few times, it’s been a waste of money.   It’s even worse than Virgin Mobile when it comes to tracking.

So, we targets are getting more and more friends as times goes on.  Can you imagine how angry the Verizon targets must be?  I’m angry when I know they’re hacking my phone.  I’ve actually heard people say that government  tracking their phones is no problem, since they haven’t done anything.  People don’t understand that it has nothing to do with anyone doing something, it’s about the fact that our freedoms are slowly slipping away.  Now, the phones.  What’s next?

What’s next is what’s happening to us targets.  We’re the ones on the bottom of the spying.  We’re the ones no one knows about.

I would like to suggest to anyone who didn’t fill out the form to  Ron Wyden, Senator, Oregon, to please fill in the form and fax it to Senator Wyden.  He’s a good guy.  Now, I know why I haven’t heard from him.  Senator Wyden knows what’s going on, but is not allowed by law to say anything.  He has to keep his mouth shut.  But he’s in there working.  And I thank him a million times over.   Those of  you who didn’t fill out the form, please fill it out.  Let’s overwhelm his office with the forms, then maybe he’ll be forced to do something.  He’ll get that power from all the forms you fill out and send him. So, please, pretty please, fill out the form.  It’s for your own good, or do you all want to spend the rest  of  your life going through hell?  It’s up to all of  you to get those forms to Senator Wyden.

And I want to thank  the Guardian, U.K., for putting out the story about Verizon targets.  If it hadn’t been for the Guardian no one would even know it was happening.  The U.S. press certainly wouldn’t report this happening. Good job, Guardian, U.K.  Keep up the good work.  And Guardian, U.K., if you’re interested in really getting to the bottom of all the spying, get in touch with me.  Thanks, Guardian.

Now, targets, get with it and send out your form.  Thanks.

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63 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Verizon customers, do you know U.S. government is tracking you?

  1. They started hacking all phone calls since 9/11. There is a system that is called Echelon that culls all “threatening” words from phone communications, e mails, etc..that has been around for years. The government has been spying on people for years. Never call anything “da Bomb” on the phone or in an email.

      • I’ve never called anything “da bomb” but I have said I was cooking a pork roast, “pork” is also on that ridiculous list. You can’t avoid getting onto that keywords watch list so you might as well say what you want to.

          • Yeah. Have you ever looked up the list? It’s so vague that anyone who speaks the English language can be put onto the watch list automatically after a few posts or chats after buying their first computer! That’s probably the intention.

            All computers are manufactured with backdoors to allow the US gov and law enforcement free access without the user knowing it. In fact, I read something written by a former NSA employee a while back, that even if you take your hard drive out, they can still get into the circuit board and screw with your files through that. I believe him.

            I know from experience that microsoft and the gov can access your computer if the wireless card is removed AND it’s not online. I know this because I have been imposed upon with shutdowns in the midst of trying out games OFFLINE for microsoft updates that were downloaded WHILE I was playing the game! Then of course you can’t play the rest of the free session. Also, they mess with the story I’ve written many thousands of times and put crappy mistakes in it after I take them all out – over and over and over…and that computer has NEVER been online. One night it got the bluescreen and you can only get that if you have some kind of virus or someone is hacking you. That one has everything that allows connections disabled as far as I could find!

            I certainly know how frustrated it makes you when they mess with yours! Dirty buggers!

            • They don’t seem to like it when you comment on my blog. They make it hard for me to see your messages. They move the cursor around, make the comment very small, or take me out.

              • Interesting. They give me grief when I comment sometimes too. Moving the page and stuff. I guess they can spot a good friendship and they’re jealous. Also, they know everything we say about them is true. CADS!

            • About the blue screen, one is a good blue screen, the other not. Look at the bottom left to see if it says it’s dumping your files. If it says it is, turn your company off fast. It’s dumping everything in your computer. You’ll find that you have nothing in your computer. The other blue screen checks what’s wrong with the computer. So there’s a good blue and a bad, bad blue. I’ve learned this through experience.

              • I looked up the stuff on the details thing and found it was due to a file sharing thing. I don’t share files with ANYONE on that computer – not willingly anyway. That’s why I concluded it was hacking. I have to put up with them getting in and interfering with my story. Fortunately it didn’t dump everything so I guess it was just repairing what damage they had done. Thanks for the info.

                  • You know, it’s really nice to have someone besides my husband who doesn’t think I’m nuts for saying the government hacks me. On the other hand, it would be really really super nice, if niether of us had to ever even think about such absurdities. I hope the phone spying data stealing exposure will affect us positively!

                    • I hope so, too. Your husband doesn’t believe you about the hacking, doesn’t he read the paper? They’re keeping track of every American who uses a phone, and that includes him.

                    • I think you misunderstood that part. He does believe me. Many people don’t though. Well, more do now!

                  • Yeah, it’s so aggravating! Especially when you buy a laptop, take the wireless card out, never put it online, and still have them getting in through the backdoors microsoft puts in for the gov and law enforcement perps!

  2. Oh…you gotta join experience…its better than word press…its more social…more uplifting…lots of ways to connect with others….come over…my name is velvetcrush69…. see you soon honey…

    • WordPress, I trust. I can’t say I trust the other blogging sites. They’ve helped me a lot. I stick by those whom I trust. I trust WordPress. I’m not going anywhere else.

  3. Hey…I have been all over the web guarding this subject….here are some you can check out for support… antigangstalkingnetwork Gangstalketrat Catch Embarrassment.CA/network Mind OS organized TARGETTEDI.DIVIDUALS TARGETEDINDIVIDUALSCANADA WORDPRESS YOUTUBE…GANG STALKI.G ..ANTI GANG STALKING…SUPPORT FOR GANG STALKERS.. WHOSARAT.COM GANGSTALKERSVICTIMSREPORT GANGSTALKERSVICTIMSUPPORT PEACEPINK.NING.COM/GROYP/HARDCOREGANGSTALKING pls…check these out…especially the you tube…I am thinking of doing a YouTube thing for me…to expose them all…name names…everything….us there’s all kinds of criminal lawyers in the states…just Google gang stalking lawyers….there’s hundreds…more than Canada….that should keep you happy..healthy…and your mind of them..and more on you…and how to function around it…there’s a site too..when I find it again ..I will post it…tells you what to remove from Your home to reduce the electromagnetic damage…what tips and all good stuff like that ….happy hunting…and GOD BLESS

      • Other people have reported that lawyers have taken all their money and then laughed in their face so you are probably wise not to want to trust them. I gave it up, myself. I think the only way we’ll ever get any help is through exposure to the crime.

    • There are stalking lawyers, but I have a hard time getting excited about that because there’s a difference between stalking and gangstalking. In my experience, I couldn’t find a lawyer that would get anywhere near a target. They don’t dare. They could lose their livlihood and become a TI themselves. Are you sure any of those would help a TI?

      • Lawyers are all corrupt. I remember one time going to downtown Las Vegas to the court. While I was walking, lawyers were all over the place perping me. I don’t trust any of them. If a lawyer can perp me, he’s corrupt. They’re the ones that are supposed to protect us when we need help from the government, but they’re no help at all. All they’ll do is take your money.

        • Yeah, I believe you. I had some trouble in England and the lawyer who was supposed to help me was useless.

          • Before I knew I was being gangstalked my first boyfriend in Birmingham was lured into making an illegal contract – he put a down payment of £40,000 to buy back the restaurant his father used to own before migrating to Canada. (30 years ago £40k was a lot of money) to avoid tax apparently. He had been going to a lawyer paying him for advice before he told me about it. I had to point out that his lawyer was giving him wrong advice – there is no legal redress for breaking the law. He was a lovely man. I really thought we were going to marry- but that financial set back knocked the stuffing out of him. In retrospect I wonder if he was set up because of his connection to me. Just by being ther I ruined his life. And what lies about me had he been told to cool the relationship.

            • Oh, You both have my sympathy! He may have been set up because of your position but you can’t prove that, so I’d advise you not to blame yourself. He may have just been a victim of the crooks that got him into that. As for him possibly being told lies to cool the relationship, I believe that’s possible.

                    • I would be annoyed too! Well, that is a mild word, but I think you knew that, and I know what you mean. That is really awful. Typical of them though.

                    • That was the main reason I never had a child. I was just the right age – early ’30’s. I did not meet my late husband until 10 years later and there was no way I would have a child at that late age. Good thing in retrospect though. Madness to have children when ruled by fascists – you are only producing a hostage.

                    • You are wise. Had I known this was happening to me I wouldn’t have. I have had one child murdered by these freaks and I worry about the other. I hope I never have grandchildren even though I want them, just because the world is the way it is. My son is constantly harassed by the staff at his school just because they don’t want him graduate – probably so he can’t ever be successful.

                    • Thanks. He is a strong-willed person and I have hopes that he will prove them all wrong someday. My Mom has just decided to home-school him because we’re all sick of their BS.

                    • Maybe that’s the best thing. I don’t think it’s good for a kid to have to put up with all that harassment. It’s hard on us adults, can you imagine a kid going through the same things? It must be worse than hell. Tell your son there are those of us out here who are thinking of him and wishing him the best. Tell him I say “hi”, and to never give up.

                    • Good grief! It must be hell for your other child. That’s what makes adults turn to drink. As a kid I turned to books and just screened everyone out. A hobby is good too, especially if it involves intense exercise. Helps to get the anger out of your system. When I came down with arthritis ( much better now) and couldn’t go to the gym I started shouting at my husband – until he pointed it out.
                      I guess for a brief period we lived in a civilised heaven and now the world has reverted to its old nasty norm of evil bastards in charge and everyone else scared. I am glad I am old. I pity the young.

        • Hey Neverending, Haven’t seen anything from you in a few days and I’m getting worried. Being I can’t contact you anywhere else, I thought I’d try the comments section. I hope they haven’t ruined your computer again. You said the perps sometimes give you problems when you read my comments and I know they’ve cut off our communications before, so I hope it’s not that either, and you’re just taking a break. Take care of yourself. I hope you’re back soon. I miss you.

  4. They’ve all been doing it for years. I wonder why Verizon got highlighted. These people who say, “…as long as you’re not doing anything wrong…” are really stupid. We don’t do anything wrong to deserve to get hacked on our computers. But we do. They don’t just watch what we’re doing. They constantly harass us. It’s fun to them. They don’t care if people deserve it or not. They do it because they can. You’re right. We never would have heard about it from the media in this country.

      • Yeah, we can’t use a cell phone or even one you plug into the wall that’s cordless because they know we’re tired of cords so they turn them off every time we try to use them and we HAVE to use a landline. We have to use a cable modem directly plugged into our laptops because we can’t use wireless. The nieghbors hack us up the wazzoo when we try that so we took out the wireless cards and demanded that the ISP make it so that only one IP at a time would be accepted by our modem. The harassment decreased by about 80%! Now it’s just the gov and their contractors doing it from other than local places – ie: Wa DC, Texas, China, Russia, Germany, Denver and other locations in Colorado, Florida, California, the Bahamas, New York, etc, etc, etc…They’ve got harassment centers everywhere in the world! (Oh that’s right, the “proper” term is “cybersecurity”)

    • Youre right. Phone companies wont do anything if its the government because they assume you are a criminal if the government is spying on you. They dont need reasonable cause anymore. All they need is a hunch. More people need to wake up and realize this can happen to anyone. The smallest minority is the individual. You cannot say you believe in the rights of minorities if you stand by and let the government trample your neighbor. Theyre coming for you next.

      • That’s so true! They assume you are a criminal if they are not told you are because the government is spying on you. I used to wonder why my ISPs were so mean to me when I complained about being hacked and harassed online before I knew the government were doing it. They treated me “like I was a criminal” and I didn’t understand that they really thought I was one. I hadn’t done anything to make them think so, so I just didn’t get it. Now I know why they were so mean to me and it infuriates me that my government told them lies about me. They didn’t even tell me what I was “Being investigated for” but I got bad treatment anyway.

          • Whatever nasty thing you were going to say, don’t worry. I’ve probably said it about them at one time or other myself! Lol

  5. Good comments. When the government steals out data it’s called “security.” When the hackers steal it it’s called “criminal.” There hardly seems to be a difference in the result from our perspective.

    • Mike, sometimes the government are the hackers. Then it’s called cybersecurity. And if you complain to the ISP that you are being hacked, they are just mean to you. I finally figured out that hacking isn’t illegal unless it’s done to a corporation (they’re owned and protected by the gov) or someone who has the money to get an investigation done that will lead to a prosecution, or the government itself.

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