Gang Stalking – Targets, leave behind the history of your life.

English: First page of an eight-page diary kep...

English: First page of an eight-page diary kept by John Winthrop the Younger of a trip from Boston to Saybrook, Connecticut, and his return, November-December 1645, written in both English and Latin. The Winthrop Family Papers, General Collection, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Sony Tape Recorder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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One of the smartest things I did as soon as I became a target was to start this blog.  It’s the one thing that’s kept me sane. When I have a really bad day, I write about it and get it out of my system.  I used to keep a written diary, but that came to an end when I discovered my sister found my diary and ripped out most of the  pages from it.  Let me tell you, it devastated me!  All those things that I’d written  to keep track of all the bad things going on in my life were gone.  I couldn’t believe a sister of mine would do something like that to me. And the few pages of the diary she left me, she’d written nasty remarks on.  That day I cried, because I knew she would no longer be a part of my life.  She’d done a lot of nasty things to me and I’d forgiven her, but destroying my diary was the last straw.  Soon after, I packed up my things and left her house.  I haven’t been in touch with her since that day.

I think of my sister every once in a while, and I still feel  anger toward her.  I don’t know if I can ever forgive her.  How can someone be so mean?  But my sister has always had a mean streak.  I remember her trying to beat me into submission, but I never gave in to her.  My mouth would always win any argument we had.

Well, anyway, I’m glad I write this blog.  I’ve been able to keep a diary of everything that’s happened to me  and I don’t have to fear someone getting hold of it and ripping it up.  And writing this blog has also enabled me to  be in touch with some very nice people.    I’ve met one target since I began  writing this blog, and he turned out not to be a very nice person.  After meeting him, I realized I had to be very careful about meeting other targets. So now, I just don’t have too much contact with other targets.

With the constant harassment happening to us targets, it’s a good idea to keep a diary of what happens on a day-to-day basis.  A lot of times, I reread blogs I’d written and realize I’d forgotten a lot of the details.  It is only after rereading the blogs that bring back the memory of what happened on a certain day or hour.

If something happens to me, I want to leave behind the  story of  what happened to me.  I want  people to see the world the way I saw it.  I want people to know that government can never be trusted.  That too much government interference in our lives is not a good thing.  The less government in our lives, the better.

I want to recommend to all targets that you write about everything that happens to you, so that people in the future can read about your experiences.  If you don’t, you will forget a lot of things that are happening to you now.  You think you won’t forget the hell you’ve been through, but believe me, you will.  Write a blog, get a tape recorder and record the things happening to you, take as many pictures as you can.  Leave behind a history of your life. Make sure people know about you. Let people know that government can become totalitarian at any  time, and that you’re leaving them a warning.

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9 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Targets, leave behind the history of your life.

  1. And doesn’t that sound like brainwashing to you? Everyone has their limits. Part of any military’s agenda is to establish how to control and or break people. None of us is infinitely strong we all have our breaking or ” persuasion” points. If someone threatened your child or a loved parent or a best friend wouldn’t you compromise if it only meant being a nuisance to a complete stranger who the liars have told you is a paedophile or a drug dealer. That’s how this con artist scam works. They choose the people that no-one in society cares very much about and turns us into bogeymen. The harassment serves more than one purpose. It keeps the victim totally distracted – like a mother with a toddler or a woman with an abusive husband- surround sound abuse narrows your field of reference to the immediate vicinity. The gang stalkers are given work to keep them busy busy busy and what they are instructed to do is so insane they can’t think straight – most people have families some have jobs and careers that they have worked very hard for and would like to keep and the low life’s have nothing else to do, like bullying people anyway and while they are busy persecuting you they are not committing crimes against the people that the powers that be want to protect.

    • It’s okay. I understand everything you’re going through with your computer. It happens to me non-stop. Probably hackers have gotten into your computer and are deleting everything as you type. That’s what happens to me. Hackers galore!

  2. That is why I posted (twice) my diary from 1982 and my struggles to put myself together after being locked up in the State Hospital for merely being lonely and seeking treatment with a shrink. I have another diary from 1998 (also hard copy) but it is a bitter testament. I used to post blow by blow what the perps did to me but I realized they probably got off on seeing themselves in print and how their antics bothered me, so I went and took another bloggers advice and posted more about problems in general not the perps every move. They have been horrible lately.

    • If you don’t write about what’s happening to you, you’re going to forget. You don’t have to write it in your blog, tape record what happens to you and keep it close to you wherever you go, or else it’ll be stolen.

      • I wish I kept my old blog. It had lots and lots of stuff on it. Sometimes I’d rather forget. It’s a nightmare that never ends. I once put a blog up at my old blog where I asked if I were dead and in Hell. I wasn’t sure anymore, although now I know that Hell is even worse than this.

        • If you forget about what’s happening to you and it comes out in the open about what’s happening to us, you won’t be able to tell your side of the hell you’ve been through.

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