Gang Stalking – Evil happens because no one wants to listen to victims.

English: Monument to holocaust victims in Ukraine

English: Monument to holocaust victims in Ukraine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Illustration from English Caricaturis...

English: Illustration from English Caricaturists and Graphic Humourists of the Nineteenth Century, by William Rodgers Richardson (writing as Graham Everitt) :Engraving by John Leech :Captioned “I Hope Mr Smug, You Don’t Beat Your Boys.” :Published in “Illuminated Magazine” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So far this week, the perps have been in my apartment every day and  broken the following things:  the freezer part of the refrigerator, my drawer, left fingerprints all over my kitchen table, footprints in my bathtub,  broke the light over my oven, and I’ll probably find other things they’ve damaged.

The perps have also gotten into my new video camera and hacked it.  I can’t videotape anything.  My camera  is full. I have nothing in my camera, but it’s full. This happens to everything I own.  I get messages on my computer that I don’t have enough space to continue my blog, that my phone is full, etc.  It’s all b.s.  I was recharging my video cam and discovered some hacker was messing around with it. It was too late for me to do anything.  I’ve tried fixing it, but I can’t. but I’ll keep trying. They’re afraid I’ll get more proof of the perps harassing me, and they sure don’t want any proof, that’s for sure.

The perps are the most miserable people on earth. They are so full of themselves.  It seems to me that they think they have the right of life and death over us targets.  They all  act so smug. Why they act so smug puzzles me.  Most of them are such losers.  None of them has a job.  Most of them look like they don’t take a bath.  They sit around all day making monkey noises.  They don’t go anywhere. The only time they look like they’re alive is when they’re harassing one of us targets, or going into targets’ houses/apartments and destroying everything in it.  Is that something to act smug about?  I think not. If this is their only joy in life, they definitely need a mental health exam.  They’re all very sick people.  Someone has to be very sick  to spend all his time trying to destroy someone’s life.

I was listening to KNPR radio and happened to hear that this period is one of the least violent times in history.  Maybe people think it’s not as violent because they’re not aware of what’s happening underneath all that calm.  That’s the way it’s always been, no one seems to know what is happening around them while it’s happening.  I guess people don’t want to know. They’d rather believe everything’s honky-dory.  Then years later, someone discovers how the times really were.  And everyone goes into mode “how could that have happened!?”  It happened because no one cared enough to listen to those who were victims.

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11 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Evil happens because no one wants to listen to victims.

  1. Neverending, I’m so angry that they do this crap to you! I wish you could move in with us. There’s someone here 24/7. You wouldn’t have people bothering your stuff all the time. We have my mom sit in the house when we all want to go somewhere together so that she can have both the doors locked from the inside. It’s really the only thing that keeps them out. I tried every kind of lock I could when I lived alone. Waste of money! It infuriates me that they think they can have no manners and just go into someone’s house and destroy their things. They really are losers!

    I hope you can fix your camera, and everything else. I know how dreary it is knowing you’re going to discover more things they did as the weeks go by. Even months or years. I still have things turn up that my X stole from me in 1997 just to remind me who got me put on the list. Theyre usually destroyed, of course. That cancels out any joy that could be had of getting them given back.

    You deserve some happiness and I hope you get some very soon. Have a great day – May the perps be too busy to bother or something…

    • Thanks for the offer. It’s really nice of your family. You’re really good people. How can anyone think people like you are dangerous to the U.S.? I’ve been trying to find another T.i. I can trust, but it’s hard. Everyone I try to befriend becomes a perp. You lived by yourself as a target, so you know what damage the perps do once we leave our house/apartment. You have a great day, too. Thanks.

      • You’re welcome. Yeah, I know it’s hard to find people we can trust. I’ll keep hoping for you, and on the rare occasions I bother praying, I’ll pray for you, too. I wish the morons would wake up to the fact that people who like the truth like us aren’t a danger to society. The people who don’t like it are.

          • Exactly. Because they know they’re scum and they know if anyone finds out they’re scum they won’t be accepted by society anymore. So they have to get society to not accept people who are honest.

  2. Honey…there coming at you 10 fold…please..I emplore you…from the second you open your eyes..pray..pray the prayer of protection….ask God to release the demonic force/demons inside…to reverse all curses.. to rebuke Satan and his evil doers….and to pray for forgiveness of your sins…you don’t have to name each sin…just say all sins….as the day progresses… and you feel there presence.. yell out..”.I rebuke You Satan and all your evil doers , no weapon great or small will prosper against me…the armour of God and his omnipotent omnipresence army will protect me.. in the name of Jesus Christ…” …….it works…trust me…I do it while walking down the street…they crumble .they’re scared….use that…all day…and before you close your eyes..say the same only add…”please grant me a peaceful nights rest and free from intruders…guide my thoughts..” …..the POWER is awesome…next thing you know.. there’s one less..each time you say remove one of them….all the more reason to say it each chance you can in the presence of these FREAKS….. .I don’t have cable…I refuse to…it’s their main source of mind control..they have many masked tricks…..I use my iPod on a dock to listen to clear music…the radio is the worst to have on…I know one guy who has them both on and he is a mess…once outside..he is OK…but they fuck with him real bad….so try not to have cable…and try not to listen to the radio…unless it’s a show regarding our ti….I just watch DVDs or sit in silence…I live alone with my cat…but some how I manage to fill the day…record all they do…stop giving them power..ignore them….don’t mutter under your breath…just record.. Get Google plus…join gang stalkers network…join anonymous….join me….you with find it takes your mind of them…educate yourself of the little things…not the big…deal with the stuff in your face right now…realize…this is for life… you can drive yourself mad …which is exactly what they want…or you can share experiences and stories with others on Google plus…targeted individuals Canada… word press has many other outlets…there’s doctors..lawyers..judges ..priest….All kinds of walks of life enduring the same…I emplore you to take back your life one word at a time…one picture at a time…one story at a time….reading other ppl storied makes mine seem so small…ppl who once had power are now drooling in a wheel chair…its awful what there doing it ain’t right…but we need to come together…unite…speak out through networks…you tube..blogs….please don’t get stuck on one track…open up..embrace the help that’s there…we will get bigger..stronger…soon..there will be more of us than perps… now that’s a day to look forward too…..God Bless You

    • Getting in touch with other TI’s and reading about how to cope does help. It’s helped me a lot. God hasn’t, but other people have. I quit going to church because the lady pastor at my mom’s made some nasty remarks about the one item of jewelry I still have pretty much in tact (It’s been attacked by perps many times) and I happen to wear at all times now to make sure it is safe. She said (I asume because I wear it all the the time) that I care about it more than I care about God (which God knows is not true) and that IT was the reason I was being stalked. My harassment began about 4 years before I had it. She said that if I got rid of it right there and then, my stalking problem would instantly stop. Yeah. Right. I smell a perp! They’re even at church!

      I’ve done all that praying. I’ve had all that faith. Didn’t matter! I guess you could say, “Been there, done that, got the T shit (and it got ripped by perps)”

      I don’t TV either, but the radio doesn’t bother everyone. I couldn’t sit in silence. That would drive me crazy.

      NE1 just said her camera has been disabled. She can’t record.

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