Gang Stalking – Need a long, long vacation.

Long Vacation

Long Vacation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Marin MTB

Marin MTB (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another day in Perplandia.

Well, the perps destroyed more of my things.  Not mine, exactly.  The things broken belong to the complex.  After returning home, I opened my cabinet draw, and when I tried to close it, it wouldn’t close.  The drawer won’t stay up.  It goes down. The part of the drawer that  keeps it up someone broke.  And my refrigerator has not been working properly in the last two days, so I checked it out to see if anything is wrong with it.  I was removing the food from the freezer and noticed the part of the freezer that holds the fan was loose, so all the air was getting out.  They unattached the part that keeps the fan running and keeps the food frozen.  None of the food is frozen.  I threw the food out because I don’t want to get sick.

The savages have absolutely nothing better to do.  All the savages know is to destroy, destroy, destroy. They are act like two-year-olds.  They can do whatever they want to me, or to the place I live, but don’t  I dare complain to anyone, or say anything to them about what they’re doing to me. They will immediately turn around and begin to complain to the other savages.  They’ll have fits, act hurt (oh, my heart breaks), and immediately go to the office and complain about what I’m doing to them.  Of course, they’re angels.  I’m the bad one.  They have to be protected from violent me.

And now that their savage children are out of school, it’s even worse.  I live on the second floor, and their little darlings are riding their bikes here on the second floor.  The other day, I almost got hit by one of the bike riders.  I have to be careful every time I step out of my apartment. It’s either some kid throwing rocks, or riding around on his bike.

I really, truly cannot stand these people. I moved to this place in August of 2012.  I haven’t even been here a year yet, but the people who live in my complex are the lowest of the low.  I don’t think people get any lower than the people who live here.  If I move, things will not improve.  It’ll be the same thing all over again.  I just don’t know what to do anymore.  There are few options left to me.  Stay here and put up with low lifes, or move.  And that’s not much of a choice.

I wish I had an answer. What to do?  What to do?

Oh, what a hell of a life we targets live.  I need a long, long vacation away from people, and to sleep for a month.

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24 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Need a long, long vacation.

  1. If you’re living in an apartment or condo, look for a place where there are more “owners” than “renters”. Look for small condo owners who want to rent out rather than an apt. complex. Will still have perp neighbors but less transients and deal with an HOA/ owner rather than a rental office.

  2. Wish I could give you some dvice but I don’t have any. They do the same kinds of things to me. You’re right about police. I used to report everything in an open case before I knew they just laugh because they’re in on it. They just collect everything and use it against you as “evidence” that you’re “crazy.” I’m sure you’re right about the appartments being recycled too. That’s why I want to get a MH. I never want to live in a stationary place again! Problem is they can do things to anything you own, including vehicles, but I’m willing to take the chance.

    • That’s all you can is take a chance. If we never did anything, we’d don’t know if it’ll work. If you buy a MH be very careful. Thoroughly check it out. You don’t know what the perps will do to it. Maybe you can add a clause that if there’s anything wrong with it, you can return within 30 days. Good luck if you go with your MH.

      • Thanks, That’s good advice. I’ll try that, but it looks like I can’t even get a loan at the moment. I’ll keep trying though. I’m sick of Tom Goff (I always say his full name because he deserves to be shamed) and the nasty people across the street (Don’t know their surname) and who knows we might end up in a place with decent people. Maybe that’s why I’m having trouble with the loan.

        • Be careful when you get a loan (they deleted this once already). I know of a target who the bank took for $5,000. She’s still trying to get her money back, but with no success. Someone went into the bank and took out $5,000 with her I.D. and the bank gave the money to the people. And now the bank won’t admit that it did. So be very, very careful. Make copies of everything, triple check everything, believe nothing the bank says. Be very awake. She was also trying to get a loan for a new home.

          • I’ll be careful. Did they take it out of the person’s savings? At least I can know I’ll never have that much for them to take. I’m not allowed to have more than $2,000 in an account, which is a joke, because on assistance they don’t give you enough to live on comfortably, let alone enough to have any to save. I’m lucky if I can keep $100 in mine.

  3. Have you read the book The Hidden Evil? I just got it in the mail and I’m going to read it I had read some excerpts from it before. The author did alot of research it will is has helped TI’s cope/survive this Evil…

    God bless us all

    • I know all about Mark and what he has been through and is going through. He basically tells you a lot of the things I’ve been writing about: that what we’re going through is the worse hell anyone can go through and will continue to go through. He’s still trying to survive the evil, so he doesn’t exactly have the answer, just as I don’t.

  4. Don’t even look at being a TI like that… We are all victims/survivors of this Evil give them nothing no response for they are try’n to provoke, confuse, anger, get a response of violence BUT don’t give them anything keep a journal gather evidence of some kind and keep adding to it have a case opened(if you haven’t yet)with your local PD I do but I have to update it as just like all of us TI’s I’m still being stalked the current constant thing they’re doing to me now is the little stings on my shins..

  5. Being close to some of the perps the way I have has proven itself to be a valuable tool, because you learn what they want you to do, by what they encourage, and what they dont want you to do. The best thing about relocating is that it messes with them. It costs them money and time they spent bugging, installing cameras, surrounding you with perps, whatever. Its a hassle for them to have to start over, just as it is for you. With a little time, you can figure out exacly what you should do, just by listening to their advice. 🙂

    • Most of the perps don’t have to do anything. The apartments are already set up. The same apartments are given to targets over and over, and everything is in place before we even move in to any place. When I move from this apartment, it will be given to another target. And if I move to another apartment, it was vacated by another target. And the hell continues as always.

    • I think there is something to be said for staying in one place, esp. if you can buy a place. I think the perps enjoy seeing targets on the run, it’s more instability for the target and less liability for the perps since you won’t be seeing the same ones all the time. Targets need stability and credibility.

      • That’s why they harass us, so we keep moving and eventually end up in the poorhouse. But after a while, no matter where we live, it gets to a point where we absolutely cannot stand the look of them. We’d rather move than look at their stupid faces.

      • I hate being stuck in one house with the same creeps around me. I never see them anyway, so what does it matter if they change? The last thing I’d ever want to do would be to buy a place. You can bet they’d do everything they could to destroy it and make the value go down, or render it unsellable. They devalue the place I live in, and it’s not even mine. I rent. The only advantage I have living where I do at the moment is knowing it’s not my landlord behind or allowing the damage. Somewhere else it probably would be.

        • I hate to disagree with you, but your landlord’s probably involved. He/she knows exactly what’s going on. I haven’t met a landlord yet who doesn’t know what’s going on. The people who perp you know that they can go into the house without getting in trouble, because none of the neighbors will report them.

          • Yeah, I think he does, but I can’t prove anyone but my nieghbors go into my house. Or maybe the cops do too. We know they have master keys to all the sorts of locks manufactured and sold in the country, and maybe help distribute them to perps.

            When I worked at a nursing home, the perp who picked on me at work the most used to go and get a box of doughnuts for him and his friends every morning so that he could plant things that belonged to people in the rooms I cleaned in my house. Someone obviously gave him a key, or locksmithing equipment. He had one of the ladies thinking I was a thief. The others never found out about about the stuff. I used to bring the things back and sneak them back into the places he stole them from. The mirror the one lady thought I stole never turned up in my house. Probably because he found out I was bringing the things he stole back so he wanted to make sure I couldn’t give the lady’s mirror back to her by keeping me from getting a hold of it. I have no idea what he did with that.

            • What a low life! To do that to you is disgusting. It’s a good thing you never went to jail. It’s a good thing it was a nursing home and they probably didn’t pay too much attention to what they had, otherwise, who knows where you’d be now. The jerk should be in jail for stealing.

              • Yeah, he should have been locked up! I was always freaked out ( which was probably the intention) thinking someone might report me to the cops and they’d search and find something he took before I even did and arrest me. You’re right, most of the people were senile so they didn’t miss the things. The stuff he took ranged from socks and undies to money. I was very lucky only one person had any suspicion, and because she couldn’t “prove” who took her mirror and it never was put in my house by the perp anyway, I was OK.
                The lady he took money from KNEW I didn’t do it. She told everyone she knew I hadn’t taken it, and then (I guess because he knew she hadn’t fallen for it) her money showed up again. In a weird place -like things do for TIs when perps bring something they take back and put it in a place so that other people will think the TI just misplaced it. Me and her both knew it hadn’t been there before because I had helped her look for it and we went through everything in her whole room.

                  • As far as I know he still works there and has a lot of friends still. Everyone (except me and another person who saw through him) thought he was the cat’s meow. Those people never get what they deserve. I guess that’s life.

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