Just a Moment

These photos are so beautiful, I just have to re-blog them so you can see them. I know it has nothing to do with gang stalking, but maybe it’ll take your mind off it. Enjoy!  [NE1]

10 thoughts on “Just a Moment

  1. Tyvm….I posted a picture of myself…and Tex directly to my GT….said that I got a lawyer…and they’d be charged with conspiracy to commit murder…..amazing….not that many followed on a busy Friday…. I put it on nearby and my following on Google +….try it…then my next step.. Take pics of them…and post…: I noticed. Its the same spot…different perp….so who ever in that spot…snap snap…now I got international attention…for them….

  2. haha, NE1, I got harassed about this blog hours before I even read it. One of my guests asked me in a strange tone if they could have a Moment, to look at the menu, and she gave me “the look”. They know I read your blog so I have the perps reading it too!
    Good! Sometimes people say or do the most ordinary thing, then look at me like they just whipped out their penis or something vulgar. You know?

    • Aren’t they just something? They always have to give themselves away. I’m happy they read my blog, and helps you I.D. who the perps are. Yes, I know what you mean.Thank you.

  3. I am getting stronger every day too. If they are following me and I’m boring, wow, they should just commit suicide and open up space on the sidewalk. I love my life . The birds are singing and the sun is shining and the trees are green and I have so much to be thankful for. Stumbling around in the darkness doesn’t look like fun.

    • I’m glad you’re finding yourself again. There are a few things left to us which we can enjoy, like the birds, the sun, and just taking a walk. We targets have learned what is really important in life, that’s one good thing to come out of our perping. Things which we used to take for granted.

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