Gang Stalking – I dream…


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I dream of a better place to live.

I dream of sitting in a place and not have someone annoy me.

I dream of not having someone call me names.

I dream of sitting at a table with some friends and really enjoying myself.

I dream of  not having someone hit me with electricity every minute of the day.

I dream of being left alone.

I dream of taking a vacation.

I dream of being  called beautiful.

I dream of taking a walk and not worrying about what’s behind me.

I dream of  wearing stylish, beautiful clothes.

I dream of having someone else in my life.

I dream of not having someone threaten to beat me up.

I dream that maybe there are still nice people out there and I just have to find them.

I dream that someone out there likes me.

I dream that the hell I’m going through will soon end.

I dream that all the perps will get the punishment they deserve.

I dream that the pesticide the perps spray into my apartment goes right back to them.

I dream that all the people who’ve abused me for years will finally get their time in jail.

I dream…that’s all I can do.

What do you dream about?

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24 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – I dream…

  1. I dream of sitting at a table with some friends and really enjoying myself.n e wat you sed there an the rest to . can I trust them are they going to become perps are they perps? wat are they planning . Its mad am not going to be on now for abit but I will still read your blogs all for now.

      • I really watch people at work. I’ve identified the perps and the non-perps. Problem is you can’t say anything to the boss because you won’t be believed. Perps look like humans to other people. And so the abuse goes on…

          • 3 that I’m sure of. And the cool thing is they know I’m on to them. One person quit a while back because I became aware of her and kept my stuff out of her reach and watched her, so she couldn’t vandalise it anymore. I knew from the start she took the job even though it didn’t pay what she wanted just to perp me. When she couldn’t perp me, it wasn’t worth it anymore. Now there are new ones. Maybe they’ll get fed up and quit too. I won once!

            • She was probably getting pay from work and for perping you. There’ll always be new ones, but at least now you know who they are. Sometimes I think it’s better not to know.

              • I’d rather know. That way you know who to watch. Also, they get pissed off when they know you know and are able to watch them. Pissing off perps is pretty much the only enjoyment we get. Knowing I’ve caused them some sort of distress back is satisfying, even though it doesn’t affect them. They just go onto another assignment, but at least it’s not me!.

  2. I dreamt of having a better life a soulmate a man who was strong with me have a normal life .it never happened am so lonely its killing me .

        • I like to think that most of the people in the world are nice, despite the fact that there are plenty of perps including at my workplace. It helps me hang on. But then, I have fewer problems than you do. My husband mentioned going to Las Vegas sometime today. We are thinking of getting an RV to live in. I said I’d NEVER go there considering what they do to you there. The only reason I’d consider going there would be to visit you – certainly not to live. He was OK with that. He’s sick of the crap we get from the perps as it is.

          • Well, if you want to come to Las Vegas, this is a good time. Not too hot yet. You’ll see a lot of perps on the strip. It’s full of tourist perps and Las Vegas perps.

            • I haven’t got the money now, but thanks. I need to get my house sorted out and sold, before I can even get the Motorhome. Don’t know how long that will take.

                • Hopefully both, but our main goal is to go to a certain state. We want to not have to be stuck with nasty neighbors, and be able to go places together without having to worry about leaving the house vacant. Just take it with us. Sure, we’ll still have times when one of us will have to stay in while the other goes out, but there would also be times when we could go and sit on the beach or something all together and just watch the door if we can park with it in view. We would be able to go places days at a time and not worry about the house getting invaded while we’re gone. If neighbors get nasty, we could go somewhere else. If they do noise harassment, we could go somewhere else. I remember one of your readers saying his life improved when he got one. I’m hoping ours will.

                  • That’s targetguy777 you’re thinking of. He’s had horrible things happen to him, too. Worse things that I’ve suffered. So if he says mobile homes are better, he knows what he’s talking about. Good luck whatever you do. We all have to do what’s best for us.

                    • I remember him saying it was better and that’s what confirmed my decision. I’d been thinking about it.

  3. I use to dream about finding my soul mate, and having a family of my own. I rarely dream anymore, because I find it very hard to dream about things which no longer seem possible. I dream one day somebody will see me for who I really am, and love me for it.

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