Gang Stalking – I can’t give my money away.

English: McDonalds' sign in Harlem.

English: McDonalds’ sign in Harlem. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

349/365 Wireless at last

349/365 Wireless at last (Photo credit: stuartpilbrow)

A couple of Butchers at work.

A couple of Butchers at work. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lately, it seems I can’t give my  money to anyone.

I have a wireless computer (don’t ever buy one) and the perps broke my battery to it. They broke the part of the battery that connects to the computer.  I can still use my computer if I use my power cord, but I can’t use it when I go out unless there’ s a wireless connection where I’m going.

I went to Office Depot to buy a new battery.  The people at Office Depot seemed nice enough, but I wondered how long it would be before they began treating me like a target.  I no longer go to Best Buy.  Whenever I go into Best Buy no one seems to see me.  It’s like I’m a ghost.  Other customers come in and the sales people say “hi”, but it’s like I don’t exist. So be it. I don’t exist.

I ordered the battery in April.  Today things can be delivered next day, but not if you’re a target.  Everything we order seems to be coming from China, it takes us a long time to get whatever we order.   I waited five days and went to Office Depot to check on my battery.  All the technicians  had “the look”.  The look that says they know I’m a target.  They all gave me a sad look  when telling me my order was still on its way.  So I left the store and had the feeling that my battery would not be coming any time soon.  Sure enough, I went back three days later.  Battery was still on its way.  I asked them if the battery was coming from China. They said no. I went back three days later, the battery was still on its way.  Okay, I decided I had enough.  Delivery of a battery doesn’t take that long.  I told them to cancel the order and return my money.  I have a feeling that they were told to take their time with my battery delivery.

This is the same problem I had with my insurance. I also cancelled my insurance and told them to return my money.

And when I go out to eat, it’s the same thing.  No one seems to want my money.

I go out to eat, and the noise level in the restaurant becomes so loud that I’m surprised anyone can hear himself talk.

But this is the half of it.  When I get my food, it’s usually cold, or has vegetables so old (I think they dig them out of the garbage) that I can taste old.   So I go up to the register and request my money be returned.

I went to McDonald’s one day and ordered a burger to take out.  When I opened the package, they hadn’t bothered to heat it up. The burger was raw and cold.  I went back into McDonald’s and requested they return my money.

And when I go any supermarket and order a special cut of meat, you should see what it looks like.  It seems the people who cut the meat can’t cut straight.  The meat is uneven.  One side is fat, the other very, very thin.  I know they purposely do this, so I go back to the meat counter and return the meat.  I tell them to sell it to someone else.  One day I went to the meat counter and ordered chicken.  That day I wasn’t paying attention and walked out with steak, expensive steak. I would call these people butchers, but it’s too professional a name, and they’re not professionals.

So, it seems no one wants me to spend my money.  It’s okay with me.  If they want to disrespect me , I will continue  to return to them whatever garbage they serve me.

If you’re new to gang stalking, this is the kind of treatment you can expect from service people.

Don’t spend your money in any place where you’re not treated like a human being.  You deserve better.  Don’t give them your money. Keep it.  Don’t let anyone whom you give your money to disrespect you.  Maybe they’ll begin to realize how much money they’re losing.  And money speaks.

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39 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – I can’t give my money away.

  1. As you leave your house…place baby powder along the floor…far enough as to not be able to jump…take a picture each time its violated…keep recording your outings on a cell phone camera… I do this…don’t look them in the eye…don’t talk to them…just carry on…they will not stop you from talking to others. …stick to ppl you see daily…just say hi…go to a community centre…library…they shy away…

  2. Hello,
    Yes, I have these tactics going on too. The perps in my situation let me know that they are the ones responsible. They love to try and get a reaction of anger, or upset from us. It’s all psychological tactics. They are not the people monitoring you via the eavesdropping equipment, they just get their instructions from their controller. So these people are not worth going after. They are a dime a dozen, and the Gang Stalking controllers have a vast collection of losers waiting in the wings. 460 million people on some form of food stamps, or public social assistance makes a huge allotment of desperate potential perps to pick from. I’m not going to say what they have done to me, because I don’t like giving them the satisfaction. It’s all about causing you as much upset as possible all day long single day. They want you to become bitter and reactionary. This further cuts you off from becoming social. I have become more in touch with the bible, and it has helped me break away from material things. Life is a challenge, and we must roll with the punches. Try never to give these people a reaction (even here online). Just smile and laugh at how pathetic they are to be doing this, and how empty their life must be. You know they will have no reward in the afterlife, so never consider revenge. It’s all being taken care of by Jesus and God!

    Oh, and if you ever need to lock something up, use a combination lock (they sell ones that you can personally set the combination) and never use a key lock. Anything that uses a key they can get into.

    • Well, I tried to use a combination lock and they took it apart. I bought a few of them and they broke every single one. So now, I don’t even bother locking anything up. I don’t have much of anything anymore. The very basics and nothing else. Whatever is important to me, I carry with me, the rest I don’t care about. They can do whatever they want to anything in my apartment.

  3. They are so rude, act like they don’t want our money and I don’t wanna give it to them but, I need certain things: food, TP, clothing, shampoo, detergent, etc…one day a whole Target store decided to perp me. I get sort of bad treatment there anyway. It was awful staff following me in the aisles and getting talked about and laughed at all over the store. Going out to eat sucks the worst. I have had more problems with rude/weird service in restaurants. If I go into a fast food place and the little perpies all seem to be waiting for me behind the counter, I leave. I suspect poison. The worst (I know) that has happened is getting the trots after eating fast food. Due to poor treatment, I do not eat Mickey D’s, Burger King, Del Taco and Hometown Buffet. Hometown Buffet is the perpiest restaurant there is on Earth.

    • Well, they’re the losers. Look how much they’re losing. They could be making a lot of money out of us, but they’re not. I don’t eat out anymore. We don’t have a Hometown Buffet here in Vegas, but if it ever comes here, I’ll stay away from the place. I get followed in the stores, too. As soon as I enter the store, I see the security guard heading for the camera in the back so he can catch me stealing. We’re all thieves, you know.

      • I learned that early on in being targetted that I all of a sudden was a “thief” when I shopped. Was dogged by someone at the store the other day…some kind managerial type following me from aisle to aisle. I have also heard nasty comments towards me at this store, like, “we have to watch her” to another customer in the self check out…

        • Whenever I go into a certain store, the security guard always goes to the back. One day when I finished shopping, I stopped by the guard and said to him, “Well, did you see me steal anything?” He replied, “Well, not yet.” I replied, “I don’t steal.” And he laughed.

          • I confronted my “store stalker” and he said nothing but I got the picture. I used to be “stopped for my receipt” all the time. Once I got a store credit because I complained bitterly about it…I got banned from that store later though, LOL.

  4. Thought I would share this with you guys .
    Ruined Relationship

    When targets are in a relationship, the civilian spies/snitches will try to ruin that relationship. This could be friendships, family or significant others.
    If it’s a romantic relationship, they will find out what your significant other likes and try to get them to cheat, or leave you.

    If it’s a friendship they will tell lies to come between you. The same goes for family. This is done so that targets will have no means of support, once they do realise that something is going wrong in their lives.

      • Ne I don’t know what its like to have a normal relationship anymore it goes wrong becasue them being perps or they find out who u are an get scarced . So it goes bad either way .very bad.

  5. Oh yeah a group of muslim teenagers threw something in my path it made a loud noise to get my reaction well they didn’t get one ha.

    • Don’t you just love it? These are people who are complaining about people picking them on and then turn around and perp you. I bet they’re not even citizens. Cross the street. Don’t even go near them. You don’t know what the bastards are going to do.

      • Yes n e I know they complain about people being racist to them an go on about for e.g white people . An make a big stink about injustic towards muslims an they reilgon but look at what they doing to innocent people . Who are citizens here they can’t turn round complain when they involved in this satanic gs . Your right perps can be unpridictable you don’t know what they cud do next they very unstable flith .

  6. These freaks know what we like so they remove it or hide it or sabbotage it I know. Anyway I had some street thearte today I was walking on the street minding my own business I saw a guy ahead he was talking on his mobile loudly he was flagging down taxis I noticed he had a bad limp it looked like he was putting it on I thought shud I walk past him? So i did he blocked my path an said sunmthing I stopped an pointed no I walked past him he mumbled somethings under his breath . I also got bad customer service bad food in a shop I won’t go there again perp land never sleeps .

    • Next time, don’t even go near the perp. Cross the street if you can. Just stay away from them. I see them coming, I cross the street, or find another way of avoiding them. Be careful!

    • I have very little furniture. A bed, a table with four chairs, and some pots (perps broke top handles of pot). They broke two of my chairs, and a small table I had. They rip all my clothes. I buy no clothes. I wear whatever I have until it’s unwearable and then I’ll buy two or three pieces at a thrift store, very inexpensive. I buy very little food. Food for one or two days if I know I’ll be home, otherwise, no food. I bought a bag of potato chips, and the perps stole the chips. If they don’t steal the chips, they break them into itsy bitsy pieces. They put things in my water, so I freeze my water before I leave home. I recently discovered that they went into my suitcase and stole everything in it. Why do I even want to waste money on anything?

      • I’m sorry… I only said that since I was forced out of my job. Because of what they did to me, I now have no money & have been labeled & discredited (which is what they intended all along). Now I can’t get a job, nor will they give me disability. This is horribly ironic, since they are possibly the same ones who CAUSED my disability.

        • You don’t have to be sorry. I didn’t mean anything by what I wrote. I was just telling you about my circumstances. All of us are labeled and discredited. Can’t you get some state assistance? I know how it is. It’s hard for us to keep a job, or get one. Workplace mobbing is disgusting, and should be punishable. I hope you don’t give up.

    • They like to do that. They know when you like something and will remove it, or place it in a different part of the store. Or will leave the item you like just around some corner on top of something else. The cashier and other customers watch everything you do. By the way, did you ask them why they no longer have it? I like to ask to annoy them and to hear the stupid reason they don’t have it anymore.

  7. Isn’t it funny I had some experiences today to like this! . I went to a fast food place to get sumat before I went in a car was outside with two perps one was already staring at me like his body fully foscused on me I got my video camera out I went into shop I ordered what I wanted wait for this……when he handed it over it was wrapped in a USED chrisp packet! I kid u not I took photo I was so angry I just grabbed it an walked off I went to another fastfood I waited, waited no one else was in the shop apart from me the perps were making me wait I sed to myself am off the perps sniggered an sed bye get lost sort of thing . I went to my final fast food place an got wat I wanted finally all that for bread.

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