Gang Stalking – “Is there any drug abuse?,” asked the 911 operator.

English: A Chicago police officer on a segway.

English: A Chicago police officer on a segway. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Logo of the United States National Institute o...

Logo of the United States National Institute on Drug Abuse, part of the National Institutes of Health. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m finally able to get on my computer.  Again, I don’t know how long the computer will last before the hackers get at it.

I went out to the railing in front of my door to get some fresh air.  As soon as I stepped out, here come the kids and the people from downstairs.  I cannot step out in front of my door without a bunch of people appearing.   They want to make sure I go right back in.  So, I decided I’d go in and get my camera.  I came back out, and as soon as they saw my camera, the adults went running.  The kids stayed out.  I videotaped the kids to get proof of their rock throwing.   I want to get proof of what they’re doing to me.  The kids were running around and paid no attention to me.  So, I went back inside.

Bang!  Bang!  Bang!  Someone began banging on my door.  I did not open the door.  I said, “Who is it?”   A woman answered, “I want to talk to you.”  I replied, “What about?”   The woman said, “I heard you were taking pictures of my cousins.”  I replied, “If I want to take pictures of your cousins I can.”   She replied, “Don’t take pictures of my cousins anymore, or there’ll be trouble.” And she left.

Bang! Bang! Bang, bang, bang, bang.  Someone else was banging on my door  again. And this time the person was banging very loudly.  I did not open the door.  The person kept banging.  I asked, “Who is it?”   A woman responded.  It wasn’t the same voice.  She said, “I heard you were taking pictures of my cousins.”  I didn’t respond.  She banged, banged away.  She said, “Open the door. I’m going to take that camera away from you.”   She kept banging very loudly.  I heard her turn the door knob.  I told her if she didn’t stop banging on my door, I was going to call the police.  She kept banging,  so I called the police, something I never do.  There are so many  cousins, I was afraid they’d break into my apartment. The second woman who knocked on my door is ten times my size and can probably throw me without any problem.  If I tried pushing her, I’d be in trouble.

The 911 operator asked my name, address and all the typical questions.  When she got that out-of-the-way, the first question she asked, is, “Is there any drug abuse?”  I replied, “What do you mean?  Me, or them?”  The operator replied, “Anyone?’  I answered, “Well, I’m not using any drugs, I don’t know about them.”

When I was living an ordinary life, this question never came up, but since I’m a target, supposedly I do drugs, drink, etc.  The operator ended the call by saying the police would come.

So far, no police. And if the police show up I’ll be very surprised.

P.S.  Two Metropolitan Las Vegas officers  just showed up. See you later.

I’m back.  I went outside to talk to the police and they asked me what happened.  And I explained to them how I’m never left alone by the people downstairs and the tenants on my floor.  Before I could get a word in edgewise, the perps were all over the place trying to get in their side of the story.  The police officer told them to wait until I told my side.  One of the police officers seemed to want to listen to my story, but the other one had a smirky smile on his face, as if he didn’t believe anything I said.  When I finished with what I had to say, the police officer who was questioning me said, “Okay.”  And then as he walked away he said, “Just remind calm, okay?”  The way he said it  made me feel as if he was blaming me.  Because, you know, we’re all crazy, of course.

So now I have to be even more careful than before.  I have a bunch of gang cousins after me.

The life of a target is just so exciting…

Another day in Perplandia.

Oh, as I’m about to hit publish, the kids are out again screaming loudly, and one of the cousins is blowing his car horn.

Ah, life.

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11 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – “Is there any drug abuse?,” asked the 911 operator.

  1. Might have been a good idea to show the cops the pics you took, but then again, who lnows? Interesting you said one seemed helpful and one was smirky. That’s typical. There are still some real cops around and then there are the kind who didn’t act like he believed you and then insulted you. We have both where we live too. Thing is, the guy knew you were telling the truth, but he’s a perp – not a REAL cop.

  2. They are agitating you, pigs like to fight down in the mud. Good work calling the cops. I document and log every encounter and episode of harassment that takes place with my immediate neighbors. This way I’ll be ready when they are eventually charged for all of their crimes.
    I wish every TI could get a pair of Google glasses when they come out. And if they could just connect them to a live webcam so “normal” people could watch the harassment in real time (just like the perps do), life would be good.

    • Oh, I know they are. They got nothing better to do with their lives. None of them work. They all live off me. Do you have any idea how much the Google glasses cost? If it connects me to real time, it’s worth the money. But I really don’t know if people will be able to tell what they’re doing. In real life they can’t tell what they’re doing, will they be able to see what’s going on in Google time?

  3. Well yesterday I came out of a shop has soon I came out a black car pulled up very quickly parked didn’t think nothing of it has I was walking past a perp shouted my name an waved like its normal ! I looked the perp was the bobble hat wearing freak I see in town ! The car had adversting writing all over the damm car he is working for I just gave a dirty look and walked past . I did look up the company name its a company based in a area I know I really don’t like that area I don’t even walk in this area code if I don’t have to.see theys certain areas I refuse to walk in don’t feel right an because of the perps but I do get perped everywhere I go theys no place safe for me but just some I don’t like going in to .

  4. The perps try to accuse you an label you spread lies about us being all sorts they say crap like they a drug addict they hav drinking problems they loose /prosistute i hav had all that its slander an charhter assassanation it can get really nasty don’t I know it everyone beilves them of course . Of course these perps do this drugs drink drug dealer an much worse . An all perps are prosistutes they sold out to destroy a human being.

  5. Sorry to hear about the incident, perpetrators are paid to ruin your day its pathetic but true.
    Nevertheless keep on documenting and try to get as much evidence as possible. Also you may want to talk to a private investigator before you go to the police with the evidence.
    Stay strong and keep faith!

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