Gang Stalking – When is this hell going to end?

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Well, there’s a new group of perps in the complex where I live.  A group of perps moved into apartment 114.  The apartment has four bedrooms.  There are about four men and two women living in the apartment. All of them are perps. Every  day, a van picks them up and off they go to their  perping job.  They’re picked up early in the morning and brought back at night.  They all come home with their perp backpacks.

Today as I was walking by one, she did her stupid cough bit.  I turned around, looked at her and coughed right back at her.  She spoke  up saying she didn’t know why I was coughing at her.  She kept talking, but I paid no attention to  what she said. She kept going  on and on as I walked  away.  I finally told her to shut the hell up.  I’m not even polite to the things  anymore.  These things don’t  deserve anything nice from me.

That’s one thing that happened with the things.

Yesterday, as I walked by the area where I live, I saw  someone  standing by my apartment.  I ran toward my apartment to catch the creep.  He was standing  by my open door and he had a machine.  As I got closer and closer,  he turned and saw me.  He quickly took the machine and locked my door.  I got close enough to see the guy who lives in apartment 205 run away.  I went into my apartment to check out what he was up to.  The creep was heating up my apartment with a heater.  The heat in my apartment felt about 500 degrees. I looked around my apartment and left.

I walked back toward the direction I came from, and when got far enough, I hid behind a bush to see if he’d come back.  I peeked to see if anyone was near my apartment, and again, someone was near my door.  I rushed toward my apartment again.  As I got closer, it wasn’t a man this time.  It was the woman from apartment 206.  As I ran toward my apartment, I saw that she was just about to open my door.  But the woman saw me and made believe she was by my door imitating  the exercises I do in my apartment.  I ran up the stairs and by the time I got to my door, she was gone.

These lowlifes  have been given keys.  And I know they’ve all been given keys by the obnoxious maintenance man. I never say anything to him, but he likes to go to the roof and stamp his feet all the time.  And when I need something fixed in my apartment, he will not fix it.  I have to wait for the maintenance man who works on Saturday to fix anything in my apartment.

All these criminals are just running around in my apartment as if they live in it.  All the scumbags that come into my apartment should be behind bars.

Of course, I had no proof anyone was going into my apartment, so I didn’t call the police or tell the office.  The criminals who make themselves at home while I’m gone would just deny they’d been in my apartment.  If I did what these criminals do, I’d be in jail now.

I’m sick and tired of all the criminals  who invade my privacy and do whatever they want in my apartment.

When is this hell going to end?

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20 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – When is this hell going to end?

  1. Have noticed my goverment let these evil perp muslims get away with murder to! They get so much money an benfits no wonder they perps. Have course they working with them .well I know ya reading you dirty fuckers your all going to hell .for ever you still haven’t killed me have you .ha I WONT LET U WIN

  2. Hey, have you guys notice how freakin stupid these people are?? They’ll do ANYTHING for drugs or a little bit of money because they’re lazy and have no intention of ever helping anyone unless they have what they want. These losers are EVERYWHERE. I lost my job and stand on the edge of homelessness because all it take to fool the idiots in charge is to lie and get others to lie. People love a lie . That’s the new america.

    • Can’t you get government help? That’s what you have to do. Since they won’t let you work, take the government money. After all, it’s the government doing the harassment, let them pay for you to live at home. Let me know how it’s going. I know they fired you from your last job and you moved to Florida. How’s it going in Florida? I lived there and it was awful! Good luck.

  3. Vans, eh? One day a few years ago I saw a bunch of people at a park close by. It started to rain. All these old white men in separate vans came and picked them each up one by one. Not one of the people in the park belonged there, they were all perps waiting for me to go by. It was all a set up, a scene. How much reality do we actually see day to day? What you are going through it unbelievable. I sent up a prayer for you. They walk in while you are home?!? Like you are an animal just squatting in your own apartment? The utter arrogance of the satanic psychopathic stalkers.

  4. Ever feel like the whole point of living is just to stay alive? Its just a tiny glimmer of hope that we will live to see a better day. A lot of people claim this kind of philosophy, but few really understand it like we do.

  5. “The things”..that’s so perfect, love it. They are subhuman indeed. Did you have a camera with you? You need to bust them with pics/vids next time and take them to the police. My perps have keys too, the locksmith gave it to them (Thank you Accurate Security of San Diego!). But I have yet to catch them in the act.

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