Gang Stalking – We targets are alone.

Seven Ways Apple Is Fleecing The American Sheeple

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Amerika, The Fourth Reich: Here's Your SAR Lis...

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Bring Back My Happiness

Bring Back My Happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every day my life gets more and  more miserable.  I’m prevented from doing anything.  I can’t stand outside my apartment and enjoy some fresh air. I can’t really take a walk. They won’t let me get any sleep. They steal my food. Fill my apartment with pesticide.  Call me disgusting names.  Whenever I buy new shoes, they take them apart.  They rip my clothes. Fill my apartment with vermin.  All day and night, I’m hit with electricity.  They make fun of everything I say and do.  Tell me I’m ugly. There isn’t a minute of my day that someone isn’t abusing me in some way or another.

I can go on and on with the things they do to me, but the part that really bugs me, the perps make it seem that everything that happens to me I deserve.  Not only do I deserve what is happening to me, but they act as if  everything that they’re doing to me  is because I caused them to do it to me.  In other word, I’m being a bad human being and it’s all right for them to abuse me and make my life miserable.

What kind of dumbass people are these?  Can’t they think for themselves?  Can’t they see what they’re doing is wrong?  Can’t they see that what the government is telling them to do is not what a free government does do its people?   Only a totalitarian government abuses its people. A free government would never do what is being done to us targets. What do we  have to do to awaken the sheeple?

We targets live the most miserable of lives.  I don’t think there’s a target out there who’s living a happy life. No matter how hard we try to make our lives better, the perps are right there to make sure we don’t have any moments of happiness.  Whatever happiness we had in our lives is gone.  We really have nothing to look forward to from day-to-day.  Just more misery every day.

We can’t celebrate holidays, take a vacation, work at a decent job, have privacy, friends, family, enjoy a day at the park, take a decent shower, just sit and think.  No, this is denied to us.  All we ever get to feel is misery.  From the minute we get up, we’re abused.  That’s all we targets have to look forward to every day  is abuse and more abuse.  The world is not aware of what’s happening, and, frankly, I don’t think it cares.  Just as people didn’t care about the Holocaust,  no one  cares about  what we’re going through. No one paid attention then, and no one will pay attention now.

We targets are alone.  No one is going to help us.  I know it’s depressing to read what I wrote, but it’s the truth. We targets don’t have a lot of good options.

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51 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – We targets are alone.

  1. I am interested to find other targeted individuals in Jamaica. I know that perpetrators set up sites like these as part of the sadistic prank but for the love of Jamaica and humanity I am taking a leap of faith in asking any targeted individual in Jamaica to visit my face-book page or site to address this plague. I know stalkers will present themselves but to God be the glory. Every Jamaican should be treated with dignity but only unity can bring changes.

  2. from what i have heard, and been told ppl who say they are being gangstalked are always mentally ill. always. usually schizophrenic also. yourself included my dear. i am not saying you ppl deserve your perceived g.s. but to be unsympathetic to stories floating around says alot about YOU. my book, if it is really really really true could open eyes. if it’s just a bunch of crazies, it will make fun reading. whatever. i will get enough from the internet. thank you.

  3. i am writing a book on the fake phenomenon of gangstalking. would like to get the ‘stories’ to see how effective mine was so i can reproduce it. my book will be a thriller. if you are offended by my dishonesty then please delete the comments. thank you.

  4. it’s been 8 yrs. now. i learned that talking about g.s. will get you involunterily incarcerated. i was put in a mental asylum with ppl who would show you their feces saying ‘look at the sperm deposists! i am sodomised in my sleep by 8men a night’, I was sexually assualted in there, physically also. surr. by a woman who did not like to bathe, from the hallway you knew she was menstruating. Surrounded by Through and through BONAFIDE ‘parents’ helped do it. bc i do not see eye to eye with them, their using the same tactics on me as the perps it is their way of getting ‘even’. i laugh. even doctors, other healthcare professionals are in on it. one doctor told me i should be careful bc they stick together and can make me unable to access decent healthcare. the only thing i ever wanted was my own family, kind of past tense, and they knew it. all my relationships were compromised. ALL OF THEM. i never fell in love as God gives us instincts and the Holy Ghost to aid in discernment. thank you Jesus! they would tell me things i had said, hinted at things i had done, some would confess they were perps, some not. sheeple would ask me if i was constipated, when i had not ‘gone’ in a couple days. had a perp roommate who would never use the bathroom during the day, and at night would not turn on the light when she did use it. but most people cant think like monsters. how could i have even imagined that a camera was in the bathroom vent??? whenever i moved, neighbours, landladies would be given slander about me. THEY TOLD ME sheeple from different and not the surrounding areas came asking them about me, giving them my description, and then enlightened them with the ‘truth’. they are demons. it was a fake christian along with a self-given nickname dragonlady who started it all. i was not doing anything differently than many of my peers but i was not doing what i should have been doing either. i was just the easiest one to make into a target. i was bullied out of a job, out of an education once, and have now been unemployed for almost two years. i contemplated murder on the demons who were on me like white on rice. but that is what they want, a ‘legitatmate’ way to incarcerate you. dont hurt anyone though it is a temptation to, dont hurt urself they would LOVE that esp if they can bring you back to start it all over agian. don’t destroy property, and try not to drink or do drugs. they want to destroy all the good in you, TOTALLY, so you join them in their mental depravity. and they want you to think that this is a curse from God. it is not. God is better than that and therefore worth worshipping. you most likely will not have a meaningful life now, except as their entertainment, but you will later if you believe in Jesus Christ. only salvation lasts forever.

    it does not make sense for you to cut yourself. you will be mocked for it so that cant help.

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  6. I hate to say this, but if the economy goes the way its currently headed, the perps will no longer have the resources or the energy to devote to their daily perping. I have a feeling their attention will be diverted to their own survival.

  7. Neverending1, I call them trash, too… I agree with your posting as I feel the same damn way.

  8. Why do so many hipsters perp?

    I wish you would move to my city. It’s a total perp town but we have a beach and some trails you would like. There are tons of places to rent here.

    • Hipsters as stalkers?

      Could it be because the younger they are, the more controlled they are? I mean, the technology is there to do it, for sure. Part of me thinks that a big part of this is mind control, which uses trauma in combination with various methods to make people think the way they want them to. Everyone has trauma in their lives.

      Consider what happens to a baby after its born in the hospital these days. Immediately, stuff goes right in the eyes, they get typed for their blood & stabbed with needles for vaccinations.
      If the baby is a boy, it might have a 50% chance these days of getting its foreskin cut off. But back when most of these perps were born, the rate was probably more like 80%. I bet most people are walking around in a semi state of PTSD since infancy & never knew it.

      Just because a trauma isn’t remembered doesn’t mean it didn’t have an effect on the brain. In fact, I think that the earlier trauma occurs, the more dangerous it is for the mind. And that doesn’t even take into account the fact that children are so programmed by the movies & tv shows they watch, especially when that programming is reinforced with the products available.

      Then there is the trauma being put into people’s brains through the television in the news, with the false flags all over the place designed to make people so afraid of terrorists, that all someone has to do is whisper into the ear of a potential stalker, “Hey, that person might become a terrorist!” or “They are mad at the government”, and that person will feel an unconscious fear response programmed into them via 9/11, making them more willing to do the bidding of the accuser/slanderer.

      They don’t need to split the mind into MPD to control a human being. That’s disinfo. All they need is the flicker rate of the TV or movie screen to hypnotize & they can program you with whatever they want. Your mind was opened up a long time ago through the use of trauma. Now consider how big those TV screens are getting these days.

      Some people are able to resist… but if you are on the losing end, it is easier for you to see how it works. Those on the winning end of this whole, sordid mess, don’t want to see the whole truth, because then they might feel guilty. They will just continue on, believing any lies or half-truths they were told about the victim… telling themselves that the victim deserves it.

      The Stanley Milgram Study proves what I said in that last statement.


  9. Come to Texas. I promise y there is nobody spraying pesticide on me or tearing up my shoes. I have no privacy and no friends or family though and its
    impossible to feel hopeful or really feel happy about anything.

    • There are a lot of targets in Texas. I’ve moved more than ten times in less thanT three years. I bet if I moved to Texas, I’d get sprayed with pesticide. I had to retype this more than twelve times. The scumbags kept deleting.

  10. Just reading the latest Mark Rich book online on indoctrination. A lot of people feel no sympathy or empathy because it has been trained out of them by the bad schools and psych drugs. The way people are today was thought of over 100 years ago maybe even all the way back to ancient times. We ti’s are culled out of the herd as “undesirables” for one reason or another and tagged and labelled by school psychologists, teachers, etc before we know it. We failed at “groupthink”. The book is called Invisible Eugenics and it’s online. My computer did not want to download it at first. The sh*t with the pesticides makes me think you’d even be better off living in a vehicle! I am the same with my boots and only wear boots because if I leave them at home for one day they will start to “fall apart” very fast. I am tough on shoes as it is and need the extra support around my ankles and my non existent arch. I’d love to wear cute little sandals and stuff all the time but I can’t. You need a distraction!!! If they get you depressed and stressed enough over this sh*t you will end up on psych meds or even in the hospital. Before they messed it up, I’d go to an isolated park and read for hours on nice days to get away and destress. I’d get my exercise in and get out of the electronic war zone at the apt for awhile.

    • Go to the park? Are you kidding? Let’s see. First, a police car will show up right away, park and watch me. And, then slowly, a pack of perps will show up. The children will begin running around me, yelling and making all kinds of weird noises. And the adults will begin laughing loudly at anything’s that’s said.

      Believe me, I’m not going to end up in any hospital, even though that would make the b——s happy.

      I’ve read Mark Rich already. I know all about him.

      • Sorry I suggested it. This particular park I went to was unpopular with most people because mostly homeless people hung out there, but now is going to become some sort of new “destination” for hipsters therefore ruined because hipsters looove perping. I do get harassment on walks: police helicopters, police cars, that one incedent where the cop wanted to arrest me, dead animals, sexual harassment, cars and trucks nearly running me over, a man who exposed himself to me, constant fun making from yuppie perps as they pass me, etc…just not all at once.

        • The park has gotten popular because you go there. They all go to the park to perp you. Believe me, if you stopped going to the park, they’d stop showing up. It would not longer be hip. You’re making the park hip. Don’t you love being a trendsetter?

          • There’s a man in this community that is trying to remodel the shittiest neighborhood in the city into an “art district” that is behind this. Huge apartment complexes are blooming where abandoned warehouses sat. There is a back story to this but I won’t post it online. I found it very COINCIDENTAL though.

      • Real adults don’t do this crap must be creatures in a adults body I say creatures they sure aren’t human real humans.

    • I feel that many TIs are sold into the program at birth…. made “undesirable” through the use of various forms of mind control, so then the perps can justify the torture. My whole life has been set up in some weird sick way to be destroyed. My careers have been sabotaged since the early 1990s. I have been mistreated by so-called officials since I was a kid: Parents, teachers, doctors, dentists, police, lawyers, etc.
      I was adopted. I have implants in each ear. I am a mind control victim & an undesirable precisely because I am living proof of the extent of their evil. I have obvious proof of my implants, & have met another person, in a different country, who has the same implants!
      May all TIs find peace soon, & may every perp involved in this receive the same torture their victims suffer, for the same amount of time, plus 15%. My entire life, my potential, my career have all been stolen from me.
      Reading helps if you can find some quiet.

      • I haven’t been a target since birth as you have, but when I think about it, at one time or another one member of my family has been a target. I remember my mother and sister always being targets, but I thought it was just people being mean. Now, that I think about it, maybe they were targets. They’re both gone so I can’t find out any information. I guess now, it’s my time. I know of a few people who were adopted who are also targets from birth. It’s terrible what’s happening to us in a so-called free country. I do find that reading helps and doing crossword puzzles. I hope things get better for all of us. Thanks.

  11. I’m crying reading this..I know what you mean.. I am sorry these people are doing this to you and that the world is so evil..I truly do not deserve any of this are a beautiful person..they are the ones who are not beautiful…I am sorry for your pain.

  12. I live weres they so many of these perps its a small town so its a massive nightmare everyday summer spring is the worst am sure they want me to snap an kill a perp . But I aint crazy I won’t they pulled these tricks for so many years what happened today was nothing compared to wat I go through .my sick perps come from all sorts backgrounds an races religion male an female but they is always muslims perps in the mix of it all ? since day one

  13. U know a big chunk let say a 60% are muslims from pakistann or afgan males that are my perps it makes me ill to look or hear one an its understandable! I don’t like muslim people or they satanic religion because of this an the rest are all sorts of strangers male n female. I was just relaxing alone of course in the sun trying to forget wen a muslinm was lookin at me I sort of got defensive am sick of perps staring I never get defensive anymore but I sed wat u lookin at he turned round an grinned I picked up a brick to protect me this perp female came out of. No were an joined laughing this bitch wanted to start wid me they eventally fucked off.tis are guna hav a lot of perps trying to start a fight wid them . Summer is coming an aint lookin gud .

    • Am not a racist person but when your perps are a lot muslims geese I aint talking about all muslims either but has u know my persp are not just muslims like my neighbours they not muslims I want these perps to be targets I wud laugh .

    • Isn’t it strange? You’re a citizen and non-citizens from Afghan are perping you? How dare these non-citizens make our lives miserable? I don’t have sympathy for any of them anymore. I used to at one time, but I’m way over that. There’s definitely something wrong with this picture. Thanks.

      • Sure they is something wrong ne an trendsetting here we go don’t we know about that ! Fashion, if u were for example to buy a new coat lot of perps will follow an make sure U know about it they make it so blantent an places like parks well all I can say they have perps in they.

  14. Good blog but sad blog I know we can’t enjoy being us they hate to see us walking an being happy just getting on with life they sick creatures I really hope all the perps of are’s get bad luck n karma for doing wat they doin to innoccent human beings. We can’t enjoy going for walk I know how sick is this a WALK . Miseray is my last name at moment how can a target have. A happy life its inpossiable were denied or kept from decent housing we can’t get work we deserve if we do get a job we can harrass at work ,we hardly have money because perps make sure of that no friends to back us up to enjoy a laugh in the sun normal human stuff it does get lonely.realy lonely no one wannts to be know you only to perp you.

  15. Gosh girl, pack your bags and get the heck out of that demonic controlled area. There is no way in hell I am going to sit around and allow for people harm me like that. Can you not find a house out somewhere? Thanks to your psychopathic family, they went and found other psychopaths that think just like them, (cia or fbi or military) to screw with your life. There is no way I would ever have anything to with people that did me this way. You may forgive, but you will never forget. I would have a few choice words with my psychopathic family who, along with the government, LOVES mental hygiene, psychological warfare, spiritual warfare, and DEW’s. How pathetic. Psychopaths minds are WARPED! Even their sense of humor is warped. Just a bunch of sickos to want to cause harm. It’s just evil is ruling right now, as we are seeing. I am sure even the psychopaths that work for these gov. agencies are more than likely laughing at the members who place victims in this program. Laughing at the fact they have no brains to think for themselves. Do these called “family” think these gov agencies are placing their own family in these programs? NOO! They are laughing at the traitors for being controlled by them and having no BRAINS to think for themselves. What ever you do, never ever kill yourself. I have a strong feeling this is what all this about. More than likely, there is money to be made somewhere…somehow. Some kind of family huh? Hold your head up high girl, and get the heck out of that hell hole!

    • The people who live in this complex are real trash. I never call people trash, but the people here are real trash. That’s one reason they pick on me, I don’t act like trash. I really wish I could find another place, but in Las Vegas, the people are just like the ones I’m living with. Thanks for your empathy.

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