Gang Stalking – “Big Brother Is Watching You.”

Cover of "Nineteen Eighty-Four"

Cover of Nineteen Eighty-Four

English: Woman with sign "Dance like Big ...

English: Woman with sign “Dance like Big Brother isn’t watching” on the edge of a dance party at Occupy Seattle, Westlake Park, Seattle, Washington, USA. DJ Riz at the turntables. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Category:George Orwell Category:Nineteen Eighty Four (Original text : George Orwell, 1984. This self-made image is based on a picture that appears in an old acreditation for the BNUJ.) Picture of George Orwell taken from File:GeoreOrwell.jpg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember reading the book “1984”.  I picked it up one day at the library.  I had to do a book report for my 8th grade class and the title of the book  attracted me.  There weren’t too many books with a year as its title.

At the time I read the book, what the author wrote did not really sink in.   But I recently re-read it and could not believe how close to my current life the book is.

I’m sure a lot of you read the book, or know about it.

If you haven’t read the book, the year is 1984.  The name of the place is Oceania (England). Oceania is run by a totalitarian government.

A man by the name of  Winston Smith lives in Oceania in a rundown apartment building. He’s 39-years old, sickly, and works for the government in the Ministry of Truth.  His job is to change the history of Oceania and make it appear to be true, even though it is not.  The government wants to make people believe that everything it said has always come true.   If  people believe the government has always been right, it is easier to convince them that what the government says is true.  It makes it easier for the government to rule the people and not have them question the government on anything.

So people in Oceania don’t doubt anything the government says and live in a world where the government controls all their actions.

At the beginning, Winston Smith believed everything the government said, but he begins to have doubts about what  the truth really is.

The government watches the people 24/7, and is known as Big Brother.  Big Brothers takes care of everything.  It creates food shortages to inflame hatred of the people toward the people known as proles.  It also forbids sexual contact.  And every day, the government has two-minute hate rallies.  It rallies the people against rival nations and people.  It encourages children to take part in the rallies.

Now, if you’ve read the book, you know the things that happen in the book are very much like the things  the government is doing to us.

Our government turns people against us; it denies us sexual freedom.  We can’t engage in sex with anyone because we’re constantly watched.  It turns children against us.  We have 24 hour surveillance.  Big Brother is always watching us.  Just as in the book, we have cameras watching us.  We have to be very careful of what we say and watch, because it will be held against us.  As in the book, the “thought police” are listening to everything we say.

The government creates sexual frustration in us and incites people to hate us.  The frustration builds up in us and eventually the government hopes we’ll take our frustration out  against other people. The government can then put us away in prison  or put us in a mental health facility.

That’s how the government in the book keeps the people in line.  And that’s how our government today keeps the people in line. Turning us against each other instead of  turning us against the government.

This way, the government can go ahead and do what it wants and the people will not protest anything it’s does.

The people turn their frustration toward the targets instead of turning their frustration toward the government.  The government gets a free pass.

The book “1984” is so current as to what’s happening today that’s it’s scary.  It gives me chills to think that what was written as fiction is coming true.

George Orwell was way ahead of his time.

I recommend you read “1984” again, or if you’ve never read it, read it.  You’ll see your life in this book.   “1984” has finally arrived.  And we targets are part of it.


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12 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – “Big Brother Is Watching You.”

  1. I like faking orgasms out loud when I pass perps on the street 🙂 try it, you’ll laugh your ass off.

    I tried to read 1984, someone gave it to me back in 2003. It was so depressing I couldn’t get through it. I want to try to read it again. Also want to watch ‘Life is Beautiful’ again.

    • Oh, I liked “Life is Beautiful”. I didn’t think I’d like it, but it’s one of the best movies I’ve seen. As to faking orgasms outloud in front of a bunch of freaks, no way! It would turn me off sex forever.

  2. Perps erased my comment. I read this book for school and later for myself later. Chilling and oh so real. I think we are beyond the tech and terror of “1984”. I did a post on it on my old blog. How did Orwell know this was the future? Guess he had some insider knowledge. Only the elite ate “real” food (not slop and cheap gin) gin being another word for “trap”. Only the elite could turn off the TV’s that watched them. I bet the super rich can turn off the Voice to Skull and Mind Control. Just being able to THINK is the highest privilege in the world now. No mindreading, Voice to Skull, subliminal influencing…being human and eating food meant for humans and not being surrounded by zombies is for the rich only. Of course they are enslaved also, to their false “gods” and occultic practices. I am being threatened not to post this by Voice to Skull.

  3. Neverending, about a year ago I would of called you crazy, but now I know how true it really is. I have never read 1984 but it sounds exactly what I am going through these days. Big brother does not appreciate me trying to wake my fellow americans up. We create our own terrorism to implement our political agendas. I have found out so many secrets about our government in the past year that I am sickened by our corruptness. God have mercy on our souls, for we know no what we do!!!!

    • Oh, a lot of people call me crazy when I try to tell them the truth. That is, until they become targets themselves. Then they find out what’s really going on and become disgusted with the government.

  4. For the first time in my life I can say I finally understand what it means to be the little guy.
    The kid in school they all bullied only because they can.
    The one who they all tried to intimidate, the one they did not want to understand
    Why is it that she wouldn’t go along with their master plan?
    Taking misplaced authority to the extreme.
    Follow her everywhere she goes, this will include all of her dreams.
    Let the civilians think they have a little bit of authority,
    They will press her to comply, and fall in with the majority
    If the stalking does not work we will just slander her name
    Everyone needs a scapegoat, somewhere to place their blame
    Her neighbors will rise up against her, and think she has finally gone insane.
    There is a factor that no one ever could have calculated.
    They could not intimidate her with their tactics, and how rapidly she had become acclimated,
    All the strange occurrences that most people could not handle on a daily basis.
    Because her mind was completely abstract and perception was absolutely vivacious
    They never thought she would have been so keen, cracking the codes that were to remain unseen.
    She was playing a game of hide and seek with Satan’s spawn.
    This lasted every minute from dusk until dawn.
    Just because she speaks her mind and was not afraid to stand up against any human injustice?
    Was it because she still believes in all the freedoms that our forefathers have entrusted?
    Although I still wait for the day to arrive when I can finally ask them why?
    Why would you harass your neighbor on mere speculation?
    Don’t you have enough sense to make your own affirmation?
    Are you followers desperately trying to fit in?
    Why would you follow them until the destruction of the mankind, all the way to their miserable end?

    So tell me what crimes I have committed to use such clandestine methods?
    I know it cannot be my political viewpoints because they are all widely accepted!
    So tell me exactly what you are so worried about, what about me is it that you fear?
    Did they tell you I am a terrorist because of my irrational views?
    Or that I am anarchist protesting and burning cars on the 6 o clock news?
    It doesn’t really matter which bad guy you choose,
    I am the one who is fighting for those freedoms that all of us will misuse.
    A master of my own demise has always fit my description very well
    A traitor to my own success to help someone up that stumbled or completely fell.
    Well the price I pay has always been substantial at its best
    To protect the freedom of my adversaries, surely that is the final test
    I was the one that opened my big mouth and said all humans are equal.
    That everyone should be treated just the same.
    If I didn’t protect their freedoms, then hypocrite would be my name.
    The only thing I can tell myself for me to feel a little more satisfied
    Is I have always fought the giants to make a better life for the little guy.
    So I guess this is it, how the story ultimately will end.
    The same place it started, right in the midst of where it began!

  5. The phrase “big brother” is a misnomer, I call it big Satan ( Lucifer is also an appropriate word).
    In general a real brother looks after you, not torture, kill or commit atrocities covertly.
    Phrases, jargons and the buzzwords are created by the Lucifer’s front companies to confuse and obscure the real truth and put you in the Matrix.
    I say everyone especially the victims must work towards identifying and rooting out these Luciferian sexually frustrated Hitlers and Ted Bundys in the gov. who are responsible for committing crimes. I am equally certain that in my case the enabler of my torture is a drug addicted, sexually frustrated sadistic being.

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