Gang Stalking – “No more hurting people. Peace.” Richard Martin

Boston Marathon 2013 ... Confronting Terror in...

Boston Marathon 2013 … Confronting Terror in Boston — Find ways to help (April 16, 2013 / 6 Iyar 5773) …item 2.. Meditation and Sleep Music — 30 minutes …item 3.. Mail Online – Daily Mail — WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT … (Photo credit: marsmet547)

Every time I see the photo of the little boy Richard Martin and his childish sign (No more hurting people. Peace) and writing, it breaks my heart. He’s the little boy who died when the bombs went off in Boston during the Marathon.

pictures of boston bombing suspects?

pictures of boston bombing suspects? (Photo credit: fallsroad)

His mother and sister were also victims. His mother, Denise,  suffered a brain injury and his sister, Jane, lost her leg. The father, Richard, was the only one not to suffer any injuries.  They were all together when the bombs exploded.  I guess that’s some sort of consolation for the father.  He was there to help his family.

Who knows what this little boy could have become?   Perhaps, President?  A great teacher?  Artists?  Human Rights Advocate?   What a waste of a beautiful creäture.  He seemed to be on his way to have a great life.  Now, he’s gone.  Gone, and all the gifts he  had to give us, gone with him.

We live in a cruel word.  You would think that we’ve become civilized, but it seems with the new weapons we have, we’re less uncivilized and less caring.  We have very little empathy for how others feels.  We seem not to care about each other. It’s all about us and one else matters.

What a sad state we are in.

And we targets, more than others, know the misery happening in the world.  We deal with misery every day of our lives. We’re the throwaway people.  We’re people no one cares about.  We’re people  no one wants anywhere.  We’re people to laugh at, sneer at, abuse, torment, harass.

I always think, if I were to some day “lose it”, I can just imagine the articles written about me.  I was crazy.  I wrote articles about the U.S. government tormenting me.  I joined other conspiracy theorists.  I encouraged others to rant against the good U.S. government.  The picture painted of me would be of a crazy, lonely women.

There would be nothing in the articles about the government at all.  I would just be another crazy who “lost it”. And the police, government, ACLU and others would agree.

And then the reporters would get in touch with my family, and they would also vouch for my craziness.  My family would say that I cut off contact with all of them and they couldn’t understand why.

And all Americans would believe the bullshit said about me.  And they’d talk about me for a week, or less, and go on with their lives condemning what I’d done.

Of course, maybe six months later, the same thing would happen again.  Another killing,  bombing and no one questioning why this is happening in the U.S.

Just another crazie “losing it”.

And the lies by the government would start all over again.  And the American public would accept the lies the government made up about some poor soul who couldn’t take any more abuse.

And this is America today.  America, you’ve really lost your SOUL.

And to the Richard family I say, “No more hurting people. Peace.”

P.S. Sorry about the photo of “suspects”.  I can’t download any photos to my computer, but I want to show a picture of Richard Martin. I couldn’t get any others.


20 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – “No more hurting people. Peace.” Richard Martin

  1. Great post, I often think about about this “what will people say when…” stuff and you’re so right, we see it over and over again. How do we make people get it? Sometimes I wonder if we should try to contact TI’s who have been incarcerated to show our support. I think a lot of TI’s have some kind of resilience to them and that may be why some are targeted. But I’ve read they don’t swoop in unless they’re certain they can burn every single bridge a person has. I still have faith there are good people out there.

  2. They are looking for a RESPONSE from the victim. By toying with your emotions through anger, etc. Stay smart to the devils devices.

  3. Neverending…Anywhere you go, open your eyes. You will see nice people. Whether in a grocery store, gas station, where ever. These people are psychopaths and they are being fooled by the Gov when they are partakers of these sick crimes. Some don’t know what’s going on, and some do. Do these ppl really think that they will be rewarded somehow by hurting others? They are the fools and they are falling for a lie. There is no honor among liars, thieves, and murderers. I always say when these ppl join in with intelligence agencies to spy on the victims that the intelligence agencies should give them a CD of the James Bond theme song……you know, make ’em feel special….like a “special agent” or a “super spy.”
    Anyhow, don’t let that lie, we are throwaways, fool you. There has to be something special about us or we wouldn’t be going through all of this. Your family are fools and show clear signs of psychopathy by placing you into this sadistic/satanic program. In my opinion, psychopathy is demonic control. You bear a cross…like the rest of us. This program is about keeping people in sever mental and emotional distress.
    Honestly, who knows why your family placed you in this program. Sometimes, I have a sneaky feeling that money is a factor. Maybe your an aire to something, or maybe they have life insurance on you. That’s a shame knowing your family deceived you all for the mighty $$. My ex inlaws did this just to hurt me. Clear signs of psychopathy. This is NOT normal thinking. Take care and try to stay strong.

    • Believe me, I’ve tried to look for nice people, somehow, I don’t find them. And I’m not going to convince myself that some phony who’s being nice to me is nice. Thanks for your advise, anyway.

    • There are some nice people where I live as well, but I’m getting good at seeing through those who aren’t so it’s getting easier not to get taken advantage of. Yes, psycopathy has everything to do with it and it is all to do with either money, privleges or power. The only things those satanic servants care about. I think it was my inlaws that did it to me too. My ex and his brother.

  4. Hey, not everyone would think you were crazy, and we would appreciate the things you’ve done. For us, it would be a sad loss and you would be greatly missed. Of course we know you are strong and won’t end up losing it and doing something that hurts people. I know some people do, but I don’t think it will happen to you. I can see why it happens though.

    Very good article…

  5. This was a very nice well written blog. I appreciate you giving recognition to the victims. I do, however, disagree with you stating no one cares about us, and we are throwaways. You have to understand we are dealing with psychopaths. To have a seared conscience IS the mind of psychopaths. Another thing, I don’t always believe what we are dealing with is real. A lot of what we are dealing with a lie. Have you ever read about Cheryl Welsh? She is a lawyer in CA that has a website on these technologies. She is also on You tube. On you tube, she states that people dropping their keys at the same time, or people being just down right rude, 100 insults a day you tend to take notice. She knows she is under government mind control, and somehow they are manipulating the people in her surroundings. They are looking for a response. RESPONSE is the key word. These technologies have gotten out of hand with people wanting to seek revenge on folks as well. Again, psychopaths….no conscience.

      • We are. We’re garbage to them. Why else would they be trying to make us kill ourselves and other people? Keep strong and don’t give in though. We’re better than they think we are! I think you know that without me telling you though.

      • Your right n e no body else gets treated like us . Must be bloody great to go out anytime anywere you want an enjoy yourself without harrassment an strange tricks must be great not to be spied on 24/7 etc . Family are no good they full of perps don’t see most of them thankfully.I believe u make your own family itss hard to find anyone decent never mind when your TI its even harder .if they don’t know your a TI they soon will then that’s it you know how it goes.

        • Yeah, somehow we can’t win no matter what we do. We try to make friends and they’re immediately turned against us. And the friends we had are all perps. So what do we do? There’s not much of anything we can do. They got us where they want us, alone with no one to turn to.

        • I know what you mean…I’d love to be able to go out and know there won’t be any nasty surprises when I get home, be able to check my coat with everyone else’s, be able to leave stuff in my car, or a hotel room or a friend’s home without it being vandalised, be able to go places without the people there being told nasty things about me so they give me dirty looks and I don’t even know what they are thinking I did. I’d love to be able to lie in bed and rest without being attacked by DEW’s, be able to sleep more than 2 hours…
          Today I accidentally left my keys in my car and went into the store with my husband. When we came out my car had been turned on and a woman in a car beside us was giving us dirty looks. She may have been the one who did it. We don’t know, but there is no reason for a stranger to to be giving you dirty looks when you haven’t, and aren’t, doing anything to them, unless they are a perp!

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