Gang Stalking – Uglier than hell.

Pencil Thin Mustache

Pencil Thin Mustache (Photo credit: merfam)

Hell Show

Hell Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just want to say “hi”.  I’m not going to type my blog today.  The bastard in apartment 211 keeps erasing everything I type. He sits like a rat ( he looks like one,too) in his apartment and hacks my computer.  He’s swarthy-looking and has a pencil-thin mustache. I get the feeling that he thinks he’s  all that and a bag of chips.  He should really take a good look at himself sometime. He’s ugly as hell.  Bastard!

That’s it. Have a good day all.

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25 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Uglier than hell.

  1. @ blackbird, oh he was a creepy little scary man…he had stalker written all over him. It was not love at all. The strangest thing that restaurant where he stood me up for money (or tried to) was the same place I first noticed people watching me back in 1987

  2. An actual picture of him…what a babe! NOT. (puke) Had a “boyfriend” like that for about a month. He looked almost like that. We’d get to the time to pay for the meal and he’d be broke. Once I said, I was broke, too, so we’d have to wash dishes. He came up with the cash, cheap little man.

    • Well, it’s not an actual picture of him, but close enough. He’s uglier. If a guy did that to me, I’d walk out and make him clean the dishes. I don’t think anyone would’ve stopped you as long as he washed the dishes.

      • I knew he had the money: he was trying to treat me cheap and I wasn’t letting him do it, I hated him and did not want to go out with him anyway, but there were very few guys even before the overt targetting started. He’d keep calling me even after I broke off dating him.

        • When someone keeps calling you even after you break up with him he either thinks he’s really in love or he’s a loser/stalker type that one should be wary of. If he’s got money and wants to take advantage of you, I’d say it’s most likely he’s the latter. It’s better to stay alone than give it up to a creep. You did the wise thing breaking it off, I’d say. There’s always hope of meeting someone decent in the future.

  3. Hi back. Hope your neighbor ends up living in a sewer. He’s probably not the only one hacking you though. I have several people hacking me. How did you nail him down? Just curious.

    • I see him all the time. He’s always on his computer. I’ve known this for a while. The only time he’s not on the computer is when I leave home. And then he gets it in, too, and makes all kinds of changes to my blog.

      • He must have a key logger on it so that he can get into your account. I get mad at the ISP people when I tell them I’m being harassed and they tell me to change all my passwords cause it’s ridiculous. I used to try that before I knew about that kind of stuff. Now I know why it doesn’t work and that they’re just having a laugh when they say that, thinking I’ll do it.

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