Gang Stalking – “….I approve this message.”

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U.S. Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS) photo from congressional bioguide from 109th COngress (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Castor Bean in Bloom

I don’t know if you heard, the gun bill

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went down to defeat.  Congress voted no to checking identity of gun owners.  At one time, this defeat would’ve made me unhappy.  But ever since my gang stalking began, I realize how important it is to allow citizens to own guns.  Guns are the only thing that keep government from our doors and prevent the U.S. from becoming a dictatorship, which it is fast becoming.

Unless you been hiding under a rock, you probably know about the Boston Marathon bombings.

And now, there’s a new story about letters sent to President Obama and Senator Wicker and some others.
These letters contain Ricin.  Ricin is made from the Castor bean.  Ricin can cause respiratory problems, and, if inhaled, can kill someone within 36 hours.

The person who sent these letters is someone by the name  of Paul Kevin Curtis (or  Kenneth Curtis?); he’s also from Mississippi.  I got this information from  He stated these quotes in his letters: “I am KC and I approve this message.“; 2) “To see a wrong and not expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance.”

No one really knows if it’s really Ricin  in the letters, though, they did test positive for Ricin.  It’s take a few days to test for the poison.

And before all this happened, I read about people getting stabbed with knives in San Francisco, Pennsylvania, and other states.

All this leaves me wondering, why are they picking on gun owners?

If someone really wants to commit a crime, he can use other means.  He can use a knife, bomb, hatchet, and kill just as many people.

So to me, outlawing guns makes no sense.  At least if someone carries a gun, he can protect him/herself from someone who wants to harm him/her.  With all the crazies out there today,  we all need to carry something to protect ourselves.

And on top of this, since all the crazies are running around, we targets will become bigger targets.  The government will increase our harassment and blame it on increased terrorism.

My harassment has increased threefold.  Maybe some of you noticed the increase, too.  This always happens when a lot of  terrible things happen at one time.  We targets suffer the consequences of  what others do. We’re punished for it.

Maybe all this increased crime is due to the harassment of citizens by government.  They’re all getting fed up by their treatment and are fighting back.  We all reach a point where we think “enough is enough”.  And we’ve all had more than enough.

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11 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – “….I approve this message.”

  1. A lot of TI’s saying their harassment has increased lately. I keep a count of loud cars that pass my home, yesterday it was 90. If these tools don’t back down we are definitely going to have a revolution. America is just too awesome to put up with that. Impeach Obama so he can go crawl back under his rock like the little lizard that he is.

    • That lizard part made me laugh. He kind of looks like a lizard. He’s just another president who’s a disappointment. How do we start a revolution when no one wants to come?

  2. My harassment was through the roof yesterday even though the weather was horrible. I had to leave the house just to get away, but did not really get away. I was perped, skitted and tormented everywhere I went. Even the bus driver smirked in the mirror at me all the way down the street. I was so desperate yesterday I begged a few perps to leave me alone. A couple did. One perp got onto a bus he didn’t want to get away from me. Another couple backed off from me when I was sort of er, threatening to them, and a man skitting me on the bus with his wife shut up and looked away from me. My sanity is gone and my faith in God is almost gone. It’s been getting worse and worse since last fall. It’s like perps on roids…or meth. Remember 9/11? First the towers fall, then poison letters are sent to the legislature and the Post Office? The Anthrax??? Now, the Marathon gets blown up and poison gets sent again. All phony false flag stuff. Did something blow up in Texas? I want to post what I’ve heard on V2k today. They don’t want me to..even tried being nice to me then later threatening my cat.

    • Whatever you do, don’t threaten anyone. You can be arrested for threatening someone. And you sure don’t want to end up in jail, do you? They threatened your cat, remember who, so if anything happens to your cat you can tell the useless police. You can report it and at least get a copy of the report so you have proof.

      Sorry you’re going though hell. I think we all are.

      • Do you think I should post the V2k I received today? I wrote it down. After I started writing it down they tried to sort of change course and become sympathetic but it was all an act.

          • The consequences are what I”m worried about. Another poster, Floodofmanywaters, posted a bunch of his V2k years ago but didn’t say anything about consequences. They are threatening my cat over v2k and threatening my one friend over v2k and my LL said something about my life being over as I went out the door. Guess she had been spying on me.

              • A whole city bent on a continuous orgy of hate and gaming against one single person. It must be mind control. Everyone looks as if seeing me and making me miserable makes their day. Something is very wrong with them, spiritually.

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