7 thoughts on ““We Are the Terrorists” Eyewitness to Collateral Murder Video Speaks Out Think Tank

  1. To Blackbird63:
    [To manipulate the video use pause/play button and slider bar. Double click on pause/play to advance slowly – as slow as 4 frames per second.]

    If you obtained the satellite imagine, noted the Mosque in the video and on the satellite map, you saw the lead helicopter (Crazyhorse 1/8) traveling in a south to north direction. He had flown past the courtyard east of the Humvee as well as the Mosque. He was being followed by a second helicopter (Crazyhorse 1/9) nearing a position east of the open courtyard.

    Note 1: [15:36] When asked who called in Crazyhorse 1/8 for air support a soldier in the Humvee (Hotel 2/6) said “Uh, I believe that was me.” “They uh had AK-47s and were to our east, so, where we were taking small arms fire,” he added. They had been taking fire from the same intersection where the Reuters photographer took pictures of the Humvee.

    Note 2: [12:04] After engaging 10 men and the van Crazyhorse 1/8 asked Hotel 2/6, “Where else were you taking fire from?” Hotel 2/6 responded, “Currently we’re not being engaged, ah, but just south of that location.”

    Note 3: [11:33] When asked if he was aware of American troops approaching from his left Hotel 2/6 says yes. He gives them this warning: “Be advised, there were some guys popping out with AKs behind that dirt pile break. We also took some RPGs off, uh, earlier, so just uh make sure your men keep your eyes open,” he added

    Before going further, note that all four pilots are talking to each other but only the pilots in the lead helicopter (Crazyhorse 1/8) are talking to soldiers on the ground – mostly to the Humvee (Hotel 2/6). Now lets examine the first 45 seconds Assange edited out to make the short version.

    00:27-00:30 – The van was parked just beyond the courtyard by the mosque. It’s driver (Saleh) can be seen approaching the left side of the vehicle. Eight seconds later Crazyhorse 1/8 targets the moving van. Almost immediately, being somewhat east of the open courtyard, Crazyhorse 1/9 mistook a camera for a weapon and targets one of the Reuters employees, probably Saeed, walking by a group of men.

    Regardless, in those first 45 seconds the van driver and the Reuters employees began moving toward each other at the same time, on the same road. The van turned one block before arriving at the last position combatants were using to attack the Humvee and the Reuters photographer kneels down and peers around the corner of a building at that position to photograph the vehicle.

    The van returns a few minutes after the first engagement traveling north on this same road. The two rescuers were from a group of five men [01:31] at the second position (intersection) combatants were using to attack the Humvee. [Of the eighteen men seen at 01:31, three are wearing light shirts and dark pants. The Reuters employees and one in the group of five – a rescuer. The other rescuer can be seen at 07:30 running from second position (intersection)].

  2. Start developing an overall perspective by printing out the Reuters map found on the resource page at Collateral Murder website. Likewise, print out the Google Earth satellite imagine of the area [coordinates] found at Wikipedia article entitled “July 12, 2007 Baghdad airstrike.” Transfer the path walked by the Reuters employees and location of the Humvee over to the satellite map. Start watching the long version of “Collateral Murder” noting the Mosque in the video and on the satellite map.

  3. Why do so many people allow themselves to believe they’re witnessing a crime while watching “Collateral Murder when, in fact, all of the men in that courtyard were complicit in an effort to attack and destroy an American Humvee. Including the van driver who used his children to conceal his involvement and Reuters employees who came to record the success of their effort.

    Those Apache helicopters were arriving, not circling, when the “Collateral Murder” video begins. Three soldiers in an American Humvee had called them in for air support when, while moving their vehicle three blocks north to establish another BP (Blocking Position), combatants attacked them from two positions (intersections) in a nearby courtyard. The Reuters employees walked by the first position [01:31] and used the second to photograph that Humvee. Those photographs also show a large dirt pile combatants used earlier as a third position to attack this same Humvee with AK47′ s and RPG’s.

    • I have to re-watch this video. It seems you’ve had experience with things like this. I’ll let you know what I think. Thanks.

      Honestly, I don’t see what you see. I hear one of the men say, “Come on, let’s get them.” And I see the people just standing around and talking. It doesn’t look as if they’re going after anybody.

      Maybe you know something I don’t know. Videos do lie, especially if they’re set up to present something in a certain way.

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