Gang Stalking – Another day in Perplandia.


Abuse (Photo credit: Ex-InTransit)

English: Portrait of a girl from Portugal

Paw prints

Paw prints (Photo credit: Dvortygirl)

English: Fingerprint

English: Fingerprint (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Smiley, request for politeness, white background

I noticed when I was cleaning my glass table today that there were fingerprints all over it.  I put my fingers next to the old fingerprints to see if they were mine. No match whatsoever. My fingerprints are round, and the prints on my table were long.  Not only were there prints, but dog paw prints. They had a dog on the table in my apartment.

Welcome to another day in Perplandia.  Perplandia, a land where abuse is as common as a cup of coffee.  Where abuse is the normal order of  a target’s day.  A place where someone can’t even be polite.

I accidently ran into a little girl.  I said, “Oh, I’m sorry.”  She put her hands on her hip and replied, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, excuse me, excuse me. What’s up with that?”  Her mother stood by and laughed.

This little girl was about six-years-old.  She sounded like a twenty-year old.  I could almost hear her mother’s voice. I’m sure she’s heard her mother say the things she said to me a hundred times or more.

I couldn’t believe the little girl’s demeanor.  It was so unsettling to me that someone this young was such a bitch at her age.

It doesn’t matter how nice we are to the people in Perplandia.  The people in Perplandia don’t understand someone who is polite.  This little girl  made fun of my politeness to her.     This is not a rare occurrence where someone made fun of my politeness to them. It’s done all the time.  No matter what we targets do, it’s wrong, wrong, wrong.

Don’t you know the perps are perfect humans?  Perps don’t sneeze, touch their hair, pick their nose, touch their ear, cough, laugh, fart, poop, burp, smell.  No, no, they just make fun of us targets doing these things.

The truth is, I’ve never seen such a bunch of  misfits.  Most of them are dirty-looking, heavy, smelly, not stylist, uneducated miscreants.

But it doesn’t matter how they look or smell, they feel superior to us targets.  They feel superior to us because they’ve been given the right to abuse us.  They can abuse us and get away with it.  No one is going to stop them.  The government has given them the power to dump on us.  And it makes them feel powerful.  Probably the first time in their lives, they’ve been given  any kind of power.  And power corrupts.

That’s why gang stalking works.  It works because of people like these. It gives them a purpose in life.  And they’re made to feel important for the first time in their lives.     They’re made to feel very important, and getting that pat on the back is addictive.  Why would anyone want to give that up?

Isn’t living in Perplandia such fun?


6 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Another day in Perplandia.

  1. Reminds me of this middle aged guy at my last job.
    Every day for two years he got up in front of everyone and made fun of me, and they just ate it up! He couldnt get enough of their laughter and the praise he got for doing this. And it was probably the first time in his life anyone laughed at his jokes or that he ever felt accepted or important. I know this because when he first came, nobody laughed at his jokes and they werent funny. He was a big unpopular dork and I hope he is running out of things to say now.

    • That was probably the beginning of your gang stalking. He knew he could get away with what he was doing to you because he’d be given the right to do it. Aren’t they all so gross? If you’re now around anymore, he’s probably not very popular anymore.

  2. You said:
    “The truth is, I’ve never seen such a bunch of misfits. Most of them are dirty-looking, heavy, smelly, not stylist, uneducated miscreants.”

    Around here they are a bunch of spandex wearing skinny yuppie hipsters who are tooo cool. Everyone perps, though, including the “trailer trash” and people of other races than my own.

    Perps act like animals and I treat them like animals. They look at me like I’m something behind glass at a zoo and I look at them like they are a disease. They talk right in front of me like I’m not there. Heard one “neighbor” perp ask the other what BRA I’m wearing today: as in, are we gonna punish her for it?

    Have had perps tell me I’m ugly and stupid when all they need is a mirror. Getting so sick of this.

    • I don’t blame you for being sick of it, so am I. They all think they’re so hot. I’ve been insulted many times, too. Who cares what they think. They’re all losers.

  3. N e your blogs gave me confirmation this is happening to me your more powerfull than you think .I can feel an see your a good sane person just like me .this is real guys it isn’t a joke its happing in the last days but it won’t last it can not. Keep writing your blogs it keeps you sane like like you sed an me an the rest of tis to .

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