Gang Stalking – No longer living in a world of imaginary creatures.



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I’ve tried for about three hours to get onto my computer.  The hackers removed the internet access, cookies, everything. I kept signing on and nothing would take.  Over and over I had to sign in, sign out, try restore(which doesn’t work), and over and over I tried.


After almost three hours, I signed on.  This usually happens to me, but not to such an extend.  Sometimes, I just feel like saying “f–k it” and give up my blog.  But this blog keeps me sane, and keeps me in touch with other targets.  We can all get sympathy and advice from each other, because we’re definitely not going to get it from anyone else.  All we get from the public is harassment and humiliation.  We need each other.  I need you more than I think you need me.  Some of you are luckier than I am.  You still have some family. I don’t.


Sometimes I think  confronting my family was a mistake, but I can’t live  with lies.  I’ve always been honest to a fault, always been very upfront about everything.  And knowing my family was trying to destroy me is not something I can live with.  I wish I was that way sometimes.  I make my life  difficult by not living in a land of imaginary creatures. I’ve always lived in the real world, or anyway, the world I thought was real.


The world I thought was real, turned out not to be.  The government I thought stood for honesty, turned out not to be.  Family turned into people I didn’t recognize.  I thought police were also honest, but no, no there’s no  such thing as honest police officers.  They’re all corrupt.


Everything I thought was real, is not real.  I’ve been stripped naked of every belief I’ve ever had.  I’ve tried to find out what it is I really believe, what is really real, not some imagined fantasy I have.


I’m sure all you targets can understand what I’m writing about, because all of you were stripped naked of all your beliefs, too.  I’m sure, as I am, trying to find a new way of living, a new way of surviving,  because that’s all we’re trying to do is survive.  We’re not allowed to live normal lives.  Every day we live is a new challenge.  What new awful thing will come our way today?   How  will we handle it?  Can we handle it?  Will this be the day we fall apart?


But every day, every year we survive makes us just a little stronger. What once we thought we couldn’t handle, we do. And we gain courage from every bad thing that happens to us.  We can look back and think about what we’ve survived so far, and this encourages us to go on another day, another year.


We targets are stronger than we think.  Think back to all the horrible things we’ve survived, and give yourself credit for being strong.


We targets are strong and we are going to stick around to make sure the people who torture us get their punishment. Yesiree, targets, we’re sticking around to make sure they all go to jail and get their “just desserts”.


I look forward to the day when we targets can get together to celebrate our unshackling.  And it will happen.  Let the torturers live in their Fantasyland that they will never be discovered.


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26 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – No longer living in a world of imaginary creatures.

  1. “Everything I thought was real, is not real.”
    Just having this same thought today, wondering what percentage of who and what in my life thus far has been real and not just in it to perp.

  2. Yeah, my ex family tried the same thing on me. Placing me in a mental institution. What is it with intelligence agencies and mental hygiene? I absolutely have NO respect for the American Psychological Association (APA). I will NEVER trust a psychologist again. Every bit of this is alllll controlled by the government thanks to the Patriot Act. Your family and my ex family sound like psychopaths. I read an article on psychopathy, and it was such an eye opener. I would never say this about another human being, but I cannot wait to see the day I see my ex mother in laws obituary in the news paper. She is a clear cut psychopath covered/masked/hidden by Christianity. Little ‘ol “Church lady”
    that preaches the word of God. Evil truly does wear a mask. Even Satan himself knows the word of God, and even he believes it.

    • They didn’t get to place me in one of those institutions. I got away before they could do anything to me. I knew there was absolutely wrong with me, even though they tried to convince there was. Isn’t family wonderful?

    • They had me in the looney bin 3 mos as a teen and wanted me to go another 3 mos but I um, refused (ran away). 6 mos is like 600 years to a 16 year old. As far as church people, when I was a new Christian, these people running a food bank falsely accused my friend and I of TOUCHING one of their members. When I took the bait and got upset they said I had to forgive him for reporting us and if I didn’t I’d “bust Hell wide open”. They did not last much longer at that location and I learned they had not paid ANY rent to run their foodbank/outreach. They had skipped town.

  3. Family ha what a joke I keep my contact to a minumium at best have us n e keep writing the blogs the full truth will come out .the truth what’s been hidden will be revealed I have faith in that theys going be a change might not seem it now but it is going to be a new better world .

  4. I have confronted people close to me to their face, and it doesnt seem to phase them. They eventually blow it off like I was having a bad day or imagining things. My mother denies any involvement and shes one of the worst if not the worst one.

    • It’s called acting. It bothers them, but that’s the way they’re told to act. To act as if anything that happens to them doesn’t annoy them. They’re told not to show any emotion. They’re all chickens!

      • Chickens?! More like VAGINAS! They hide behind tinted windows, sunglasses, and drive fast so you won’t see them. Oh, and they hide behind computers too. SMH… Vaginas I tell you. I can’t believe it. Crazy weirdos!

  5. My “family” always “knew” and kept up a pretend relation to me until I found out I was a target only by looking online. Then, like by magic, they stopped talking to me even though I did not tell them I knew I was a target. The perps told them. They had become more distant over the years but I thought it was because i was a failure. I think my mother found out their evil intentions too late (this was not a “program” to bring out my “potential” or some shit) and they “cancered’ her real fast. I think they sold my family a bill of goods early on, or, my family needed the money and I had to be sacrificed. Just knowing I was going around in public with the perps harassing me in front of them and being miserable and they KNOWING makes me sick. My sister was the first one to act like a perp mumbling ugly things under her breath at me. I merely thought she was a bitch at the time.

    • What would we all do without our wonderful family? Family’s supposed to stick together, that’s what I’ve always heard. My family sure as hell didn’t stick together. They went at me like bear to honey.

      • It still depresses me to this day. They didn’t finally completely cut me off until about 2006 when they snuck my father out of town to go live with them without even a goodbye. He gets a STROKE within MONTHS of getting there and is in a home, his car taken away. Despite his age, he was independent up here even though his housekeeping skills lacked. I wonder if SOMEONE wants my mother’s money which he only has a “life interest” in. I won’t get a penny.

  6. Did your family ever fess up to placing you into this government ran, satanic mind-control network bull crap? Wanna know something that messes with my mind? The ex family that placed me into this whole satellite spying, mind reading, mind control, is a first lady at a church. I DO believe in Jesus as Lord and I do have a good heart. This is what I do not comprehend out of this so called “first lady.” You either love God, or love and serve this whole mind control- new world order, satanic abuse. Regardless, no matter what, NOTHING, no principality, no “first lady”, no demon from hell, mind control, nothing can or ever will separate me from the LOVE of Christ. 1 Peter 4:12
    I am sorry for your family’s deception. I feel for your heart. I know what I went through. My ex husband knew we, and our children, were under surveillance. My body and mind were raped. Can you imagine making love to your husband and people watching it? Moreover, him KNOWING they were watching? Deceivers. I guess there are some people that go to church but the love of God is not in them. Black hearts.
    I am under electronic mind control, and these people are having me to do things under mind control that is nothing more than perversion. I believe it is nothing more than public humiliation in the stupid things they have me to do. Brain washing to the mind are lies.

    • No, my family never admitted to gang stalking me. They even tried to put me in a mental hospital. After that, I knew I couldn’t stick around anymore. I didn’t say anything to them and walked away from all of them. Never even said good-bye. They didn’t deserve any good-byes from me.

      Yeah, it’s sick that they know what’s going on and drag you into it. Real, real sick people, all of them.

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