Gang Stalking – Targets, stay calm, that’s the only way to survive.

Close Your Eyes. Open Your Heart


It makes me sick to hear that something awful happened to a target.

If you’re ever in a situation where you’re getting to a point where gang stalking is too much to handle, here’s what to do.

Just stop! Stop! Find a place where you can sit down, or stand against a wall, close  your eyes and tell yourself to calm, calm down.  Keep saying it to yourself.  Repeat it over and over – calm, calm, calm, calm.  And when you feel calm, just get away from the situation.  Don’t stick around.

This can happen anywhere, in a store, as you walk, at home, on the bus, bank and any place you frequent.  The harassment can get so bad that your mind can’t handle more abuse.

I’ve found myself in situations like this a few times.  I went off into a corner and repeatedly told myself to stay calm. And it’s always worked.

Find a spot where you can sit, or stand against a wall and close your eyes. Closing your eyes and not seeing anything around you has a calming affect(effect?) .

Don’t ever let the gang stalkers get you to a point where you’re yelling and screaming at someone, and you look like a crazy man or woman.  Because if you do, the gang stalkers will call the police and tell them that you’ve gone crazy.   The police will show up and take you away to a mental facility, where you’ll be given pills to calm you down, zombie pills.

Once you’re given zombie pills, it’ll be written and you’ll be labeled a crazy person.  Once you’re given the label of crazy, it’ll be easier for the police to put you in a mental facility, or spend time in jail. I know a man who complained a lot to police about the gang stalking and ended up in a mental ward.

If someone calls the police on you, don’t say anything.  Don’t admit to anything. Answer the most basic questions, your name, address, etc., but nothing that might incriminate you. Take the fifth if you have to. They can’t make you talk without a lawyer. And the less you say, the less the police can use against you. Don’t be a blabbermouth. Don’t be  anxious to get your point in to prove you’re right. You might say something that hurts you. Keep your mouth shut!!!

So no matter what happens, don’t let them make you lose your temper.  It’s normal for someone to lose his/her temper sometimes, but with us targets, it’s a no-no ever.  You’ve already been labeled crazy, so it takes very little to convince police you’re crazy.

Always, always stay calm.  And if you can’t stay calm, leave the area right away.  Don’t let the perps ruin more of your life.

Don’t get into it with any of the perps. It will always be you against a gang of them, because even if you start with just one, within a few minutes, there’ll be a group of  them ready to back up each other.

Remember, whatever they do to you, stay calm. That’s the only way you’ll survive this hell of a life you’re living.

I’ve been in the situation where police were called on me, and the advice I gave you worked for me.  I admitted nothing, said nothing, answered only basic questions and nothing else.  You have to learn how to play the game.


51 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Targets, stay calm, that’s the only way to survive.

  1. Here is my coment for you. I stay off social networks. Period. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I don’t carry a cell phone, because once they know your number, they use it to stalk you and to monitor your activity (even when the phone is off they can hear your conversation whereever you carry the phone). I don’t trust anyone except my family. Don’t use comcast, the mic and the camera on your computer can be used to monitor you.

    Good luck and thank you for your advice.

    • It is true that using a cell phone does help them keep track of you, and it helps them spy on you. It is also true about the mic and camera on your computer. There’s nothing we can do about the computer, except give up our contact with the world and our social life ( well, in my case that’s what it would be ) If you’re a target, not carrying a phone is not going to stop them from keeping you under 24/7 surveillance. It will keep you from being able to call for help in an emergency, which would thrill them. Staying off social networks only makes you isolated, which is what they want. The creeps already know where you are, and what you do. Giving them the satisfaction of making you withdraw from a normal life is good for them, but not you. I live my life in spite of their constant watching. I don’t think any of us should give anything up for them.

      • My phone was useless. I couldn’t even make a phone call on it. That’s why I gave it up, not because I didn’t want them following. I’m not going to keep paying for something which is useless.

        • I know you didn’t give up your phone for that reason. I was just talking about that previous comment about not carrying a phone to prevent being kept track of. I would have given mine up if they did what they did to you to me. I agree there is no point in giving them money for something they don’t let you use. I wouldn’t either, and I’d tell them why I was quitting.

            • They’re supposed to say that. ISPs say that too. Yes, they are idiots! They know hacking happens but they say what they’re told too. Baaaaaaaaaaa!
              Well, Hughesnet and Verizon know they lost me as a customer because they let me get hacked. Mid Rivers only have me because they own this part of the country so I don’t have a choice, but I hate them.

                • I don’t either. In fact the CEO of Mid Rivers admitted to me once, that they charge people who ask for a static IP to have one. ALL of their customers have static IPs and they refuse to give you dynamic IPs if you ask them to.

  2. “Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.” – Mahatma Gandhi I also was thinking people have been againist us tis have been through so much were still here so this thing this evil force can’t be that powerfull were still here .

  3. neverending-
    this is not totally on the subject, but I am being broadcast, 24/7 to anyone who is willing to listen, people I know, people I dont know, facebook friends.
    would you, could you keep someone as a friend on facebook if they had a response on facebook to something you said in your apartment the night before? (its very obvious) They must search the internet for some tid bit that says exactly what they want to say and then post it. Where do these people get the idea that anything I say in my private life is any of their business? Do they think I will appreciate their commentary and not ever suspect they heard me?

    • I’d take them off my Facebook page. The person is not a friend. A friend wouldn’t that to someone. That’s my opinion, maybe someone else has a different opinion.

        • I’ve had 3 people friend me on FB just to perp me and when I figured it out I unfriended and blocked them. One of them then went and signed me up for some questionable pages he was on to further taint my reputation (I don’t know why they allow people to do that) He’d been posting profile pics in my name on my page as me and they were pornographic! Then he had like a hundred of HIS friends who I’d never heard of give me “compliments” on them. My real friends were wondering what had gotten into me that “I” was posting crap like that. That’s why I dropped him.

          The other 2 pretended to be TI’s. One started putting down things I said and acting like I was nuts – and out he went from my list! The other started writing threatening messages, which I reported.

          …Tom Goff just left earlier than usual (4-something AM) to go and stir his meths. Anyone who would make that stuff is disgusting!

          • When I began writing my blog, I got a lot of emails about naked people, penises, etc. I never opened the emails and eventually no more emails on the subject. So far, I’ve gotten no threatening messages. If I did, I wouldn’t erase them but keep them as proof.

            Did you get in touch with Facebook and report the perps? I’m telling you, these people are really sick. And they call us sick? We’re totally sane compare to the weirdos they hire to harass us.

            4 a.m.? Maybe he’s up to something. I’d watch him if I were you. Maybe, he was messing with your car, or doing something to your home. Be careful.

            • That’s really sick they were sending you stuff like that! I’m glad you didn’t open them.

              Yes, I did report them and blocked them but recently I discovered one of them (the porno king) is not on my block list so I think he may have been someone from one of the gov agencies who harass us. That’s probably how he was able to add me to groups after I blocked him.

              …Tom’s always up to something and I can’t help watching him. It’s impossible to not hear his truck start up because it’s so loud and the noise he makes outside in his yard sometimes.

  4. Hi what a perp day or wat a lot of strange things happened you know why that is its because its getting warmer you will see a increase in perps an they games ,well I wentt past someone a phone in his hand I had a feelin he was a perp so he was chatting all of a sudden he said my friend wants to chat to you I just went past ignorged him. I came out of a shop a black car was parked two perps one sed hello I looked backed he was just smirkey smile on his face they was parked for a longg time while I went into diffrent stores . Then lol a red car full of perps the driver saw me he did a very strange hand signal he did a shushh so he put his finger to his lips basically wen he drove past me very strange anyone know wat that cud mean!.all for now

    • I told you summer would be hard. All the kids are out of school, vacation time. Get ready for really nasty summer. A shhh? Did you shhh anyone? Or watch someone shhing? That could be it, otherwise, I don’t know. Or watch someone on t.v. shhing?

      • I can’t remember if I watched anyone shhhing but very strange hand signal the perp did to me . n e summer is going to be tough I know you know I always have bad summers two things I don’t like perps an wasps .

        • Maybe the signal wasn’t for you, but for someone else. Perps have signals they use to communicate with each other. I have a blog on Nazi signals, and what the signals mean.

        • Perps and wasps…can’t think of what’s worse…wait a minute…perps – because wasps don’t bother you 24/7, spread lies about you, and get into your home and car even if you keep the doors and windows closed and lock..

    • I’d mimic everything they do and repeat everything they say. It makes them mad. If you have someone with you, point at them and say what weirdos they are loud enough for them to hear you. Always act like you are better than they are because you are!

        • Yup, you might as well let those around you think you’re polite even to perps. And if you say the rude things back too, they get to hear what it sounds like coming AT them. If it causes you more trouble though, discontinue and go back to ignoring them. I don’t want to make your life worse. It worked for me but it might not work for you.

  5. I try to avoid the police as much as possible. I called the ambulance on a woman who looked sick enough to die in the alley by my apartment but it was a ruse: she was fine and the police and the AMBULANCE let her GO. She was crunched to the ground with a NEEDLE in her hand. I thought she had OD’d and was ready to die. I stupidly called the ambulance which also brings the police. She gets up and does a little dance in front of them. She is not charged with drug possession nor taken in to the hospital for observation. It was a damn PRANK! It was street theatre! I had been taken in. It was not the first time I had called an ambulance for someone who was faking it. Praise God, the cops did not interview ME. They sort of sat there smirking a little that is it.

      • After the street theater she disappeared. Used to see her around the alley a bit but no more. If I see her again in “distress” I’ll think twice about calling the Ambulance.

        • Thanks for sharing that story. I’ll think twice about calling an ambulance for someone in the future. It’s so sad that someone would do things like that to a good person! Yeah, I hope next time you see her she does need help and you don’t bother.

  6. good advise and also if forced to see a psyche make sure to say you are not a harm to yourself and others. this bait and attack techniques seem to be what this is all about to bait the targeted person to try to incarcerate them. all done via satallite remote neural monitering track or to cell or car radio with 24/7 eh os. I still beleave this is neighborhood watch on steroids with a nsa hiree.

    • It doesn’t do that to my gang stalkers. They always want to know why I’m taking pictures and then start to get real nasty. I don’t look too imposing, so I guess they’re not afraid of me.

          • True. I’ve had a lot of them ruined, and also I usually don’t see mine in action. Most of my harassment is vandalism to my things when I’m not watching either at home, in my car, or at work, and DEW attacks. I don’t get theater anymore.

            • From day 1, my gang stalking has been 24/7, and it’s still 24/7. They never let up on me for a minute. No matter where I go, do, the perps surround me. It’s a living hell every minute.

              • Yeah, me too. I thought I had a poltergiest at first but they’re worse than that. You can get rid of evil spirits. You can’t get rid of evil people.

  7. Gang Stalking terrorism is a big business here and 20% of the population are part of this network. They make contributions to political parties, churches, charities etc. in return they get their crimes whitewashed.

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