11 thoughts on “Gun Control Alert: Beware of your Doctors Office Questionnaire?

  1. Every time I visit the Dr. I’m given the 3rd Degree about smoking…even though I’ve answered those questions over and over…Have you smoked? When did you smoke? How much did you smoke? Etc etc…nurse says she is REQUIRED to ask ask ask this everytime I see the Dr. Why???? If I were to say I smoked or started smoking would I be denied care? Given less care? Although I don’t smoke nor can stand smoke for long…smokers have lost all their rights here. They cannot smoke anywhere but home. You can’t smoke in restaurants or bars or any other public place except on the sidewalk, or, in front of the bus stop where I am (where there are “no smoking” signs posted. This b*tch asked me for a smoke the other day and I said I did not smoke and she said “yeah right”. I’m always being asked for a light a cigarette, etc..It’s like the perps are riding me because I used to smoke as a teen and are acting like they are punishing me for it. I sure hope these past 25 years of hell are not because I SMOKED a little when I was young.

    • Where do you live? God, we can’t do anything anymore. If someone’s smoke is bothering me, I just move away. I don’t smoke, but if someone else does, it’s no skin off my back.

      They’re probably bothering you because the doctor probably tells them that it annoys you. All the doctors are perps.

      You must live in New York. That Bloomberg is a d–k.

      • I wish the whole world was a tobacco free zone personally because I’m severely allergic to it. I can’t just move away. It still makes me sick. I simply can’t be exposed to it at all. 1 minute of it brings weeks of bronchitis. I know that guy is a D-K but if he banned smoking from New York it would be the best thing he ever did. He would have to do some more good things in addition to get me to respect him though.

        • Though, I don’t like smoke in my face, I’ll take it over a dictatorship. That’s how dictatorships start, by telling people what they can and cannot do. And it’s always for their own good, of course.

          • When my parents and other people smoked around me knowing full well that it made me really sick and not giving a flying fig it was “dictatorship.”

            It was like their attitude was: “You don’t like it? Tough. You have to breathe it anyway. We don’t care about you! You’re not worth anything.”

            I lost two jobs I loved because of people smoking before they made the law of no smoking in the workplace because it made me too sick to work there. Also, it would be hell on aiplanes before they made that law. It took me two weeks before I could hear again after flying. It made me sick, gave me a migrane, and my head got SO clogged up, and when I was carrying Collin it made me so sick and my blood pressure went so high on that it was a miracle I lived after a flight to visit my family. I was really in bad shape after getting off that time!

            No one should smoke around children or animals, and they wouldn’t if they had any concience – or people who want to be healthy including pregnant women – without their permission. That’s not a dictatorship point of view. It’s a matter of being a good person or not. Smokers should only smoke around people who don’t mind it or together away from those who do. Any who do it around the above mentioned people are selfish and inconsiderate and deserve no respect.

            They didn’t make those laws to dictate what people were allowed to do. They made them for everyone’s good. If they were telling people what they could and couldn’t do, they would have banned it altogether. All they did was make it easier for some people to live and be healthy, which is a good thing! I’m very grateful for the antismoking laws. I wish they’d have been around all my life and I think they should be extended. Smoking is not a necessity of life and it hurts and kills people.

      • I do not live in New York, I think that the Dr.s are suspicious of my lifestyle since my lung function does not improve the way they liked it and suspect I smoke on the sly: or, as the nurse said EVERYONE is asked the same question over and over which is an invasion of privacy.

    • Goodness, that’s just plain weird! Maybe they want to see if you’re a conformist yet…The government wants us to smoke tobacco because it’s not good for us. In fact they make it even worse for us than it comes naturally as part of the depopulation and cancer industry programs. They might be punishing you because you aren’t doing it and it bothers you, who knows?

      And they probably do know you did it as a teen. I think even though I wasn’t GS’d all my life (that I know of) I was experimented on from early childhood because of things that wouldn’t make sense with any other explanation. I think some TIs started out as their experiments and became TIs later. I have started to wonder if I became a TI because of things I did as a teen. And the thing that’s the most infuriating is that they weren’t that bad. Skipping school and stuff. I stayed out of trouble with the police and for what? I got persecuted in the end anyway.

      Good for you for having quit smoking! Maybe they’re trying to drive you to start again.

  2. Maybe if I’m asked I’ll tell them to ask the people who decided to put it on the questionaire since they know the answer. Thanks for posting this. It was very interesting!

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