Gang Stalking – Non-citizens lied to by U.S. government.

Nelson Mandela, July 4 1993.

Nelson Mandela, July 4 1993. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Marrakesh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Moroccan Woman

Moroccan Woman (Photo credit: Living Amused)

“When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.” Nelson Mandela

The woman next door is going crazy.  I’m doing back to her what she does to me and she doesn’t like it.  Like this morning. I was going down the stairs and she gave me “the finger”, so I gave it right back to her.  And then she proceeded to call me a bitch. I called her a bitch back.  I looked  up at her and she looked really crazy.  Her hair was sticking out at both sides of her face and she had a crazy look.  I told her, “You look really crazy.  Maybe you should start taking  tranquilizers.” ((I love saying what they say to us right back to them.)  She said something to me, but I made myself not hear her.  Of course, about six other perps came out of  their apartments.  The woman with the two little boys made sure she showed her face.  I ignored them all and walked away.  They all got together and stood talking about me and shaking their heads.

This is what I love about perps.  They feel they have all the right in the world to do whatever they want to us, but don’t we dare do it back.  How dare we do to them what they do to us?   It’s just not right for us to fight back.  We’re supposed to quietly take all their nonsense and let them abuse us.

The woman next door doesn’t have a job, rarely goes out, has no boyfriend, and doesn’t attend school  Her full-time job is to harass me, make my life miserable.

Whenever I take a shower, she turns the cold water off, so I’ll burn myself.  Or she turns the hot water off, so I’ll get really cold.  When I have to use the bathroom, she hits me with electricity.  If I turn the water on in the sink, she has to come in the bathroom and turn on her water.  If I come out of my apartment, she always has to open the door and watch what I’m doing.  The other day,  when I went to the office to complain about the two children, she got in her car and showed up at the office a second before me and sat in the office and watched what I did.

She wears all the colors I wear, even down to my pink and black socks, which I only wear around my apartment, out of  sight, so no one can see me, but, somehow, she knows about my socks.

She keeps a 24/7 watch on me.

And then she has the audacity to complain about me doing something to her.  She’s a typical perp.  Does not do anything with her life, and lives and breathes for what I do.

The woman is a non-citizen from Morocco, and believes that she will become a citizen if she does what the government tells her to do.  This is the line the government uses on all the non-citizens, help them take me/others down and they will get their citizenship.  She doesn’t realize what a liar the government is.  The government will tell her any lie to get her to do their bidding.  I hope one day she wakes up and realizes that she will not get her citizenship this way.  If anything, they can use what she’s doing to me against her.  They will tell her that she committed a crime by harassing me, and she can’t get her citizenship. And they might even turn against her and harass her.  Either way, she’ll be on the losing end.  One day she will learn her lesson.  And I will not have any sympathy for her, or any other non-citizen who this happens to.  If they want to commit a crime, they deserve what they get.

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35 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Non-citizens lied to by U.S. government.

  1. Tom Goff doesn’t seem to have a job either. He goes out 2 or 3 times every morning and is only gone about 20 minites at a time. I’m guessing he’s stirring meths somewhere but I’m not going to look up how to make it to confirm this because I don’t want that sort of thing on my websearch history. I know he has plenty of money though.

    I hope that lady gets deported or put into prison someday instead of what she’s being promised because that’s what she deserves, and so do those others.

    Keep up the good work on their heads!

    • Your Tom Goff gets paid to harass you, that’s why he doesn’t work. He only leaves for a short time each time, because that’s probably how much time they allot him to get food. They want to make that he keeps track of everything you’re doing, so he’s can’t be away too long.

      • My phone keeps turning off on so orignal message didn’t get sent typical anyway its like my perp female below me never works or goes out always in when I am in banging to disturb me etc an cacklin laughs from her its disturbing laugh I hear it everyday I can hear it clear an loud from my apartment its every hour what’s this thing laughing so loud it sounds like she’s putting it on they is also a guy living they so he gets her food an stuff so she’s they listening to me an gosh knows what else .if I could record this laugh an play it here ew its mad demented laugh .food they don’t deserve food!

        • You can hear her laughter because you’re apartment’s has mics in it. They hear everything you say and do, everything. It’s recorder so it can be used against you in case they want to get you in trouble with police.

          My apartment has sensors all over it, surveillance cameras, microphones, etc. I don’t care. They can listen to everything I say and do. There’s nothing they can get me for. mofos.

        • I have a land line because they turn off any cell we try to use and any cordless phone. You have my sympathy with the stupid laughter. That sounds really bad!

        • Oh, and if I were you, I’d bang back! I did it when I lived underneath some freaks who stomped on their hardwood floor with high heels all day. I’d bang on the ceiling with a broomstick and turn my radio up really super loud to drown them out. They just kept on doing it but it made me feel better to think I was at least trying to do something.

      • Yes, perhaps. He has fun doing it though so it must be worth it. He likes to shout abuse and threats at me and my son and tells my dad lies about us which the stupid git believes!

      • Am sorry to hear that n e you have this mircophones cameras but yeah theys a listening device in they apartment I sed it before an am sure .

      • They’re not allowed to take baths or showers. Did you ever see those movies where cops are watching someone? You notice they never take showers or baths, because they might miss what’s said. They never do dishes, either, or use vacuum cleaners, only allowed when you’re not home.

        • Hadn’t thought about that, but you’re right about the appartment perps. Mine never did when I was around.
          Tom vaccums his truck a lot though. I think because it makes a lot of annoying noise. One day I got much satifaction when I was told the reason he was doing it longer than usual that morning. Someone had bashed in the windows of the cab on the back so he was getting the glass out. I was told who had done it but do you think I was going to report it? Lol! The cab is no longer made and you can’t get those windows replaced anymore. I think it’s wonderful he got to know what it’s like to have something you really care about and can’t be replaced vandalized!

          Happy Sunday, BTW!

            • I said the same thing.

              The only aggravating thing about it is that he always parks the truck on the street way away from his driveway now (it happened to be parked in that spot when it got attacked) and I think the reason is because he’s telling people it was in his driveway (beside ours) when it got attacked so everyone including police will think I did it. It had nothing to do with me. I even tell all of my son’s friends not to do anything to retaliate when they offer and explain that it’s legal for perps to do things to TIs but it’s not legal for TIs to fight back.

                • It’s at the front of his house but as far from mine as possible. Why don’t the police tell him to do ANYTHING? has my question for a while now…but it proves he’s a perp.

      • Well I have nothing to hide so I aint bothered what they hear see either were not the sickos they are of course .yes I have seen these types of movies I know what you mean it all fits together its a sick seems like endless exeperience but nothing stays the same they will all get they bad karma these perps.

      • Good idea get a landline think I will soon but yeh blackbird thanks I know things we have to put up with eh .and perps do stuff to us course we should fight back its called protecting ourselfs when these freaks do anything to us .oh ps I do bang back at the biatch wen I wana get my anger out its good . But most times I ignore can’t be bothered

        • I’m glad to hear you give some of it back. I really wish we could do more than we can. I wish police were as good as the old fashioned sherriff of the wild west – the type to bust anyone who committed crimes and stood for justice for the victims. But sadly, the first lesson we learn as TIs is that cops are in on our treatment. I don’t know why we don’t have a right to defend ourselves when no one else will. Keep on fighting any way you can without getting in trouble.

  2. The tactic is xenophobia. We are supposed to fear different races and nationalities which is silly when one is reared in NYC, the melting pot of all cultures. So, reverse it. Insult her in Spanish. Tell her a bunch of stuff in Spanish. Let her learn the language. She may tell you off in French, but go heavier with Spanish. If you don’t know Spanish fluently, then insult her with gibberish. Then laugh at the cabrona.

    • I think you got something there. It’s turning us against each other, exactly what happened in Germany. First, the Jews, then the Christians, and if the war had lasted, all Germans.

  3. Damn evil terrorist perpetrator animals. Most of my perpetrators comes from all kinds of races and backgrounds! The scum here drives cars with GC license plates, they should be sent back to their NAZI countries where they came from, even if they lived here for 100 years!

  4. I’m not saying non of these people do not know who you are, but I do know from first hand experience that the government can manipulate your environment through mind control. ALOT of what we are seeing out of ppl is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Not only can they mind control you, but the people that surround you, yes, sadly, even children. These supercomputers are working at a rate of speed that our minds cannot comprehend just how fast and how manipulative these evil mad men’s toys are working. It is the ultimate deception. People contacting the government to play mind wars/psychological war fare on another human being has to be no less than psychopaths themselves. My ex in laws did this to me. I will never ever forget what I went through. This was back in 2001, since then, not one soul ever came up to me and said not a word or even act like the knew me. Made me almost question my sanity, but I know I was under satellite surveillance. My environment was manipulated, through mind control. It had me wanting to fight and cuss ppl out, but eventually, I figured it all out. They can make ppl hate you or like you….see it first hand. Im telling you, this technology is nothing but EVIL on the whole population, and most people are not aware of what is going on. If they can keep you upset by manipulation, then they have fooled you. DECEPTION

    • What is real anymore…being a ti, not being a ti…it’s all a controlled world. To break free from the control would take an act of God, a miracle. It is a deception so subtle that even the elect would be fooled if they could. Wonder if the “elect” see what’s going on and turn the other way when they see suffering because they want no part of it…well, duh, guess they would not be the elect then since Jesus would ask them…”when ever did you help me…”

      • The elect know. I know they do because I asked our State attorney for help and he had a deadbeat from the DOJ contact me who did absolutely nothing about it. The DOJ are in on it so the fact that he had someone from there get in touch was a bit of a joke I think.

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