Gang Stalking – Some day, we will need permission to use bathroom.

Monument to the victims of Totalitarianism

Monument to the victims of Totalitarianism (Photo credit: Juliano Mattos)

"Woodfall's Law of Landlord and Tenant"

“Woodfall’s Law of Landlord and Tenant” (Photo credit: umjanedoan)

Social Security Card

Social Security Card (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nazi Germany test2

Nazi Germany test2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Adolf Hitler in Yugoslavia.

Adolf Hitler in Yugoslavia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I walked into the office today to pay my rent, and this is the sign that greeted me:


For the safety of all our customers, this establishment voluntarily provides tenants‘ names, dates of birth, Social Security Numbers, drivers’ license numbers, vehicle license, and tenant building/apartment numbers to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

The information is utilized by police department to determine wanted person status.  No criminal history information will be disseminated to property owner/agents.

You are under no obligation, knowing this, to enter into a rental agreement, and will suffer no forfeiture or other financial penalty for exercising your right to decline to do so.]

I asked the manager  about the sign.  She told me it did not apply to me. It applied only to new tenants.

Talk about becoming a totalitarian country!  This sounds like a sign the Nazis would have put up. This sounds to me like the beginning of  information given to the police so they can track  all tenants.

I told this to the manager, and she said it was to keep us all safe.

That’s how it begins.  Use the excuse that it’s to  keep us all safe, and people will not protest.  After a while, more and more of these things will happen, and the people will just think that it’s to keep them safe.  And before they know it, they’ll all be under a government that will tell them when they’re allowed to go to the bathroom.

I really feel as if I’m living at the beginning of the Nazi era. This sign gave me the creeps.  I thought of Nazi Germany right away.

I hope people wake up before it’s too late.  Before we’re all put into Nazi camps.

We’re getting closer and closer to a totalitarian state.

Let me know what you think of the sign.  Does it give you the creeps as it gives me?

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23 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Some day, we will need permission to use bathroom.

  1. At some of the libraries there are armed guards….lots of them and plainclothes guards, too. Caught one of them watching me too. He kept talking on the phone and looking all paranoid. I looked across the room he was on the phone with one of the uniformed guards. Freedom of speech my fat ass! I go 2 hours on the bus to escape the “guards”. If the lib where i go now gets guards I might need to start reading ebooks only or getting a “kindle”.

    • Every time I go to the library, the guards watch me, too. One time I was waiting for a computer and a guard stood by where I was sitting. He took out his camera and began taping me. I looked at him and said, “Would you like me to pose for you?” He laughed and said no. And left.

    • That might be a good idea. I don’t go to the library any more. I liked it before I was GS’d but it’s just not the same now. If you get some enjoyment out of it, I’d say don’t give it up, but if you don’t, staying home would be better and would save money in transport and fees as well. That would hamper their attempts to drain you financially, and they wouldn’t get the pleasure of making you feel feel bad with their chats about you in public.

  2. I thought this was an April’s Fool joke, and I was going to commend you for keeping your sense of humor throughout your hellish ordeal…then, I looked it up and realized you weren’t joking!

    I read all your articles, and look forward to many more posts from you, Neverending1. The one I most look forward to is a celebratory post, saying, “this is all over, they’ve been caught, tried and punished, from top to bottom, and the children are learning about this so it never happens again.” I know many of the sites out there are nothing but fronts for wholesale dis- and mis-information, but after reading your site since the beginning, I believe you. You’re pissed, just like me, and rightfully so!

    I’ll also tell you I’d like to comment more (I despise using FB to comment) but every time I sign up for a WordPress account, my password stops working after I make my first post, especially on this site… You must be doing something right!

    • I think WordPress helps me. I love WordPress. They’re my angels.

      It’s funny you should mention April Fool’s Day. I was going to do a blog exactly on what you mentioned. I was going to say I’d been freed and didn’t have to write my blog anymore. But then, I walked into the office and had a change of heart. I threw the April Fool’s blog away.

      I hope you keep commenting. And thank you.

      And I hope I’ll be the first one to say “They’ve been caught, tried and punished…”

      Then we targets can get together and celebrate, celebrate, celebrate.

  3. People who are innocent (and not being targeted) will see this sign and think they have nothing to worry about because they have no criminal record. As this country becomes more fascist, this will be irrelevant because trouble will be coming to find you- at home, at work, and all over your community as certain groups of people become “villianized”. People will be happy with the status quo until it’s too late. I am guilty of this too before I realized I’m a TI. Stand you ground TI’s!

  4. Oh, it’s here, and we are just going to stand around and watch it happen because people are afraid to say anything for fear they’ll end up targets just like us. I’m just glad I’m older and won’t live long enough to watch it get nasty.

    • I say the same thing all the time. I’m glad I’m getting older and won’t be around to see how bad the world becomes. In 30-40 years, the U.S. is going to be a mess.

  5. Police state! How comforting to know your lovely management is willing to tell the cops everything about you. No more’s like 1984…in the book only the Elite could turn off the TV that was watching them. As far as bathrooms go, finding a potty in this town is notorious. Many places don’t offer public toilets or require keys to get in. If I do use one a perp will get into the next stall and cuss me under their breath then I slam the stall door against their side..oh lovely. They peep out the stalls trying to see me wash my hands or will time their pottying to match mine so I have to “meet” them at the sinks. I race wash my hands grab a towel for the door handle and run out.

    • They used to do the potty thing to me at the library. I didn’t have a computer and used the computer at the library. When I left the computer room, I would always go the bathroom. I’d be follow into the bathroom by a group of perps, and they would also wait for me to come out. But after a while, I’d go into the bathroom, they’d go into the bathroom, and I’d quietly sneak away. I used to have a good laugh.

      • Oh, the pettiness of our lives under the perps! Slamming the door against a perp sitting on the pot becomes fun! I catch them looking under the stalls for me and thru the cracks in the stalls…

        • Really sick people. They’re so low in the ground, they’re worms. They don’t dare look under my stall. They’re sort of afraid of me. I can tell. I once told one of them off. She went to the librarian and complained about me. The librarian came into the bathroom and yelled at me. I told her off, too. I was told I had to stay out of the library for a few days. I was always getting thrown out of the library. I don’t anymore, because I rarely go there.

          So now, I don’t go to the park, the library, and I stay out of trouble.

          • I need to get to the library. All my books are very overdue. The perp garbage only lets me read 50 pages a day so it takes me forever to read my novels. I need to get back to the park as my cholesterol has spiked on the lovely psych meds I went on in 2011 after my horrible experience. I try to stay away from people at the library and use one w/o snecurity guards. I noticed a librarian “keeping an eye on me” the last time I was there. I go a long way to get to the library so I don’t go that often.

            • They probably make sure it takes you a long time to read so that you’ll get fines. Creeps!

              I was on those meds – Refusing to take them anymore was the best thing I ever did for myself! If you can, get off of them. There’s something wrong with theirs heads – not yours!

          • I’d tell them off too. They must know it, because no one bothers me in public bathrooms.

            No one gives me street theater either because they know I’d mimic what they did, and if I was with someone I would point at them and say something like, “Oh look, there’s one of the wierdos!”

            I’ve done such things in the past. I nicknamed a group of kids who picked on me in high school “My Fan Club” and decided when one bothered me I would point at them and say, “That’s one of my fans!” They quit after I did that 3 times.

            The perps seem to know this. Must have heard me tell people about it.

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