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  1. Yes, I know. They break in every time we leave the house too. EVERY time. No matter how many times we go out they always come in and do SOMETHING, which is why we now never leave the place totally unattended anymore. It means we can never go out and have a good time together. One of us has to stay home at all times. I have been told by some people that we “should go out anyway” even after we explain that the house not only gets enterered and things get vandalised and stolen, but our pets get injured. No one could hear someone make such complaints and then tell them to “go out anyway” unless they are a perp. Took me a while to figure that out, but I did and no longer associate with anyone who tells me that. I used to think they just didn’t understand the situation, but now I know they are encouraging me to get out of their way so they can do some more damage.

    • I wish I had someone who could stay home when I went out, but I can’t. That’s why I no longer worry about it. There’s nothing I can do about, and I’d only get ulcers. Their day in hell will come for all of them.

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  3. He thought at first he had cameras in his home before he realized it was electronic surveillance. They asked him to define electronic surveillance and I was waiting to hear.
    I remember when I realized that something I said to myself in a whisper while I was in the shower was picked up and repeated back to me. This was about the same time I realized ever ything I say to every customer at work was also being picked up, no matter if I was in the vacinity of my cell phone or not.

    • I sent this video through, even though I can’t hear anything he said. I can’t hear or see videos. I just use my instincts as to what all of you would like to see. I knew he had something to say, but what, I don’t know. What did he say? The hackers prevent me from seeing videos. It will take me forever if I try to fix it, so I don’t bother anymore.

      • He basically said about the initial break in tricks they pulled on him, that he moved a few times to no avail, and that he discovered he was being surveilled. Same as all of us. Quite interesting. Thanks for posting it. I hope you get your vids back soon. That’s really mean!

    • It’s really scary and disgusting, isn’t it? They want you to think people can read your mind so they can call you a schizo, give you meds to mess you up, and have no one ever take you seriously. Glad you know what’s going on!

  4. James just James likes this* Don’t see a like button here..i wish they’d have let him answer the last question in the video… noting here for documentation that while i was listening to this video..i heard in the background a sound like someone sucking on their own spit(This happens a lot to me through online when i watch videos…also has happened in music on my mp3 player..i have had prayer songs desecrated with this disgusting sound(electronic harrassment can also involve manipulation of your electronics with audio/video/etc)) This guy is telling the truth that’s for sure..i’ve had these same things happen to me of course for a very long time..with the exception that no one ever broke into my home…probably b/c my home is under protection since my parents are complicit in my situation..so what would my advice be..for someone not in my situation..perhaps your own camera surveillance system around your home? i am not sure if that can be subverted..probably can..i will keep thinking about this..

    • I have his problem, too. My apartment’s broken into every time I go out. I know how he feels. It doesn’t even bother me anymore. Some day, the idiots will be caught.

    • It’s true they can get into you electronics – they can even put static onto your CDs. I haven’t got a clue how, but they’ve done it to some of mine when they broke in. They can also interfere with your video players.
      I’m glad you don’t get the creeps in your home. It really makes your life hell because you have no sactuary when they do that!
      Advice about getting cameras is good, but I will add for anyone thinking about it…NEVER get wireless. They WILL be scrambled or turned off during the break ins and prove useless. Always use wired ones that can’t be turned off remotely. I learned this from experience. I finally figured out what was going on and got a set of wired ones, but they got stolen before I could set them up. That was before I got slide locks to keep the creeps out from the inside. They could get through every key and combo lock we ever tried.

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