Gang Stalking – A victim of torture will not always stand up for the rights of others.

Pay Phone

Pay Phone (Photo credit: Kichigai Mentat)

Civil Rights, Civil Means

Civil Rights, Civil Means (Photo credit: Village Square)

insurance broker

insurance broker (Photo credit: Elva Keaton)

I had to call an insurance company to get insurance.  The complex where I live requires tenants  have insurance.   I don’t really need insurance.  I own absolutely nothing of value.  If I did, the perps would steal or rip it apart.

I had to go to the public pay phone to make  the call to the insurance company.  I have  a phone, but I can only make emergency calls, or if my phone works,  it’s disconnected constantly by the hackers.

So I don’t even bother with my phone. I don’t want to end up with ulcers.

I went to the public  pay phone by 7-11. This is about the only phone left I can use.  All the others don’t work, or disconnect me after a few minutes.

I got in touch with the insurance company and was talking with the agent when I noticed someone standing by listening to my conversation and taking photos of me.  I took out my phone and began taping the person.  He saw me doing to him what he was doing to me and got angry.

He said, “Are you taking pictures of me?”  I  replied, “I’m just doing what you’re doing.”

“You better stop taking pictures of me,” he said.

He got on his phone and began to dial 911.

I said, “You’re outside. I can take photos of  you; you’re out in public. And when someone is out in public, he has no privacy rights.”

As I was speaking a woman came out.  He immediately began complaining to the woman that I was taking pictures of him. She didn’t say anything and took out her camera to tape me.

They walked away, and then about a minute later, they both returned.  She took pictures of me, and he said, “You’re crazy. You’re crazy.”   They stood looking at me, trying to get a reaction out of me.

While the woman took photos, I posed for her in a model-like way.

They  both got angry  that they weren’t getting to me, so the man walked over and clicked my call off.

I told the man to get away from me.  And he’d better pay me for the money I put in the phone.  He answered, “That’s my money? I said, “Your money?  How’s that your money?”   “It’s my money,” he replied.

I got angry and told him to get away from me.

The man was extremely girlish.  A gay man.

And you’re probably wondering what gay has to do with anything.

Well, here was a man who probably’s been harassed his whole life, but he was harassing me.  He did not think it was wrong for him to perp me.

Which proves that just because someone has been a victim of torture that he’s not going to become a torturer of someone else.

It makes me angry that people like him and others who’ve suffered think nothing of going after us targets.

All my life I’ve fought for gay rights, civil rights for all people, and when it comes time for these people to step up and fight for the rights of others, they’re nowhere to be  seen.

From now on, all I’m care about  is my rights and the rights of other targets.

All those other people have others fighting for them, but no one is fighting for us targets.

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54 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – A victim of torture will not always stand up for the rights of others.

  1. I loved the posing thing too lol don’t let ’em mess with you…they must tape me *all* the time…i ignore them so so so much…they go insane how much i ignore them..they wave their hands sometimes trying desperately to get my attention..i pretend i didn’t see them..if someone ever tapes you again like that…just think in your mind like you’re a movie actor and they’ve got the cameras rolling on you… take 1…action :: clip :: It doesn’t matter if they tape you or any of it..everything is taped everywhere..don’t film back at them i wouldn’t recommend either b/c we have to be perfectly innocent and they can do whatever they want…*but*..make sure most of all not to let them upset is your ultimate weapon against strong on defense..light on offense..

    • Thanks, James. I try to keep my mouth shut, but you know how we New Yorkers are, we can’t keep our mouths shut. I’ll try to follow your advise, but I doubt I will succeed.

  2. When you hear the word “crazy” run….and what right did they have to click your call off? Did they OWN the 7-11????? Do they own you? Are you their chattel slave? The punk in Albertson’s snatched my groceries I had already paid for away from me and told me to leave or it was jail….and he kept repeating it. Did we give up our rights as humans somewhere? Supposedly I’m banned for life. One day I might go in there and see if its real.

    That being said, I never saw Elie Weisel or Corrie Ten Boom or any of those other Holocaust survivors lift a finger for a ti. I never heard Anne Frank’s father on the matter. I know, I know, just repeating myself…also, I remember when I was young, gay men were timid frightened creatures willing to please and be friends with everyone. Once the perp ball got rolling however, some of my WORST perps were gay men. Gay women were mean to me long before even the gay men were.

    • The word ‘crazy” is a word perps are taught to say to targets. It’s to be repeated over and over so that we begin to think we’re crazy. The word doesn’t bother me because I know I’m not crazy. They’re crazy to be doing what they’re doing to us.

      They don’t own 7-11. I don’t know what the idiot was talking about. None of them ever makes any sense. They’re all sheep. They just do what they’re told.

      We’re supposed to be afraid. Afraid of sheep? No way!

      Oh, Albertsons is about one of the worse stores for perps. I’ve written a few blogs about Albertson. So far, I’ve not been thrown out of Albertson, but you’re not the only one who’ve been thrown out of Albertsons. It’s a real Nazi store. It’s probably owned by Nazis.

      Yes, that’s also been my experience with gays, especially when I’m on the bus.

      No one is willing to come to our aid. No one. We’re in this by ourselves. We’re the new gays, blacks, etc.

      By the way, have a Happy Easter.

      • We are the new untouchables. Everyone else is “protected”. Happy Easter to you. I’ll try but the Voice to Skull is going off and the skits are going on.

            • Interesting. But then you know how much they hate the Constituiton. Even the mention of it probably p****s them off!

                • Yeah! Long live the Constitution!

                  Constitution! Constitution! Constitution! Are you listening perps? Constitution! I’ll keep wanting you to give me back my rights until you kill me!

                    • !!!! 🙂 Give me Liberty or Give me Death! (She types very happily) I’m proud to say my ancestors believed this and so do I. What good is living like we do – with no freedom and no rights?

                      I look forward to not being here anymore…Which is why I know they won’t fiddle with with my car to make me die in an accident, kill me in an alley, or give me cancer. But it also gives me the peace of knowing that I can go storm chasing and not have to worry about it being dangerous. I don’t mind if I get killed in a tornado. Life as a TI is a lot more scary than the thought of death in a storm. Suicide is out of the question though. They’d like that so no way. I will stick around for my loved ones instead, and pray they don’t have something done to them like Collin. The cops said it was suicide. The coroner said that was impossible so you know it was a job done for the FEDs – Police refuse to investigate murders done by the FEDs so that was the givaway.

                    • It must break your heart every time you think about Collin. People today are just so mean. No one has any empathy anymore. And I wouldn’t be surprised if someone in law enforcement did it. Maybe some day you’ll find out the truth.

                    • Thank you for your loving words. Yes, it does. We know who did it, but he’s running free with no worries about anything and he did it (for them) because Collin was going to help me set up a security system in our house and he had set up a private domain for which he was going to be admin and monitor. He was going to hook it all up the next week. He was also going to go through the hacking evidence I’d collected and figure out who had been doing it. If I would have known about GS’ing and who was doing it I never would have asked for his help. I didn’t have any idea of the risk we were taking. The FEDs and whoever else was involved were going to be found out and they couldn’t let that happen so…I will miss my son for the rest of my life. Oh, and he was person who believed in freedom too. He tried to join the Airforce at one time but couldn’t because he had asthma. We know how much they don’t like patriots! He had no idea what kind of a government he was intending to try to serve. None of those people who go into the services do. They think they’re doing it for freedom. It’s just to make the 1% richer and help with the world depopulation program. I found out what GS’ing was one month after he died.

                    • Just reading about your son, makes me feel sad. I don’t have a son, but I can just imagine losing him at such a young age. I’ve been reading about ex-soldiers expressing their disappointment with fighting for the U.S. Once they serve in the Middle East, they realize the lies they’ve been told. And once they come back, they’re treated like non-humans.

                    • If I’d known someday I’d be a TI I would have got “fixed” when I was 18. I’d love to be a grandmother but I hope my other son never has children so that he won’t risk losing them – and so that I won’t. It’s bad enough worrying about how long I will have him. The way the world is now it isn’t really right to bring any more inocents into it.

                      Did you know all the soldiers that come back are put on the terrorist risk list now? On the basis that they’ve been trained for combat. Not because they might have criminal tendancies! Also, the ones with PTSD are put onto antypsychotics. I know from experience that that makes a person with PTSD suicidal and it works. A high percentage of them give in. I remember Collin’s disappointment at being rejected but I’m so glad he didn’t fight for our tyranical government. He did die honorably for those he loved though.

                      I hate Obama. People complain about droids but that is not the only means used to assassinate American citizens without a trial and they don’t only do it overseas. I know Bush started the hit list but Obama doesn’t have to continue what he started. He does it because he’s like Hitler.

                    • I agree Obama doesn’t have to continue Bush’s policies, but he’s a coward. He’s not his own man.

                      Yes, I’ve read about what they do the veterans and how they’re treated. They have to wait years to get help, or pensions. And if one of them commits a crime, he’s denied benefits. What someone does after he gets out of service should have nothing to do with what he did as a serviceman. We treat our veterans like shit. I’ve read a few stories from veterans stating that if they had to fight again for the U.S. they wouldn’t.

                    • Yes, it’s terrible. Those people should be regarded as heros. I know they fought for honorable reasons. They didn’t know the truth. Like you said, they find out when they get over there what it’s really about. They think they go over there to keep us free. Then they get crap when they get back.

      • ACLU are always sending me emails to stand up for gay rights and I do even though ACLU never help us. I think I’ll ignore those from now on. The only gays I’ll support from now on are the ones I know personally and are friends of mine.

        • Don’t you love those messages the ACLU sends to you? I just delete them. I went to them and I was harassed in their office. They’re in on it, too.

          And the gays, all my life I never did anything to any of them and treated them like anyone else, but this is the payment I get from them. No more.

    • That’s really horrible they stole your groceries! I’ve had a lot of the things you say happen to me but I haven’t had THAT happen to me before. We don’t have an Albertsons here but IGA has perps. Some of their employees are nice but some are perps.

  3. They take pictures of you, get angry and try to call 9/11 when you take pics of them, call your money THEIR money…I don’t get it? Are we mere slaves? As for the girly man, another ti had on one of the old forums had a theory that closeted gay men perp women out of pure hatred since they hate women and want to be with men. I read somewhere that what, 85% of the SS were gay???? Evil men always hate women. Also, don’t you have a cell phone? You could go somewhere sort of remote that still has bars (on the phone) and call the insurance agency. The level of perp harassment you get blows me away. Do you remotely have an idea who you pissed off???

    • One reason I’m perped so much is because I write the truth in my blog. I don’t hold anything back, and they don’t like it. Yes, I have an idea who I pissed off, but I have no proof.

      The phone doesn’t work anywhere. It’s hacked and it doesn’t matter where I go. Plus, I would be perped in a bar, too.

  4. N e your so right saying just because someone has been a victim of torture that he’s not going to become a torturer of someone else .a perp who tried to befriend me I bet this perp has bEen builled for her strange looks she even sed. so very quickly perp flags start to appear saying she knows me some where I Kept saying places she kept saying no not they anyway this perp was disabled! With a limp an had fits so it goes to show anyone can be a my phone keeps turning on off so I had to start this message again grr.

  5. They do call you crazy to get you to lash out. I know this from experience.

    Good for you for posing to make them mad! You’re brave!

    Did you ever get the insurance sorted out? I wouldn’t be surprised if they sent those people to harass you themselves so that you couldn’t do it.

    • I thought of that myself. They happened to come about the time I got on the phone. I wouldn’t be surprised if they live in my complex. The manager knew where I was going.

      Yes, I got the insurance sorted out. Thanks.

      Happy Easter to you and your family. Enjoy the day.

  6. Why the psyops? Did you work for a federal agency? Dissented in a protest or thru a letter to the Congress or Senate. You must know some TRUTH when they’re trying to make you look “crazy.” They even used the word and it confirms their purpose of psyops. I’ve had same or similar done. I’ve asked them if they deliberately hired only ugly people cuz that’s a violation of the 8th Amendment– cruel and in humane punishment. Told them that the “secret police” has a bunch of ugly motherfkrs, and its supposed to be that way, cuz they’re the psyops team. One incident I said, “You motherfkrs got enough money to waste on me. Tell your boss in Washington DC to send Andy Garcia instead of you ugly motherfkrs.” Oh, this is psyops for sure. Good you took photos and videos too. Lol.. I have a collection.

    • Isn’t it funny? They really are all so ugly, maybe that’s why they’re so mean. They know they’re ugly, ugly, ugly.

      It doesn’t bother me to be called “crazy.” I used to have a handbag that said: Don’t mess with the crazy woman. Of course, they ruined it.

      In some way or other, I’ve protested when I saw something that I thought was wrong.

      At the beginning, they would pass by me and whisper “Crazy, crazy, crazy” constantly. I never paid any attention because I knew what they were up to.

      Yes, send Andy Garcia, instead of the ugly motherfkrs. And it is cruel and inhumane treatment for us to have to look at them.

      Happy Easter to you and your family.

    • People who leave abusive men get on the list too. I’ve seen it documented in reasons listed of how people get on the list. That’s what I did that was SO wrong. (I think) No one’s told me otherwise and I don’t fit the other categories.

      Good for you for insulting them! They deserve it!

    • I’m so glad to get feedback that what I’m experiencing with gays happens to others, because I’ve had a lot gays who harass me. I guess they’re trying to get even for what’s happened to them. I never harassed a gay in my life, that is, until now.

      That line about “small d*ck”, precious.

  7. Sad to hear about the incidence, he should have been helping the victims of this holocaust. So far most of my torture coming from the perpetrators belonging to all backgrounds, races, gender, groups you name it. My guess is he could be a perpetrator himself. Crackhead mothers, childhood drug addiction also play huge part in making of the perpetrators. Add psychopathic personalities and mentally sickness we are looking at Mengelas and Hitlers.
    Stay Safe!

  8. Sad to hear about the incidence, he should have helped other victims of the holocaust. So far people who torturing me are from of all backgrounds , races, genders, political, religious, sexual affiliation. But my guess hes probably a perpetrators himself, who knows! Most perpetrators are mentally sick psychopathic personalities. Stay safe!

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