Gang Stalking – FBI caught with its pants down, again.


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Well, I finally have an answer to the white truck that follows me around.  All these years, I thought the truck was following me around to keep track of me. It’s true, they do keep track of me by truck, but there’s a darker side to the truck.

The FBI has a gadget that’ s known as “Stingrays.”  And this is how it works.  I got this info from Google.

[Law enforcement officials are quietly using gadgets referred to genetically as “Stingrays” to find cellphones as part of investigative work.

1.   The device is used in a vehicle along with a computer with mapping software.

2.   The stingray stem, which mimics a cellphone tower, gets the target phone to connect to it.

3.    Once the cellphone’s detected by the stingray, the phone signal strength is measured.

5.     By collecting the signal strength, the system can triangulate and map a phone’s location.]

All this time, I thought the truck was following me.  It is the signal from my phone that they are  after. I always take the SIM card out of my phone; I wonder if it still gets a signal from the phone.

Well, what the FBI is doing is illegal.  A judge told the FBI, which runs the program, that what they’re doing is illegal.  The FBI replied that they thought what they are doing  is legal.  The FBI didn’t think it was doing anything wrong.


Just like the FBI didn’t know that it was illegally  cavorting  with prostitutes in Colombia.

The FBI sure plays dumb when it wants to.  This reinforces what I’ve always thought: that the FBI’s involved in our gang stalking.   Proof, proof, proof.

Give me a minute while I laugh.

The FBI is given what is called  “pen register” order, also known as “tap and trace” orders.  These orders are given to the FBI by a judge  to allow the FBI to use its power to tract someone in an emergency.  And this order is usually given by a judge to allow the FBI to track foreign agents.  And only in an emergency.  It is not to be used to track citizens who are not causing any problems.

And this why the FBI is breaking the law.  It is messing around with our First Amendment rights, which is has no right to do unless it gets a warrant on us.

So when you see that man in the white truck  who’s always on your tail, tell him he has no right to be following you around. Tell him that he needs a warrant if he’s going to track you.

And excuse me while I laugh, laugh and laugh.

FBI you got caught with your pants down, again.  How does it feel?

How do you like it?

As someone once said, “They always get caught.”

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16 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – FBI caught with its pants down, again.

  1. My boyfriend has had this for over 17 years now and you’re right unless someone comes forward he is forever chasing his tail. What is amazing in his case is his goes up very far in that he had been an actor -writer (successful) and wanted to know who had threatened his 4 year old son. Unfortunately he was in the process of starting a production company that we believe became Lions Gate Entertainment. Even today, if anything, a play, a short film, a voiceover job(for which he was nominated for best voice in a game, 2011) any success or visibility and he is hammered right after. His family in Victoria hate him and he never has been able to understand why. Ultimately, one hopes it is a spiritual war and that anyone going through this is being tested for God knows what reason. His partner in the production company (John Hardy) had ties to Canadian intelligence, go figure.

    • I’m on Facebook with a former FBI agent. So, it goes to show that anyone can become a target.The actor Steven Shellen, from Canada, is also on my Facebook page. He’s also a target. He’s been one for many years. This is happening to a lot of people. Think of Randy Quaid. He’s a target, too. It doesn’t matter if someone is famous, they’ll go after him if someone wants to get revenge. I’ve heard of Lions Gate Entertainment. Probably someone wants to get revenge on your boyfriend.

      His family’s involved in his harassment. That’s the way it works. They turn our families against us and tell them lies. We’re crazy, on anti-depressants, drugs, thieves, liars, pedophiles,etc. Whatever they can stick on us, they do.

      Almost anyone can become a target for any reason.

  2. downcastmysoul, it is very heart wrenching knowing that your own flesh and blood deceived you. When I found out that my ex husband and ex psychopathic mother in law placed me in this program, I was so hurt and deceived. But, I look at it this way, God allowed this to happen so my blind eyes could be open to what I was married into and just what I was involved in. The good Lord saw me though everything. Now I don’t know what in good God’s name is wrong with people thinking that they need the use of these occult/satan controlled intelligence agencies to control or to seek revenge on people, but they are NOT the answer. Its okay, because when the good Lord comes back, they can be left to play with their mind controlling devices! If my parents placed me in to a sick sadistic gov program, I would not have much to do with them. Deceivers!

  3. Principalities in high places….it’s all controlled by the US government.
    FBI ppl are weird, IMO. They get off on psychological war fare. They are using supercomputers to toy with the human mind, not realizing that this IS dabbling in the Occult, which is satanic. You ought to see what they are having me to do under remote mind control using these supercomputers. This supercomputer is programmed to interact with human thoughts and emotions. They have these bio supercomputers so advanced that what ever your thinking about, it can give a response to your thoughts and fools the mind thinking that these responses are from another person. It’s all phony. This is why it is called ARTIFICIAL intelligence. It has me manipulated with fake facial expressions, manipulation of my limbs, etc. I am so violated as a WOMAN! They are perverts! I hope and pray that the good Lord shows these ppl a taste of hell. Let ’em get a taste of hell- that may change their mind/soul. And if not, may God himself destroy ’em. This technology is EVIL, and truly does point to Satan himself.

  4. My lovely parents got the FBI involved when I ran off from the hospital. I might have gotten their “attention” when my STUPID parents brought my name to an intelligence agency. The FBI did not find me and I went home on my own 3 weeks later, but later, like SIX YEARS later just MAYBE I made it onto a list for some reason or another. Everything is a maybe in a target’s life unless they were a whistleblower or had a bad divorce or were part of govt experimentation. We have privileges not rights here. Step over the line and your “rights” mean virtually nothing.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s why you’re being targeted. It usually takes someone to complain about us to be put on the list. If can happen to anyone at anytime.

      • Like I said earlier, my parents seemed more like handlers than parents especially later on. They were so eager to get me back in that lockup but to hear one “I love you” or get one hug was very very rare, especially from my Mother.

      • The Sixth Amendment gives us the right to confront our accusers. This is oft overlooked in today´s age, likely with some excuse regarding the safety of the accuser. The so-called Woman´s Movement is largely responsable for creating such protectionist laws so they can criticize and control the behavior of others by using the police, while staying behind a secret curtain so they can get away with saying practically anything they want. Like with Prohibition of old, their good intentions, without intelligent and big picture thinking, brings down the fabric of society. Given the momentary power they have achieved by hoarding themselves together (remember the “special place in Hell” quote, nothing more tan fear propaganda to other women), they have decided it is OK to overlook the US Constitution in support of “their” interests, and manipulate men to follow suit (if they want sex, anyway). Sounds like a story, but one sees this often, although rare is the Word about it. thank goodness independent women, and men, still exist, however marginaized and in the minority.

        • Oh, I know that the sixth Amendment (wrote a blog about it) gives us the right to confront our accuser, but where are we going to find a lawyer who will help us? And your point of view is interesting.

    • Yeah, I had a divorce and it was my ex-laws that got this started on me. All the while, they are off living a care free life with no conscience attached. Oh, I guess they have made a few “friends” within the intelligence community….pffffft! My ex got out of paying child support for three children because of all of this. It was all about money and control. Now I am under RNM and electronic mind control. These intelligence communities are sickos! It seems like they like the evil people and deceivers. I guess because they are evil ppl and deceivers themselves. May God help the victims.

      • The more time I spend invesigating gang stalking, the more I discover lawyers are involved, or someone reported us to get revenge. It’s a sick, sick world we live in.

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