Gang Stalking – America, don’t make me cry anymore.

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English: The United States Esperanto: Loko de Usono sur la terglobo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Crime Society of America from 52 Week 52, art by Justiniano. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Crying (Photo credit: sinosplice)

After four years, I still don’t know what I’m guilty of.  No one’s come to me and told me I’ve committed a crime, but, yet, I’m being punished.  Punished for what?

Everyone has a right to know what crime he’s committed and brought to trial.  I’ve had no trial, no one’s told me I’m guilty of anything, but I’m treated like a criminal, like an animal.

If  I’ve committed a crime, I want to be brought to trial and put in front of a jury who will judge me guilty or not.

But I’ve never had opportunity to speak with someone and have them tell me what it is I’m guilty of.

All my life I grew up hearing that America is the land of the free, that we all get a fair trial with rights to a lawyer. I’ve not been given a lawyer, nor a trial.

So here I sit, wasting my life away, as if I’m in prison, with no rights.

I’m free, what a laugh!  If this is freedom, give me communism.

How  much worse can communism be?

The land of the free is no more.  America has lost its way.

It is full of  corrupt Congress, government officials, and money-grubbing people.

No one cares about freedom anymore, only how much they can all put in their bulging pockets.

America the land of the free. The land that tortures its citizens and takes away all their rights without a trial or a lawyer.

America, you’re in a sad, sad state.  I hope you find your way back to what you were.  That is, if you are  what I thought you were.

I still care about you, America. Don’t make me cry anymore.

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41 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – America, don’t make me cry anymore.

  1. You are such a great writer Gladys..i’m smiling here not at the subject, but how good you are at what should be called journalism and not blogging. You write like the good old days of newspapers, I absolutely love your page. I vote to hire you for the NY Daily News and throw out everyone i’m so serious. You are right, there is no justification for what they do to us, but was there justification for 9/11..the real story behind it? Or any of the wars afterward? What about further back..was Vietnam a necessary war? I love America..i do..i still love to say God Bless America because I know we’re luckier here than tons of other countries. However, what’s right is right, and what’s wrong is wrong. But all of the world is corrupt..*all* of it. Not just the US…in fact, much less corrupt here than elsewhere. The way I feel as a target..i wear it as a badge of honor. It order of significance from least to greatest…A) I’m not easily brainwashed B) I’m an ethical person C) i have no problems with exposing lies and getting out truth whatever the expense to my own personal life…and D) i don’t accept what this world is and care more about doing the right thing than partying it up while others suffer. — I feel plenty of targets..all 4 of those apply to them.

    • James, I’m blushing. Thanks for the compliment. I agree, the whole world is corrupt. Anywhere we look, corruption of children, abuse of elderly, people of color, differences in religion, etc. I also care about doing the right thing, because that’s why we’ve been chosen to become targets. I sometimes wonder if it’s worth it to do the right thing?

    • I now have Firefox. I’ve had internet explorer, which is absolutely the worse. And I tried Chrome, which is the easiest browser to hack. I could get the best browser in existence and I would be hacked. These people who hack us are experts.

      Oh, by the way, Happy Easter to you.

  2. I’ve actually been getting a lot of covert messages from my environment that TIs are going to be the respected ones in the future. … Right now with 9-11, BP disaster, Sandy Hook, are so obviously lies that it seems it’s just an intentional and TEMPORARY cover for the world to believe. All these people who perpetuate these lies are doing it possibly with the full knowledge that it’s just a cover story until the stuff hits the fan. … Maybe after that TIs will go down in history as intelligent and heroic at a time when the masses were brainwashed and cowards! It actually makes sense that that’s what would happen. … I kind of go into my thoughts on this here

  3. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN General Assembly passed and published Resolution 217A (III) on 10th December 1948) stipulates in the following relevant clauses that:

    Article 3 Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

    Article 5 No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

    Article 6 Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.

    Article 12 No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

    Article 19 Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

  4. you may be right about the jewish masons in las vegas i noticed my gangstalking x neighbors wife go to a lodge one time so i think there is a connectiion. Law enforcement is in on this also 5 charges with the police there and no investigation only a trip to a psyche.

  5. They finally succeeded in running me out of my $21hr job last week. I drove back here to where I lived as a child from FL hoping for solace only to be treated poorly by my room renter who turned off the heat and the hot water when she left yesterday . Why?? I’ve been super nice and there is just no justifiable reason for this treatment. I paid in advance, what more do you want. I mind my own business but the people who constantly harassed me at home and at work are just plain dumb and mean. Always a bad combination. Have you noticed they take pride in being, saying and doing stupid things like it’s a freakin accomplishment?

    • I used to live in Florida and it’s bad there. Real bad. I used to live in Ft. Lauderdale, where people are well-off and you would think they wouldn’t be into gang stalking, but they are. It doesn’t matter how nice you are to these people, they will treat you like s–t always. By the way, you have a right to have hot water. They can’t just turn it off. I can’t remember where you have to go. I left Florida in 2004. Yes, it’s an accomplishment for them to treat targets like dirt. Sorry you had to give up your $21 job. Florida pays very low wages. That’s why I left, and because of the gang stalking.

      Where do you live in Florida?

  6. Opening mail is a crime and its disgusting. Perpetrators thrive on criminality, its in their genes, passed on to them by their parents. These terrorist criminal perpetrator wolfs even stalk you on the web with fake names. Just be watchful.

  7. I think perps come from all backgrounds an colours not just jews ! But from wat I have experienced the perps are into black magic n spells etc either openly or secertly sickos stay welll away

  8. Sad state indeed! Unfortunately everyone else thinks its fine! It is the reenactment of the holocaust on the innocent people, this time the camps are our homes.
    I’ve never thought USPS/UPS employees would steal my camcorder or delay my mail but its happening.

    • Oh, they’re just as bad as everyone else. Every time I order something and it comes by Fedex or USPS, it’s brought to the office so the people can check what’s in the box. They actually wanted me to sign for boxes that obviously had been opened. I wouldn’t sign and complained to the company that sent me the supplies.

  9. When you write I understand so well what you’re going through, your loneliness and pains. … I really wish I could give you a big hug and assure you everything is going to be OK.
    But hopefully this will do for now …

  10. They “told” me what I “did” but it could be only misleading bullshit to cover for the fact my Grandfather was a high ranking Mason and pissed them off somehow or that they did something to my mother or either of my aunts and that this shit is generational.

    • I think the program is run by the Masons. The Masons are paid by the government to run the programs. Most Masons are Jewish, and most of the men who run the program here are Jewish.

      • I think most musical celebrities are Masons as well. I think most politicians are Masons too. I once knew someone who treated me kindly but “turned” later. He also joined the Mason. I do NOT think this whole perp o traitor thing is run by Jews, but by Nazis. Billy Graham is a 33 degree Mason. There are also Black Masons.

  11. You’re right: ‘ The land that tortures its citizens and takes away all their rights without a trial or a lawyer… America, you’re in a sad, sad state.’ They’ve all gone mad before our eyes. And to think we’re the targets.

    • I know about Ford. And Chrysler and IBM were also dealing with the Germans during the Holocaust. It’s just like now. All the companies are acting like nazis when it comes to harassing targets. Thanks.

      I like your mail trucks better than ours. Yours are brighter than ours.

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