Gang Stalking – What I wouldn’t do for an ordinary day!

Run as fast as you can!

Run as fast as you can! (Photo credit: Mish Mish)

40+60 Feet, Euw.

40+60 Feet, Euw. (Photo credit: bark)

Easter week end

Easter week end (Photo credit: jespahjoy)

The last four days have been really hard on me.  Non-stop electricity sent my way,  and at nighttime, awaken almost every hour, before it was every two hours, now it’s every hour. I’ve hardly gotten any sleep  this week.

I guess they’re punishing me more because I’m not compliant.  I’m not letting them crash my computer. I’ve gotten a lot better protecting my computer, and they can’t shut me off. Not that they ever could stop me from writing my blog. Silly rabbits!

And it’s Easter week vacation for the little darlings.  There’s a woman who lives in apartment 205 who spends all day harassing me. She stands by my door saying  nasty things  about me, and laughing loudly.  She makes sure I hear what she says.  I shut her off. I run to my exhaust system and turn it on. It’s so loud I can’t hear her.   She has her grandkids run in front of my apartment, stomp their feet  and make a lot of noise.

So do the perps in apartment 206 and 209. I’m surrounded in every direction. The man in 209 constantly stomps his feet. When he stomp his feet, it sounds like a herd of elephants coming through.  He does this all day. I’m hoping he stomps his feet so hard that he’ll hurt himself.  Every time I go out of my apartment, he has to come out and harass me. He’s always wearing the same color I’m wearing.  A few days ago, I called him a name that wasn’t too nice. He deserves to be called any name I call him.

And then the idiots with the horns.  Do you remember the horns clowns always used?  That’s exactly the kind of  horns I have to listen to all the time.

And then the cretins who sit in theirs car and rev it for hours on end, or keep slamming their doors.

Oh, and I forgot, the barking dog at my door at night.  Some idiot comes up to my door at night and has his dog bark and bark. One time, I thought for sure he was going to break into my apartment. I was ready for him. I’m ready for anything that comes my way at night. I’ll do whatever I have to do to protect myself. I have a feeling that I’m going to have a lot of barking dogs at night.

I can’t even go out and get my mail. A bunch of perps,  it includes kids, stand around and  wait  for me to get my mail.  The kids start to scream and run around me in a circle. And the older perps, do their “coughing” routine.  And mimic things they’ve seen me do.

Even when I have to throw away my garbage, I’m not left alone.  Suddenly, every perp has to throw his/her garbage out. They can throw their garbage out any time, but they always have to wait until I throw my out.  What would they do if I never threw my garbage away?  Would they ever throw theirs away?

And when I write my blog, the naked women they try to include in it. There isn’t a time when I write my blog where some naked women doesn’t  pop  up?  I have to be careful that  I don’t send them out.

Oh, what I wouldn’t do for an ordinary day in my life?

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16 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – What I wouldn’t do for an ordinary day!

  1. I turned the tv off for a minute an trying to get the control to work I heard her go wooo lol she’s cheering for that.. wat sort of life these freaks hav none of course really its mad .if it was such a issue any normal sane people would hav reported it by now but has they perps they won’t its not a issue at all its they sick games they play lol .

  2. Loll ha the perp female whore downstairs is having fit right now screaming shut uppppppp at me directly above an banging that ceiling of theys an stomping an throwing things they is also a guy they to am sure he was the one outside pointin is mobile yesterday an lookin at me to make sure am still around that’s why she’s back on top form keep shouting u bitch am aloud an darnn well intitled to enjoy my own crap apartment because after alll I pay the billllsssss u cretins . Haha perp having a fit like am giving a hoot. Happy easter n e

  3. Have you noticed that when u go to stores they want to see wat ya buying the perps are looking at wat u got an looking at wat your wearing to ?perps silly freaks an I think below perp neighbour was out today funny I saw the bastard has I was walking into the block he was already they pointing his mobile phone at me I walked straight past had a abit of a werid day shopping!

    • The perps watch everything you do. Next time you go to the store, you’ll see that that there will be things you bought put out where you can see them. Let’s say you buy chocolate, there’ll be a piece of chocolate, the kind you bought, sticking out where you can see it. Maybe you had a weird day because you’re noticing more.

      • Yes am noticing a lot more shit these perps do which is a good thing but I noticed allot before I read these greatt blogs to I knew sumthin wasn’t right years ago .you cud not make it up its from hell .just thought summerrr timee soon lol arghh we can’t just sit on grass an enjoy the sun we get harrassed stared at etc well let’s make it the best summer we can this year life is short after all .I notice this weather thing years ago summer full of perps winter aint no better but its cut down abit I mean abit in winter .

  4. “coughing” routine.  And mimic things they’ve seen me do yes they do all the time oh an putting out the trash well let me say one day I putting out my trash in the bin outside in the apartment complex the bins were full up so I tried another bin but I coundnt shut the last one I opened so all of sudden a perp neighbour opened his window saying that’s full I will shut it am off across to block meaning mine block I ignorged an tried to shut it just left it an went they watching us putting trash I bet he was looking at wat I threw away my bag split to so things were in exposed I cundnt give a dam that day

    • As soon as you put your garbage in the container, they run out and look for things they can use against you. They used to put things back into my apartment after I threw them away. It’s supposed to make you think you’re crazy. Now, every time I throw away my garbage, I throw it in the dumpster and mix it with the other garbage. That way they don’t know which one is mine. Take some gloves with you.

      • I see my trash strewn on the ground…they are looking for evidence…or some clue as to how I live my life. I try to throw the trash at the back of the dumpster. I once caught one of em all crouched in the dumpster looking at all these craft supplies I had thrown out since I was tired of perp threats and did not have the heart to do crafts anymore. The little skank was crouched in the bottom of the dumpster. Some ti’s put pet poo in their trash so the bloodsuckers won’t look at their trash. Perp crap is trying to control my mouse. I take shreddings and mix them up then strew them all over the dumpster. Good luck on getting them back together.

        • I don’t have a pet, but the perps leave pet poo wherever they know I walk. Maybe I should take some of that pet poop and put it in my bag. I would love to see them dig into the bag and come up with poo all over their hands. I would definitely have a good laugh.

          • Go for it. In this town, the lazy ass people leave their dog’s LEAVINGS even on the sidewalk. You have to look down to walk around here.

  5. I hate to say this but th perps are trying to drive you to a mentalhospital. this sort of thing happened to me in the military 30 yrs ago i would try to sleep and people setting off steam pipes and a constant walking noise caused me to take asperen t sleep and i ended up in a menal ward. o be carefull as to where all this can lead to.

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