Gang Stalking – Who knows what gift tomorrow will bring?

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The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The other day, Wednesday, the hackers tried to make my computer crash.  I was able, with luck, to   stop it.  They’re doing a job on my computer, adding more viruses, changing my windows updates, changing my browser, deleting my blog, etc. I’m not able to get into some programs.  Every time I try to re-blog something, it doesn’t always work. I can’t upload anything, and not able to download YouTube.

Basically, all I can do is type my blog and try to send it out into the world. This doesn’t always work.  I spend a lot of time re-sending my blog and making corrections to whatever changes the hackers make to my blog.

But I stick in there and don’t let them stop me. I go with the flow.

Since the hackers can’t  turn off the computer, they’ve imported a camera into it.  Any time I enter a site, I can see the camera moving around in my computer.  The hackers shoot every site I visit.  I removed it once, they’ve reinstalled it. Now, where it is I don’t know, and I don’t care.

They also keep turning off my internet service.  Somehow, I’ve managed to keep my internet service on. At one time, I would not have  been able to do this, but now I can.

Every day, I spend more time evading and trying to repair my computer than I do anything else.

But there’s a good outcome to this.  I’ve learned a lot about how to fix my computer.  I’ve learned more about my computer than if I’d taken a computer class.  We all learn by experience, and by experiencing hacking, I’ve learned things I would not learn in a computer class.   Sometimes life throws us curves, and we have to deal with it.

So don’t give up on your computer. Don’t let the hackers scare you or push you around. Stand your ground, and you can win.

There’s good and bad to everything in life; the yin and yang of life.

I’m also learning patience.  As a former New Yorker, it’s not a virtue I have.

But from experience we learn and grow.  And I’ve grown a bit from the lessons I’ve learned in trying to evade the hackers. Who would have thought I could learn something from the hackers?

Life is strange with its twist and turns. Who knows what gifts tomorrow will bring?

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52 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Who knows what gift tomorrow will bring?

  1. What do you think ne about perp/ti do you think they is such a thing or just one or the other. ? Any experiences All for now.

      • Yeah your right that does make sense heard on internet perp/ti load of crap then why would they know how it done an be ti ok then he’s a perp fallen on hard times .

  2. N e I was in shop this guy started talking to me he was behind Me I didnt know he was they he sed boo ! Trying to alarm I guess but he failed haha Why u not talking blah blah turned around to see who it was an just carried on by yes have seen him before He definality a( perp/ti ) realised it for a while now have seen him in my town hanging around alone always he likes to stalk me around the town to idiot. Years before he looked groomed an had a car now he looks like a homeless tramp with werid clothes loollll haha great eh he’s turned ugly actually ever time I see if its possiable he gets uglyier that’s what’s happens eh karma .

    • Right now, the women, she looks like a whale, apartment 206, has her children running by my apartment and stomping their feet, running back to her apartment, and running back to me and stomping their feet again, and back and forth they go. Plus, apartment 209, a man, keeps stamping his feet, all day long. And apartment 207, hitting me with electricity, car horn going on and off. Isn’t the life of a target fun?

      • This is why I don’t want to move into an appartment, but I want to get out of this stupid little town where there’s nothing to do and there’s still snow on the ground til May. Don’t know what we will live in. I’ve been checking out appartments where we want to live and reading reviews about the places and ran into a few by people who seem like they are being GS’ed and don’t know what’s going on yet.

        • There’s really nowhere to go. Every place is full of perps. I know how you feel about wanting to move. I want to move, too, but where? You’re getting good at guessing who is a GS’ed person. And I sure don’t blame you for not wanting to move into an apartment.

          • Yeah, I know we will be followed, but we think we will be happier in a better climate with some good places to go. We can’t do anything here really. Also I have 2 real friends where we want to go.

            • A better climate will only make it easier for the perps to get to you. Las Vegas has very nice weather, and the perps are always out. Now, if you have a snow storm, you have a better chance of being left alone.

              • The only thing a snow storm contributes positively is that it makes tracks if someone walks through it until it gets trampled down and then it serves no purpose. It’s cold to go out into and depressing to look at. Who needs that on top of the crap? I have some good memories there that might help me cope. Here there is nothing but hurt and anxiety. I know it will be bad everywhere but it’s so blooming COLD here! and I hate it. I want to see the ocean again and hear sea gulls and … Perps or no perps, I want that much!

  3. They playing with your pc again bastards my equpiment never runs smooth either I understand I think it was september last year you wrote it two parts might not be right but have red it I will read the blogs again.

  4. Haha wen people look an come out to see us an walk past us while looking at apartments I know they games on that an other very good tips am keeping them in mind all of us should while looking for a place to live this is a very serious issue because living somewere is very inportant we can’t live on the dam streets even tho they would love that.

      • Yes think I read them were they two blogs about that could you put a link in the comment box so I can go straight to it on not on a computer so its abit diffculty I don’t want to keep ggoing on about this issue but its bad its part of gangstalking but I will stop mentioning has much n e .

        • I’ll look for it. I don’t remember the name of the blog. I have to find it.

          It’s going to take longer to find than I thought. I went to my blogs and it shows I only have 40 blogs. I can’t find more than 40 blogs. Hackers probably got in and erased some.

  5. Yeah n e thanks for that , me thinks I need to look at other apartments the whole thing doesn’t sound right does it… an this one its a Big block on second floor yikes just when your being harrassed everyday n night an housing office doesn’t beileve you also even tho they don’t beilve me they want to put …. Sound equipment in my apartment ! Yes u heard it right they don’t beileve my harrassment but want to sound equpiment to “catch the harrassment” need to get of here asap .

    • Don’t let them put anything in your apartment, and don’t believe anything the manager says. It sounds suspicious all right. Make sure you don’t rush into getting a new apartment. It might be a worse place than the one you live in now.

      • Yep n e I was guna let them put equipment in not anymore no chance they guna have to fight me if they think they are I was wary about this an I know I won’t be able to hear them two perps if I do put it in so they come back innocent thanks n e needed some encourgement .

  6. Am stressed out am looking for a new apartment as well god help me the last one I saw was a dump but it was a group viewing so someone else took it the housing manager says oh I have a flats in these blocks I will let you know wen one comes avaible she seemed a nice lady an not a perp anyway I sed ok she rang me to arrange a viewing for a apartment the next day an the next day I was rushin to view it has its near me an all of sudden I got a phonecall someone from her housing office on the otherside phone saying the housing manager has had to cancel my viewing because theys been a emermancy! I cud not believe but I kept calm an sed ok I mean how werid she cancelled….. Day after thiS I chased it up ringing the office for another appointment she woundnt speak to me I cud hear her giving her message to the guy I was speaking to basically saying she will ring me next week this seems really strange I bet when I see her she will change bet she’s been perped . In this crap hole I told you I complained to this housing office about these devil spying sly fuckers of a neighbour below me they coundnt find any evidence an the bastard neighbour denied any thing I complained about the perp neighbour even had the cheek to say he was upset etc about the complaints yeh fckin right .

    • Let me tell you, the manager knows all about you. I would say 100% of housing managers know about us targets. It’s very, very rare for a manager not to know about us. And believe me, moving is not going to change anything. The same thing that’s happening to you now will continue in your new apartment. And as to this new apartment, look at a lot of apartments. Try to find one where you’re not stuck between two perps. Find one at either end of the apartment row. Don’t get one where you’re a target of cars. Try to find one at the very top of the complex, again at the end. Find an apartment where there are different ways of coming or going, not one with only one exit. This way you can avoid perps. Look to see if the complex’s surrounded by a lot of lights. This is really bad. You’ll be target of all the electricity from the lights. Do you see dried grass, lots of holes, dog poop, gravel thrown around, etc., don’t even look around the complex. It’s full of perps. Almost every place you look at will have perps. And watch how everyone acts when you look for an apartment. Is everyone coming out to look at you? They’re all perps. There are a lot more signs that I can write about, but be very aware of what’s going around you when you look for an apartment. Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

    • The perps always act like YOU’VE upset THEM. They’re assholes! They act like THEY are the victims. They get people to feel sorry for them and think the real victim is the perp. They’re so screwed up! I’ve had the same thing done to me a lot.

  7. Hi n e. How are you? haven’t been on for a while an what a crazy nasty couple of weeks I have had the perps are bumpin up the harrassment in my apartment and have notice sumthing else I wanted to wear a pair of shoes I put one shoe an tried to find the other one I coundnt find it! It disappeared I looked everywere. I just want out of this dump I can’t stand these perp neighbours can’t stand living above them but has you know no matter were we live we will have problems an harrassment etc ne have u got any tips to get even with these neighbours ?thanks

    • Just do to them what they do to you. If they get a newspaper, put it at their next neighbor’s door. If they leave shoes out, put them next to their neighbors. Put them on the steps, etc. Accidently do things. If you know what I mean. I believe in doing unto others as they do unto me.I think this is in the Bible. So you’re not breaking any rules. One big rule, don’t let anyone catch you doing these things. Hope this helps a little.

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