Gang Stalking – Nothing has changed…

Wisława Szymborska (b. July 2, 1923 in Bnin, P...

Wisława Szymborska (b. July 2, 1923 in Bnin, Poland), Polish poet and Nobel Prize winner, and Ko Un (b. 1933) – Korean poet and Tomas Venclova (b. 1937) – Lithuanian poet and essayist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is World Poetry Day, so I’ve decided to post a poem on torture.  This poem is by Wislawa Szymborska, a Pulitzer Prize winner from Poland.


Nothing has changed.

The body is susceptible to pain, it must eat and breathe air and sleep,

it has thin skin and blood right underneath,

an adequate stock of teeth and nails,   its bones are breakable, its joints are stretchable.

In torture all this is taken into account.

Nothing has changed.

The body shutters as it shuddered before the founding of Rome and after, in the twentieth century before and after Christ. Tortures are as they were, it’s just the earth that’s grown smaller, and whatever happens seems right on the other side of the wall.

Nothing  has changed.

It’s just that there are more people, besides the old offenses new ones have appeared, real, imaginary, temporary, and none, but the howl of innocence according to the time-honored scale and tonality.

Nothing has changed.

Maybe just the manners, ceremonies, dances, yet the movement of the hands in protecting the head is the same.

The body writhes, jerks, and tries to pull away, its legs give out, it falls, the knees fly up, it turns blue, swells, salivates and bleeds.

Nothing has changed.

Except for the course of the boundaries, the lines of forests, coasts, deserts and glaciers.

Amid, these landscapes traipses the soul, disappears, comes back, draws nearer, moves away, alien to itself, elusive, at times certain, at other times uncertain of its own existence, while the body is and is and is and has no place of its own.

P.S. Happy World Poetry Day.

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14 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Nothing has changed…

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  2. Nothing changes. When I went online as ti in 2005 I thought this plague was almost over since it was being publicized online. It had been publicized since 1991 and not much had changed. Now it’s 2013, still the same. The boundries have changed, now the torturers can just push buttons and talk into a machine. They don’t have to face us anymore. On the street it’s just endless psychodrama, not guns no railroad cars no camps. It’s so easy peasy for the perps. Where are the Holocaust Survivors? Why don’t they help us before they die off. I asked this question before with no good answer.

    • I think by this time, most of the Holocaust survivors are dead. And the ones that are alive probably don’t want to think about what happened to them. I wish I had an answer, I don’t.

      • Even they were too scared to come to our aid, or, in the comfort and prosperity of the Post War years they forgot their privations and decided to “forget”????

  3. Hi, I recently read your blogs. Did you say your family got you into this gang stalking world? I would love to chat with you some time, and let you know my story as well. Yes, mine has to do with family members as well. Thank you

      • Well, I don’t experience gang stalking like most victims of this technology. What happened to me was and still is sadistic. Someone in my EX family contacted an intelligence agency on me to have me set up in some kind of sick surveillance. I suppose this “family” member personally knew an agent of some sort. Back in 2001, I suffered emotionally on a job I had. I would go home everyday and tell this “family” member about the abuses I was suffering at work. I couldn’t figure out why ppl were treating me so badly. This “family” member would say sadistic/sarcastic things to me to break my emotions down even more. I started to have an emotional breakdown because of how I was being treated. For the life of me, I could not figure out where all these fiery darts were coming from. Well, the job ended and my last day at this job was BAD. People were just evil. A few months went by and I never forgot what happened to me. One night, I logged in to my computer just to find it hijacked by guess who? The ppl that treated me like a dog at that job. They would email me stupid things and they were on every chat room imaginable calling each other out by name making sure I knew it was them. Naturally, I was scared. And I told this “family” what happened. This “family” started to act funny towards me stating I was crazy thinking ppl hijacked my computer. I started to figure out they were involved somehow by the way they were acting towards me. This was all a set up to have me sent to mental hygiene by this “family” Luckily, I was released. I knew right there after the whole mental hygiene thing this “family” done something, and I was scared. The only thing I could do was to go up to the local FBI office. Well, the next day I packed my kids and my self and we drove up town to the FBI. Well, after being led on a wild goose chase all for a sick laugh (figured that out later), I finally found the place. After I walked in, I KNEW the MINUTE I saw the agents, who had my computer hijacked. The goofy, smirks, and smiles on their faces explained everything. I didn’t know what to say to these psychos. An agent babbled this that and yonder, but it didn’t go much of any where. I went home with nothing accomplished. Well, anytime my kids and I would go out into public, ppl would come up to us and start saying things as if they knew us. I was like WHAT the crap?! So I finally figured out I was being watched some how. I did look for hidden cameras in my home to no avail. Then it donned on me, the FBI was using satellite surveillance. Not only that, but these sickos allowed complete strangers to view me and my children in the privacy of our home. there is no body in their right mind and I do mean NO BODY would have something like this set up on their own children! There could have been pedophiles, rapist, anything infiltrating into our home! This “family” acted like oh well, don’t bother me. How stupid and sick! I personally believe the main family that had this set up on me is a psychopath. She is a complete psychopath. Well, as time went on, I raised my children and went on with my life and tried to put the whole nasty satellite “rape” behind me. But here just this past August, I started to realize I had another weapon formed against me. Now these evil agency has me under what is called electronic mind control through these satellites. Its remote neuro monitoring. I am under mind control by remote supercomputers. Why they would wait that many years to place me under mind control I guess that answer lies with them. This computer is faster than what my mind can respond. Its almost feels like another human mind interacting with my mind….that is the only way I can explain this. A lot has been nothing but perversion. Forced perversion on me, via, mind control. To this day, this “family” still calls me “crazy” to my children, and are getting by with it. I have told my children our privacy is invaded, and all what I have been through. This has been one hellacious ride for me with psychopaths. I’m telling you, this technology is evil. All I can do is have faith in the good Lord. What’s your story?

        • You’re experiencing what all victims of gang stalking experience. Your experience is typical of what all targets go through. Our family, friends, etc. turn against us. It is the government that’s involved in all of this. Your friend might have turned you in, but it is government who runs the program under the Patriot Act. Read the Patriot Act. My story and the story of other targets is the same. Thanks. And, yes, it is evil.

          By the way, my story is in my blogs.

    • Thanks for this video, Jasper. I almost feel how you feel walking down the street at night by yourself. The isolation, the loneliness of not belonging, the harassment, etc. Thank you.

      Please watch this video everyone.

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