26 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – We have no heroes today, just wimps who act like assholes.

  1. I couldnt agree more with you. Especially the title and the second to last paragraph. The only reason I keep going is because its the right thing to do. Have faith that God knows our circumstances and he did not create them.

  2. My place was broke into today because put radiant guard up on the walls to block the rays. It works really well. I bought it from Frisco TX. I also buy reflective curtains from Miles Kimball. I’m getting ready to lose my job because the people I work with are as mean to me as the perps are. They lie outright and if you get mad they write you up for anything you say back. I’m so tired. I ‘be heard you say they follow if you move. I’m beginning to think these are those crack babies born in the early nineties, followed by the meth babies.

    • This is called work place mobbing. It’s part of gang stalking. They’re doing the same thing to you as everyone else. Most of these people are just normal every day people, plus druggies, etc. Yes, nothing will change. Any job or place you move to, you will suffer the same fate. Once the gang stalking starts, your life stops, too. If you’re a newbie, I feel for you. I wish I could tell you things will get better, but they won’t.

      • All they do is deny, deny. I went through every stage of the mobbing process including mandatory counseling through EAP.
        I managed to keep my job after two paid leaves and finally got tired of it after two years of constant harassment. I saw a PHD and he was amazed I had stayed there as long as I did.

        • It definitely is. It’s paid for by the U.S. government under the Patriot Act. It’s carried out at the community level. That’s why no one pays any attention to us. The government would never, never do something like this doing to us, would it? Yeah, sure.

  3. I am not a church-goer, but I believe in a higher power. I would never compare myself to Christ, but compare many of my experiences as a TI to being retaliated against for being Christ-like. Meaning … putting others before myself, giving rather than receiving, having integrity and being honest, being a true friend, not engaging in gossip and standing up for what is right despite the consequences, etc. etc. We are targeted because we make a positive difference in the world. This is why the PERPS despise us and rejoice in tearing us down — because we remind them of the reprobates that they are — we remind them of what they are NOT! They are jealous, mean-spirited, evil, hollow souls who are lost. Let us NOT succumb to their petty, cowardly behavior. I’ve dealt with many bullies in my years and they are all the same. They can’t face you and fight fairly because they will lose. So, their sorry lives are consumed with the joy they get from hurting others and plotting another’s demise. What a legacy to leave and how proud their loved ones must be for bringing such freaks of nature into this world. I love America for it’s ideals and as a veteran, it more than angers me to have my Constitutional rights voided by many who have never served and perhaps some that are not even citizens. Those that have chosen to stalk us and cause us harm without ever knowing us or the truth about us will be judged one day on their poor choices. I believe that the consequences will be far more severe than what we have been subjected to as TI’s.
    Do you know of the word Synergy my fellow TI’s? We must harness the experience, knowledge and energy of every one of us — the sum (effects) of the whole is greater than the sum (effects) of the individual parts. I want you all to focus on mustering every bit of energy you have into deriving ways we can collectively win this war against domestic terrorism against American citizens. Let’s “experiment” on how to use the enemy’s psychological warfare against them!

    • You’re a veteran and you’ve become a target. What a sorry state the U.S. is in. I agree we have to get together and beat them at their game, but that’s hard to do, because most targets don’t trust other people. But we really have to do something to put a stop to this. It’s hard when no one believes what’s happening to me. We can’t get help from police, ACLU, media, etc. But I’m with you about getting together to do something. But what?

  4. This driving targets to a state of rage is all done via satallite and track on to cell and radio type harassment with bioelectric signature or eeg. there is no escape and life is like a prison done eectronically via satallite.

  5. The point is to show them how stupid they sound and look. It’s disgusting but hey whatever floats a perps boat. Whatever they do and say is a reflection of how they feel and who they are so I am not bothered by their colors or any stupid thing they do. I’ll give those coward perps something to suck on. My big a** toe!

  6. I once asked a (fake) ti to translate what the perp shit were saying about me. The fake ti said the perps LOOOOve you. I bet, thought I, they steal my ideas, they drink my tears, they get a life size (well a queen size) doll to play with, why would they not love me? A few years ago, I got them to hate me by something I did and I still pay today. Probably breaking some of the “rules” they set up for me or the article on Anorexia I did on my old site.

  7. Everything that you said that the criminals are, I’ve told that at one time or another. When I read the part that you said “What good is living if we can’t have any joy in our lives?”. My female psycho tech perp said that you will commit suicide. That should give you even more incentive to keep on living, to see the day that these sub-animals get theirs. Remember that God said in Romans 12:19 that; “Vengeance is Mine, I Will Repay.”

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