Gang Stalking – Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor…


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Rev. Martin Luther King, head-and-shoulders portrait, seated, facing front, hands extended upward, during a press conference / World Telegram & Sun photo by Dick DeMarsico. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Day 8.   The maintenance man who works on Saturday came  to my apartment with another man.  The new man looked at the ceiling and made some comments about it.  The Saturday maintenance man asked me if I was going to be home. I said to him I probably would be going out and  he asked  permission to enter my apartment in case I wasn’t home.  I had to say yes, otherwise, they’d use the excuse that they’d come and no one was home. They come in and out of my apartment every day and don’t ask permission.  They told me they’d be back in an hour to repair the ceiling.

I went out  and returned about 3:30 p.m.  Of course, as I expected, my ceiling was in the same condition as before.   It still had the holes.  Nothing had been done.

I like to know why they’d even showed up.  They probably did something to my apartment while I was out. What, I don’t know.  But I know they were in my apartment, they left hints all over the place, as they always do.

We targets sure live miserable lives.  The crap we have to put up with every day is disgusting.

Like when I take a walk.  I feel I’m walking a gauntlet.   On both sides there are people ready to strike, beat me down.  I have to zigzag my way to wherever I go. I can’t walk in a straight line.  I have to climb over fences, cross to the other side of  the street, climb up hills to escape  the perps.   I have to walk as if I see nothing, feel nothing, hear nothing.  I have to become a zombie.

I can’t just sit for a moment and enjoy a sunny day.  Or stop to talk  with someone.  Or go sit in the park and enjoy a beautiful, spring day.

It’s always move on, move on.  Don’t stop. Don’t look. Don’t be.  Just do what I have to do and disappear from sight.

We really are prisoners.  We have no freedom.  No freedom whatsoever.

And that reminds me, I once wrote a blog about freedom.  Someone who lives near me was outside singing the words from my blog, exactly the same words I’d written.  And, of course, he was making fun of  it and laughing.

But it didn’t bother me. It felt flattering. I wrote words he remembered. And maybe some day, the idiot will really listen to the words and understand what they mean.

I like this quote by Martin Luther King on freedom:  Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.

And that to me means, we have to fight for what we want.  We can’t just sit back and expect to stop gang stalking unless we  do something about it.

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36 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor…

  1. There are not so many travel trailer parks there in las vegas becauseof the growth that was there. I think there are a few mobile home parks though. I live in a mobile home here in arizona and the rent is 550 a month s not bad considering apatments are 500 plus for just one bedroom and no privacy. A lot of mobile home resellers ut there.

  2. I lost my reply to you. My family ditched me when they knew that I knew I was a ti. The perp shit just erased my post because I was gonna say something they did not want me to say. My family “played along” while still talking to me until I knew then it was all over. I think they played along since I was a little kid. Very weird to describe.

    • Believe me, they did the same thing to me and I’m a grown up. So don’t beat yourself up for not knowing. It’s happened to all targets. We’ve all been screwed by our families.

  3. Awww poooor perps. They live a little now, suffer forever later. Do you think perps could be saved in a religious sense? If you believe perps could be saved and you believe that once saved always saved, were perps EVER saved? I got into trouble last time around saying that perps received the Mark of the Beast for their co operation in the Program. They do seem hard, uncaring and demonic.

    As for walks, they are hard. I wanted to start walking again and the second walk I took it was clear they were displeased. I cross the street/path/parking lot whatever to avoid people too. They put stuff in my path where I can’t help seeing it that reminds me they know everything about me. They put a noose like rope in my path the other day, had one of their homeless ho’s harass me, put a bunch of pumpkin seeds on the path to “show” they knew I had some etc etc etc…Also a police/fire call to a nearby apt that was supposed to frighten me, like, what if…everything has an implied threat. Everything they do is supposed to inspire fear. I still remember that maudlin post that what’s her name published about forgiving the perps after she published the ONLY proof we ever had they were stalking us. Turns out her talk with Jesus about forgiving the perps and letting the whole thing go was a fear tactic after they threatened her.

    In the old days the Civil Rights people were not afraid to go to jail/be beaten etc…The main difference is they were together in their struggle while each ti is pretty much alone. Getting even a few ti’s together is quite an accomplishment. There used to be regular ti meetings in Davis, CA. and a few other places very scantily attended. The psy ops perp cops will turn ti’s against each other knowing how easy (like fish in a barrel) it is to destroy a ti and put them on the street or kill them. They tried to put the fear of God in me this morning over V2k over what I ate for f*cking breakfast.

    • They do the same thing to me with the pumpkin seeds. I find them all over the place, too. And chocolate, to tempt me.

      But they’ve been after me for two years now. After I began writing my blog, things went from bad to really, really bad. But they haven’t stopped me and won’t. Unless they kidnap me and put me on drugs, I won’t be stopped.

      And it’s true, we targets don’t stick together. And I can’t really blame them. If we trust someone, he might turn out to be a perp.

      • I’m sorry your physical world got worse when you started your blog. It’s terrible when people get punished for doing what’s right or fighting injustice!
        I’m a witness to them harassing you here on your blog with that creep who was harassing you on here. I made friends with someone on FB who said she was a target even though she seemed to show serious signs of TRUE paranoid schizophrenia – figuring maybe it was the harassment that was making her ill. Turned out she started writing threatening messages to me and I reported her. Two guys who friended me on FB turned out to be perps too.
        I do still have some genuine TI friends on FB who I would trust with my life. It’s true we can’t trust everyone but I feel like I’d be cheating myself if I didn’t trust ANYONE.
        I’m honored that you are one of my friends.

      • Everything is worse when you write a blog, but, I feel I will become a nonentity if I don’t write since my family stopped talking to me. Who will remember me? I would not touch any FOOD put on the ground by perps. I get lots of orange peels…it’s supposed to represent a
        “curse” ever since I heard it on an Internet ministry show that they bury orange peels to curse people in other countries. Also, they set things in triangles or “pyramids” to represent the NWO, the occult, or whatever.

        I have had some not so good meetings with other ti’s. I wondered if the perps had already gotten ahold of them before meeting with me. I’ve even seen flame wars erupt on forums.

        • It’s too bad your family doesn’t talk to you. I gave up on my family. If we can’t trust our families, who can we trust? I’m not too religious,

          so I don’t take the perp seriously when they put curses on me. I just curse them right back. I think they get more upset when I curse them,than I do.

        • Them and their stupid symbols! Unfortunately, they work to freak me out. I’m working on that, though. I don’t want them to win.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if they told the people lies about you before you went to the meetings. It’s their way. I’m sorry that happened to you though. It could have been a good place to find friends.

    • I don’t think they can be saved and if they’re perps they never could have been in the first place. A true Christian COULD NOT do what perps do.
      I’m sorry about your walks. I gave that up a long time ago – same reasons.
      I wish they had meetings for us around here. It’s sad yours got broken up.

      • Eleanor White on her web page talked about former perps…so maybe there is a way for them to find redemption. If they did go AWOL from the perps, though, they get worse targetting than we get. I think she said the deal was they could leave but NEVER discuss what happened while they were perps. Most of them are lifers. I have had only ONE person in my life go from enemy to friend…everyone else went the other way. They would have to quit the perps go to God and get redemption and then live a rather hard life. I bet very few would go for it.

      • I get afraid the perps will physically attack one day on a walk. I try to walk in daytime. The closest I’ve come to an attack is men on foot and on bikes “coming on” to me but in the sick weird perp way, and the thing with the cop. I’ve been threatened with beatings countless times on the bus, etc..and have had cars and even a semi almost hit me. The one with the semi NOT killing me was the grace of God. I’ve carried scissors, sticks, and things to ward them off, but…

          • The cops are perps here, too. Nothing I could say or do would change that. If I got threatened I was “asking for it”. Still, one of ’em took a swing at me once and I was saved by pepper spray. The little pussy (a 250 pound man) then called the cops on me and I called them on him. They never came.

            • The cops, firemen, EMT,etc. are all perps. Aren’t they all little pussy? The perps feel that they can get away with anything because the government will back them up. Poor babies.

  4. You guys are lucky. I have to live my life around them. I missed my son’s college graduation because of them and it was the last chance I had to see him ever. I missed seeing my uncle, George when he was dying because of them, and I’ve missed out on a lot of things because of them. They even scarred my face so every time I look into the mirror I don’t see what I’m supposed to see and I have to be reminded that I have to live my life around them. We’re not special to them. They hate us! And when they aren’t perping, they get to enjoy themselves – something we can never do. I’m too busy trying to stay sane to enjoy my life.

    • We know we’re not special. We were being sarcastic. And I really don’t think they know how to enjoy life. If they did, they wouldn’t be involved in our gang stalking.

      • I was thinking about that later and thought you may have been being sarcastinc. Sorry I got that wrong. They are flipping me out lately and I was in a really negative mood when I wrote that. Will you both please accept my apology for that?
        They may not really know how to enjoy life, but I don’t feel sorry for them. They still have it better than we do.
        I’m so glad I was finally able to find you and others who are going through this crap too so I don’t feel so alone in it.

  5. As for them making fun and laughing , you should be laughing at the idiotic things they do. I do. I mean, come on, what kind of life can you possibly live as an adult acting like a child. Can you say unresolved issues? You should see some of the perps I run into. I can honestly say that some were chosen to do the work because they are not the sharpest tool in the shed. Some can’t hold down a regular job.

    • I agree totally. They are true idiots – the government loves and favors idiots. They will do whatever they want without questioning it. I put them down all the time for it. When they leave their cars running for an hour or more AFTER they’ve been out, I say, “We have the stupidest neighbors!” and when they throw dirt into mine, and coffee splashes on the walls in my house I say it shows what dirty slobs they really are. I wish they’d get the hint and quit but they never will because really are true idiots!

  6. Do you have any ideas? I embrace my perps as sick as it sounds. I talk to some and ignore the rest. You see, I feel like I’m the free one because my life doesn’t revolve around them. Instead, they live for me just to watch my every move to see where I’m going and what I’m going to do next. They rush to get to where I’m at. They don’t get to enjoy life a normal sane human being. They drive down my street two or three times when they can drive to the beach or take a road trip. Instead, they chose to give me their time and attention. I got the whole world in my hands. The saying “misery loves company” is true. They lives miserable lives trying to make the targets life miserable just because they are miserable. If not, they would be minding their business enjoying their life doing something productive.

    • I totally agree. I’ve written about what enslaved people they really are. We have it bad, but they’re worse off than we are. They have to do what we want, not the other way around.

      I’ve suggested a March on Washington, but no one’s interested in joining me. But some day, I’m going to go to Washing and March by myself.

        • I know a lot about them. Since my gang stalking began, I’ve watched them. I no longer watch them because it’s the same old, same old thing. What do you want to know about the perps? I’ve always been a watcher, and now it’s paying off.

          • I’ve learned some things about how to spot them by getting to know their common quirks and actions. Now I can know one when I meet one and avoid them from the start instead of falling for their fake friendship and then getting burnt later. It really pays to be observant!

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