Gang Stalking – I think I’ve pissed off the perps.

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Day 7.   I can’t believe it, they still haven’t come to my apartment to repair my ceiling.  I’m sure you’re all getting sick of hearing about my ceiling.  I know I am, but this is just to remind myself  how long this nonsense went on. Usually there’s a maintenance man who works on weekends.  He’s the only one who repairs what’s wrong in my apartment. The rest want nothing to do with me. If it’s not repaired this weekend, then they’re not going to repair it. Here I come Court!

Well, lookahere.  Guess what I found.

I went to my Facebook page and checked Security, because I’m having a problem getting into my account.

So this is what I discovered.

I have 54 computers logged on to mine.  No wonder it takes me so long to do anything on my computer.

And this is what it said.

On February 23 – 9:59 pm, I logged

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on from Clovis, CA on my Chrome  Google on Windows 7.

On February 24 – 4:03 pm, I was logged on from Clovis, CA on my Chrome Google on Windows 7.

On February – 9:20 p.m., I was logged on from Porterville, CA on my Firefox 7 on Windows 7.

On March 11 – 7:45 p.m., Logged on from Clovis, CA on Firefox 7,  Windows 7.

On March 11 – 9:40 p.m., logged on from Clovis, CA on Firefox 7, Windows 7.

On Wednesday, 10:13 p.m., logged on from Porterville, CA on Firefox 7, Windows 7.

on March 14, 11:01 p.m., logged on from Madera, CA on Firefox 7, Windows 7.

And my current session, 2:36 p.m., Porterville, CA on Firefox 7, Windows 7.

Did  I luck out or what?

Now, I know where they’re hacking me from.

Right now, as I write this, they’re looking into my computer and uploading whatever they think will show me in a bad light.

What a great country we live in!

If you want to find out your information, go to Security on Facebook and hit Security, maybe you’ll get lucky and see where you’re being hacked from. Facebook posts where you’re connected to, and where you’ve been connected to.

I’m sure you probably won’t be able to get a chance to see your location. I’m sure they’ll get in touch with Facebook and have them change it.

Go right away and check Security on Facebook. Tell me what you find out. I’m noisy.

By the way,  I don’t even live in California. I live in Las Vegas.  I’m sure I’ve pissed them off now telling you about this.

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24 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – I think I’ve pissed off the perps.

  1. It’s important for you and every target to read and understand the entire document I am linking to below. This document will teach you about the psychological tactics these community harassment groups are using on you. Remember, in order for you to be harassed by such numbers of people, there must be a false investigation going on aimed at you. Remember this is all about making you look nuts, and out to be a criminal of some type. This is how they do it…

  2. I went and they said I had 39 devices but only showed a few and those were from my location so it looks suspicious.

    • 39 devices, that’s a lot. You just need 15 more to catch up to me. It’s coming from your location, maybe it’s people you know. Is there a government office near you?

          • You’re right. They could be anywhere in the world and be faking the location, but it doesn’t really matter. I wish with all the hours of research I’ve done on this stuff I could understand it well enough to do something about it and help you and others but alas… 😦

            I’ve had them actually remotely turn off my writing computer when I was using it in the car and it has no wireless card in it so I KNOW it’s the goverment. No one else has the technology to do that. I have no idea where they did that from. I wasn’t low on battery power or anything. I was typing my story out on the way to meetings I was going to for a while. Suddenly it would just shut down. Lost what I was writing every time. They can turn your phone or computer on and off from anywhere in the world anytime they feel like it.

  3. Wow, do you know anyone in those cities? Did anyone you know move to one of those places? Or, is it merely convenient for our “ops” to log on close to our area? My ISP will show me being from cities I am not living in but are close by. Nevada is close to California. That is one reason I do not want to move from where I live now: “maintenance men”. I have heard horror stories about what they do to tenants who live in our local Housing Authority (projects and senior housing).

    • I don’t know anyone who live in these cities. I don’t even know where they are. I think it’s easier to find us if they live closer to us. And Las Vegas is spread out and some areas are deserted, might not be a good place to hack someone from.

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