Gang Stalking – How about marching in front of White House naked?

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English: World Naked Bike Ride participants at the White House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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English: South façade of the White House, the executive mansion of the President of the United States, located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. Español: Fachada sur de la Casa Blanca, la residencia oficial del Presidente de los Estados Unidos, situado en 1600 Avenida Pennsylvania en Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thought  the things  they were doing to my  computer before were bad, but it’s getting worse now.  I can’t even see my Reader, etc. on WordPress anymore.  All I get is titles and nothing else. I don’t even think I’m on my computer.  The hackers have remotely taken control of my computer.  I notice when I put my computer on, it doesn’t go on right away. It takes about three minutes for the machine to go on.  It takes that long because I have to  connect the  b’s.

As I wrote before, why do they have to hack me?  There’s nothing they can’t see.  All they have to do is go to my blog and the hackers can see everything I’ve typed.  Maybe the idiots think I’m sending secret messages to China or North Korea?  Or maybe Russia? Ooh, bad girl am I.  I’m a spy.

I’ll repeat this again.  What a bunch of idiots!  This is our money that the government is paying these idiots to spy on us.  It reminds me of those old movies where the cops ran into each other and beat up on each other instead of  the bad guys.  A comedy full of idiots.

It’s too bad if I’ve hurt their feelings lately.  I’ve called them a lot of names.  Names they deserve.  I’m calling them names for all of us targets.  When I call them idiots, I do it in my name and all those targets out there who can’t.

Every time I hear the U.S. is free, it turns my  stomach.  All of us targets are going through hell and we can’t get anyone to listen to us.

I don’t know what it will take to open up people’s eye.  Maybe we women (men, too) should march in front of the White House naked?   I’m sure we’d get a lot  of  attention.  This is being done by women overseas and they’ve gotten a  lot of attention.
(The hackers changed my letter style. Notice the difference in the writing? But I’m not going to change it. I’m leaving it as it is).

Yeah, we targets should be proud to be living in the great, free U.S.A.

(Now they’ve switched my writing style again. I knew they would once I mentioned it.  See, I did nothing, problem solved. I didn’t have to do anything.  And I’m sure they’re going to change the letter style again when I finish this blog.)

Who’s for marching in front of the White House naked?  I mean it!

I’m sure we would be arrested and then we can tell the news people our side of the story.  Or, knowing how puritanical the Republicans are, we’d find ourselves in a prison cell.  Either way, we’d get attention.

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22 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – How about marching in front of White House naked?

  1. So have you had your head fried yet? It gets just a bit deeper than just computer hacking. I was shocked multiple times last night while I was trying to sleep. Check out my blog… By the way, I did have the White House idea…

    • Do you mean like when you feel a wave of force go through your head and a LOUD sound at the same time that leaves you feeling lightheaded? That’s the kind I get and they do it over and over and sometimes I end up with a headache and incapacitated.

      • It makes me feel dizzy. And a lot of times, I forget what I’m doing. One minute I’m doing something and then I can’t remember what the hell I was doing. But I force myself to remember, and I usually do. And this is not the normal forgetting kind of thing.It’s like I go blank, and I have to think and think about what I was doing.

        • I got that al lot when I was growing up. That’s why I am starting to suspect that I have been one of those experiments where they implanted things in the brains of babies in the 50’s and 60’s. I know that thing wore out a few years ago because I haven’t had that blanking out stuff happen since. I would be driving or walking somewhere, or whatever and suddenly I would have to pull over til I could remember who I was and where I should be! Nothing looked familiar or anything. It was scary! I thought it was petty mall seizures but I don’t get them anymore and you don’t grow out of epilepsy.

          • Well, it’s just a momentary thing, and it passes quickly. It’s the perps doing it. So that’s why I can come back so quickly. I get up and walk around and make sure that I don’t let it overtake me. And it works.

            • I always just went back to what I was doing too, but I got a lot of scolding for not paying attention when I was a kid and got made fun of for being absent minded and it was awful. Shame on them for putting me through that!!!!

  2. They hack us because they’re total bastards! They say they just observe people but if we don’t do anything criminal or interesting to them they get bored and have to damage our files and computers, change our type styles, throttle our speed stop our letters typing through, etc to annoy us. They know we’re not spies. They’re just having fun.

    They want to punish us, I suppose, for not posting porn or disgusting criminal ideas (besides reporting the ones they do to us) We’re boring. They’re such idiots it doesn’t occur to them they should move on and go bust someone who’s doing harm!

    • Typing this again. That’s why they pick on us, because we’re not violent people. Violent people wouldn’t be any fun for them. But we’ve lived ordinary lives, and committed no crimes. But I believe in fighting back after a certain time. And I’m fighting back. They can all go….. Well, use your imagination.

  3. I’ll have to pass on the nekked. I’m too fat. Just going in shorts could cause congress to stop. Was that thunder??? No there’s a FAT CHICK out there. boom boom boom. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. They do not have to go to all this time and trouble to hurt us with skits and such. To merely surveill us would cost pennies with technology today. They are training the obedient Orwellian hordes of tomorrow. I wore a new item of UNDERWEAR today and everyone was out there wearing its color.

      • It was a sea of pink…pink shoes, backpacks, tee shirts, jackets…..if it wasn’t so serious it would be funny.

          • She’s got this stupid notion that I’m hurting MYSELF when I call them names. I can’t get her to understand that it makes ME feel better and it can’t hurt their feelings because they don’t have any. Even if they did, they shouldn’t be listening. If they weren’t doing the abuse I wouldn’t be calling them names.

    • Yeah, I’d be wearing clothes too, but I’d be there if I could…I always say it’s more proof of how creepy they are when they react to something I do because of the surveillence. You are right. They are using us for training for the future.

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