Gang Stalking…it’s always something.

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I caught them again.  They were  tracking me again.  I was trying to get on my internet service and saw a camera-like thing popping in and out of my computer, so I hit it.  There they were requesting to get on my internet service and stating that it was an emergency.  Emergency?  Why is it an emergency?

I don’t understand why the idiots have to hack into my computer. My blog is open for all to see, so why do they have to hack  my computer?  All they have to do is go to my blog and there’s my blog  open to everyone. I guess acting like spies makes them feel important.

They are all such absolutely ridiculous people.   I went to the internet service and changed my password today, but, of  course, the people at the company gave it up right away to the Nazis.

It really annoys the hell out of me that we can’t go anywhere and do anything without some idiot giving the other idiots our information.

It is against the law to harass us.  We haven’t done a damn,  damn thing.  If anyone is breaking the law it’s  the damn Nazis.  But yesterday on the radio,  I heard something the man said about  the people who harass citizens. He said that  right  always wins.  That the  people  like Nixon, etc., all  got caught.  He said eventually everybody gets caught.  And this made me feel good, because I know all the games these Nazis play will put them all in prison.   “Right always wins” said the man, and he’s right.

Yesterday, I mentioned it was raining in Las Vegas.  Well, the rain helped me.  I’ve always been suspicious  of  the part of the ceiling right in front of the air conditioner.  It always made me curious, the way the  plaster was sloppily applied.  It didn’t look  right.  And last night I was proven right.  The cheap plaster  put on the ceiling came  off (and when I say cheap, I mean cheap, it feels like a very thin cracker) and there’s a slit running right across the air conditioner.  There is nothing under the plaster, just a long slit and the water is coming into my apartment from the opening.  I don’t know what’s inside the ceiling. The ceiling is too high for me to take a look.  If it rains again, the damn ceiling might cave in.

I went into the office (it’s now opened on Saturday) and told the woman about it.  As always, she didn’t  seem  too concerned. She told me it’ll be taken care of tomorrow.

Let me tell you, if  that ceiling falls in, I will definitely suit.

I’m sick of  the hackers, the people in the office, and all the sub-humans who live near  me. They all make me sick, sick, sick.

It’s always some bullshit I have to handle every day. I’m sick, sick, sick of all the shit.

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30 thoughts on “Gang Stalking…it’s always something.

  1. It should be against the law we have done nothing wrong my apartment looks soo diffrent to what I remember it now it has holes in kitchen floor an I notice a hole in the bath I don’t remember it being they before I reported a perp neighbour to perp manger he has this hooker who’s living there who likes to harras me a female perp hooker he says theys no one living at his apartment apart from him yeh right so between them they going to make am hearing voices I don’t think so chumps so sorry if anyone is eating reading this but I just heard them knocking boots yuck an the perp freak says he doesn’t have no one round an he doesn’t know what am talking about to perp manager makes me sick N E keep on going .

    • They keep deleting what I type to you. This is going to be short. Hope you can make out the meaning. Mgrs are all perps. Maint men carry out their dirty work. Holes to increase electricity flow to your apt. Stand on hole and you will feel electricity. Thanks.

  2. My walls are put together with spit and spackle, etc. I used to come home and find “repaired” areas of the wall that I knew weren’t that way before. I think they dig in the wall, place whatever surveillance device they want and mud it over. I would dig in the wall and find nothing. Nanotechnology? Paranoia? I think the whole house is gonna fall down one day. Everything is crooked and sunk down. I would like to go back to the time the house was built however.

    • They mess with everything. Did you ever notice your towel rack is uneven? That your floor always has holes? That the refrigerator is always clicking? That your oven is uneven? That your refrigerator is always missing the front bottom? That the back of the refrigerator has tangled wires? That the back of the refrigerator is missing? Your oven is uneven? That your blinds are uneven? Or don’t turn at all? And on and on it goes. If you really check everything in your apartment/house, you’ll discover the place is one big mess.

  3. I’m sick of it too! I can tell you though, that changing your password is a waste of time. I used to do it a lot then I found out they use key loggers. They can actually WATCH you change your password. They don’t even need to ask the stupid ISP for it, though they are the ones who let the creeps harass us online, so you can still blame both.

    Yeah, spying on us and doing remote harassment makes them feel important. I guess since they know they are truely worth less than S**t they need something to give them a feeling of self-value.

    I hope the creeps all do get caught someday and paid back, whether it’s in this life or the next. I have hope that there will eventually be so many of us complaining that someday we will get our voices heard.

    • Yeah, I know it’s no use changing my password. I forgot the password to my modem, so I had to get a new one. But I’m sure the hackers know my password, and can easily find out what the password is if they misplaced it. But I had to get a new password because the service wouldn’t tell me what it was.

      • I’ve never even been allowed to have a password on any of my modems but it wouldn’t make any difference. As you say, they’d find it out anyway.

          • I’ve had Vartec, Mid Rivers, Verizon, and Hughesnet. ALL of them let me get hacked and refused to do anything about it. All of them refused to let me block intruders even when I told them the IP addresses of the offenders. I know they’re all with the Nazi pigs.

            • We don’t have Vartec, Mid Rivers here. But as you stated, they’re all Nazi pigs. And my experience has been the same, they won’t block intruders. They always act as if they know nothing about it. Sure, they don’t.

              • That’s true. They act like they know nothing about it. Even when you ask specific questions. They fluff up all sorts of lame answers and it’s obvious they know what’s going on.

    • I tried to respond to this comment but it dissapeared. I went through the house and found the bottom of my fridge off but other things ok except for the blinds which the cat destroyed and nearly HANGED herself on. After that the string that held the blinds up broke and I threw them away. My cat is calmer w/o the blinds now. My towel rack is ok, my oven though old is ok, and I have a back on my fridge. My floor does not have holes. The doors hang uneven though and everything is uneven due to the great age of the house.

      • The fridge at my old apt was VERY LOUD and it did NOT defrost itself. I’d let the ice grow and it took a DAY to defrost. Then the ice would come out in a huge chunk that I’d put in the sink. The old place was full of roaches as well. I have no roaches now but had a curious invasion of mice that did not look like the normal ones outside. I suspect my neighbor was buying them at a pet store and releasing them by his fence. They were tiny and blue grey.

        • Did your apartment get very cold at night? The fridge is set to make your apartment very, very cold at night. My apartment got so of cold at night, I needed to wear extra clothes to bed. And I’m living in Las Vegas, where it never really gets that cold. The cold was New York, that’s how cold my apartment got.

          • My apt does get cold at night in winter until these nasty hot flashes started I had to wear extra clothes to bed. Plus I hate blow air heat. I prefer radiators, I think they keep things warmer. I have a huge draft on my floor as well. House is old old old.

        • They play more mental than physical games with me. Everyone’s perp “protocol” is different. At my old apt, one day I found a huge HOLE over my bathtub when I got home. They said there was water trouble in the perp’s apt overhead. They fixed the “problem” and the hole but I wonder if Mr. McCreepy had put a camera in there as he was always overhead….

          • I’m sure there’s was a camera, that’s why they make the holes. If you want to know, do something in a room and watch if when you go out something’s done that you did at home. I definitely have a camera in my apartment. The perps are always imitating what I do in the privacy of my apartment.

            • Me too…even the most embarrassing things…one day the POLICE drove by yelling what I had done in my apt. I hope they get off when I go poo.

              • Sickos. The bathroom’s protected. Cameras can be put in apartment, but a warrant has to be obtained to put the cameras in. The bathroom is the only place where they can’t put cameras. They’re breaking the law, as always. There’s an expectation of privacy when someone enters a bathroom. It’s against the law to put cameras in the bathroom.

      • I’ve noticed a lot of things are crooked and missing that shouldn’t be anywhere I move to. All of my cupboard doors are crooked and some are made so that they can’t stay closed. They weren’t like that when I move in. Even the new things have the doors made crooked. They love to losen the knobs on everything and if I keep tightening them they strip them so that I can’t anymore. They always destroy my floors, blinds, woodwork…scribble on the walls and put shiny stuff on them…I could go but…

        • Yeah, they always do crooked doors, towel racks, refrigerator, etc. They also like to remove pot handles, break knives(or steal them), etc. It must be fun for them to destroy, destroy, destroy like 2-year-olds.

          • I always blame their mothers. Mine taught me to not go into anyone’s home without their consent, and to respect other people’s possessions. I always say they have crass, disgusting, uncivilized mothers who obviously let them run rampant and never stopped them from doing anything.

          • They always ruin my pan handles and knives too, and forks – they bend the prongs. They put disgusting sticky greasy stuff on my plasticware thaat’s permanent, and white crap on my glassware. They ruin all of my baking pans, etc. Sometimes they steal things too.

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