Gang Stalking – Enemy of the State.

It’s a dark, cold rainy day in Las Vegas.  We don’t have too many rainy days in Las Vegas. I’ve been in Las Vegas for a few years now, and I think it’s rained less than 25 times.  That’s one of the advantages of living in Las Vegas. I used to live in Florida, and we had so much rain, it didn’t feel like the Sunshine state. Florida should be called the “Rain State,” because that’s what it is.

Well, enough about the rain.

Everybody in the Senate is complaining about Obama sending drones after innocent citizens, then why is it that no one ever mentions people who don’t have drones aimed at them, but are constantly tortured by goons sent after us under the Patriot Act?

I can’t prove this, but the  senators  all know what’s going on with harassment of American citizens.

For one thing, the Senate has to pass bills that approve the harassment.  The government can’t do to us what it’s doing without approval of the Senate, or the President.

President Obama is definitely a disappointment.  You would think a man who believes in the right of everyone to do what he/she wants to do, would not agree to such an Act.

I was listening to the radio (second time some bastard deleted what I wrote) and a man who wrote a book on J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI, said that,  at one time, Hoover  had over 20,000 people on his hit list.  And the writer of the book discussed what Hoover did to the people on the list.  And it sounded exactly like what’s being done to us every day.

The people were under 24-hour surveillance, cameras were put in their homes, telephones tapped, broke into their homes, got neighbors to watch everything the people did,  encouraged people to report anything that the people under surveillance  did, etc.

Of course, then, those people were luckier.  They didn’t have everyone carrying a cell phone. Information  took a lot longer to get to where it was going.  Today, it’s instantaneous.  We can’t get away from the bastards. They know where we are every minute.

The  book just came out in paperback.  It’s written by Tim Weiner and the title is: Enemies: A History of The FBI.

The book begins this way: [ From FBI:

The war against spies and saboteurs demands the aid of every American.

When you suspect the presence of enemy agents, tell it to the FBI at once.

Beware of those who spread enemy propaganda!  Don’t repeat vicious rumors or vicious whispers.

Tell it to the FBI! ]

I guess I would be considered a saboteur or spy, since I supposedly spread propaganda about what the government does to us.  And when I walk around, people are in the presence of an enemy.

I consider it a compliment to be an enemy of the state.  And I don’t fear any of them!  They can all go and f–k themselves.

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5 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Enemy of the State.

  1. This is all the type of tactics used in stazi east germany now being used here. Satallite terorism at its best via hired usa cointel type people doing this. 5 police reports 4 fcc reports phone conversation with fbi and more and yet noone will investigate this?

    • I know. That’s why I don’t even bother calling police when something happens to me. If they take a report,I think it’s ripped up by them, and never written down anyway.

  2. They will pass the bill authorizing all kinds of surveillance but keep cutting food stamps and Medicare. Not all g/s is government. Mine started way back before 9/11. There was still a Soviet Union to fight and no cell phones. It was easier to get away from it before cell phones. A trip out of town sometimes brought relief. I think all ti’s eventually end up getting the govt involved in the stalking as it grows bigger and bigger. It grows like a cancer until it envelops the life of the ti and the community around the ti. My grandfather was high up in the Masons but (I think) left the Masons abruptly. I could have been sold into the system as an infant. I may have also pissed off a VIP who could have possibly done this to me. Sometimes I wonder how ANYONE escapes being a target. Everyone pisses SOMEONE off and everyone has someone in government/military/police in their family or in a secret society. I only wonder why they pick on me and leave my sister totally alone. The perps are targets too, they are being trained to be obedient robots for the state.

    • And the perps are robots. They’re followed around as we are to make sure they’re doing the work they’re supposed to. And if the monitors don’t want the perps to leave, they’re threatened with being made targets. The perps don’t realize what the hell they’re getting into. And I have no sympathy for any of them.

      You said you might’ve pissed off a VIP, that’s usually a good reason to become a target.

      • Yes, little did I know the things I said about a person far far away would get back to them. I was young and a fool. Can’t go back now.

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