11 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Wells Fargo messing with my account again.

  1. Hi. N e Yeah I know I do recognise I go to shops it could be empty an all of sudden its full of people they will also plane cars in my path plant peopl to BEFRIEnD me cars try to run me off the path people bump into me on purpose am sick of it am angry my life has been destroyed I want my life back but I know its hoping for a fucking miracle I also have perp neighbours an. Perp apartment manger my family are perps , friends don’t have any even if I do meet anyone they perps straight away or I releise they perps shortly after am getting better at spotting perps am angry I wanted to give up that’s what they want they would be celebrating with drugs an alchol an sex if I gave up God help all of us targets.

    • I’m glad you’re beginning to recognize the zombies. They’re all horrible SOBs. In a way it’s better to know who they are, and in a way it’s not. It’s a lose-lose proposition.You’re not the only one who sometimes wants to give up. We all have bad days where we think “wouldn’t death be better than this?” But we have to stick around, so hopefully one day we can send them all to prison. That’s what keeps me going when I have a real bad day. Sending them to prison is my fantasy. Thanks for commenting, and keep on going.

  2. A “finanvial advisor” at Wells Fargo talked my elderly Mom into taking out a $20,000 home equity loan that she never asked for, wanted, or needed. Complete perps.

    • Aren’t they? Someone should be checking out Wells Fargo practices. It’s amazing what they get away with. Sorry about what happened to your mom. They’re all nazis. Here in Las Vegas, they’re called “bankers.” You can laugh now.

  3. Hi n e yeah I notice something else what these freaks do when theys more people about they do more stuff to us no wonder I don’t like crowds .

    • There’s always a crowd around me. I can never go anywhere and not have a crowd. It’s a psychological kind of torture, never to give you a moment’s peace so that eventually you go nuts.

  4. I’m sorry to hear they are doing that. It’s a good thing you’re smart! I have Wells Fargo and so far they have been OK. I keep an eye on my money like you.

    I hate Greyhound. I had two perps on one trip – there and back – and they let someone get to my suitcase and break a part inside of the suitcase that made it hard to close. They had to have opened it up to do that! They stole stuff I had under my seat and ruined some of my stuff as well. That was before I knew I was a target.

    • It doesn’t matter where we go, what we do, bank or bus, store, etc., there’s always someone ready to screw with us targets.

      I carried my bag around because I knew I was a target, but I was stupid to leave it on the bus when I got off. I certainly learned my lesson.

      And you’re lucky Wells Fargo hasn’t messed with you. Maybe the people in Montana are nicer. The people in Las Vegas are real creeps.

      • I’m figuring they are nicer at this bank. I did figure there was someone “stalking” me on the bus right away when I had left a stuffed frog my mom had just given me on the seat to go into MacDonalds and when I got back it had been cut on the arm. The sort of thing I was used to at home. I didn’t know what GS’ing was but I knew I was being stalked. After that I carried EVERYTHING, frog and all with me when I left the bus except my suitcase because it was stored underneath. I figured out who the creep was, and when the second one came along I declined her offer to hold my stuff when I went in the bathroom at a station. I know whe would have stolen stuff out of my bags. She called me for weeks trying to get me involved in an illegal scam. It didn’t work.

        • Pardon my language, but they’re all such bastards. Good thing you didn’t get involved with the looney-tune woman. You probably would’ve ended up in prison, and she’d probably get a check for doing good work.

          • I figured that’s what she was trying to do. At the time I was waking up to the fact that there were people being hired to give me trouble.

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