Gang Stalking – Fun, fun time for us, targets.

Chaetopappa ericoides in Kyle Canyon, Spring M...

Chaetopappa ericoides in Kyle Canyon, Spring Mountains, west of Las Vegas, Nevada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chaetopappa ericoides in Kyle Canyon, Spring M...

Chaetopappa ericoides in Kyle Canyon, Spring Mountains, west of Las Vegas, Nevada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ant party

ant party (Photo credit: sbfisher)


Summertime (Photo credit: s.o.f.t.)

Sixteen more days before Spring.  I can’t believe how fast life is passing me by.  I feel as if my life is passing me by and I’m not accomplishing a damn thing.  But it’s a hard life when someone is a target.  An accomplishment for us is staying sane, alive and healthy. These are also hard to accomplish, but most targets manage to do them.

And, of course, before you know it, Summer will be here.  Another spring, another summer just flying by.

But, for  target newbies, I want to give you some warnings.

Summer, in my opinion, is the worse season for us targets.   The little darlings(!)  are out  of school, people take vacations, a lot of people goof  off from work.

Summer is the season, we targets have to be on our toes.

Summertime is when the perps try to make where we live a home for vermin.  The perps will leave food in front of  your apartment/house, dog poop, etc.  Of course, they leave dog poop all year, but summer with its heat, will attract flies, roaches, trail  of ants, and other exciting little creatures.  If you don’t keep the front of  your apartment/house clean, your home will become a haven for the creatures I mentioned.  If you prepare now,  you won’t have this problem in the summer.  Make sure if you see any food in front of  your dwelling, you  clean it up.  If you live in an apartment/house, cover all the holes in it.  If you don’t want to use pesticide, fill the holes with plastic bags.  The vermin can’t  chew through plastic, and you don’t have to deal with disgusting chemicals.  I use plastic, and it has worked for me.  Nothing gets in.  You can also fill the holes outside with plastic. If  you have  a house, make sure you check everywhere, in the back, front, etc.

In other seasons, you have a lot of perps follow you around, but summer’s worse.  As I stated, the little darlings(?) are home from school and they’ve been corrupted by their perp parents.  They will do to you exactly what their parents do.  The little darlings have a lot of time on their hands and want to fill their time doing exciting things, and you will become their target.  So become very aware when they’re around.  They are usually up to no good when a target is around.

And if you’re a women, maybe they do this to men, too, I don’t know.  But summertime is when the women perps start showing off their fabulous figures.  What figures?  Round balls.   I know that’s nasty, but imagine what they say about us targets. Well, anyway.  The women perps feel it’s their season to show off their figures.  Some of the sights I see here in Las Vegas would make you throw-up.  The women perps will make sure that they get in  your sight so they can jiggle their fat butts in front of your face.  They will wear low, low-cut blouses with their breast almost  out.  They will stick their breasts in your face.  And the short, shorts they wear with all the fat sticking out is a horrible sight to behold.  They will purposely do this to you.  Why they do this, is beyond me.  Is it supposed to turn us women on?  It has the opposite effect on me. I feel like throwing up every time I have to put with what they think is sexy.  But, of course, men might find the whole scene exciting.  To each his own.

During Winter, you usually wear a coat, so you get some sort of protection  from getting hit by electricity.  But summertime, you usually wear shorts, and no coats.  So I recommend, don’t be afraid to do this, start using an umbrella.  I do this every summer.  I use an umbrella to protect my skin from the sun, and to protect myself from getting hit by the perps. And you can use it to protect yourself if someone tries doing something to you.

Also, carry bottle water with you during the summer.  It’s not only good to keep you hydrated, but it can also protects you. If a perp tries to hit you, the bottle water will pick up the electricity, thus missing you.

So get ready for summer, before you know it, it’ll be here. Fun, fun times ahead!

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18 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Fun, fun time for us, targets.

  1. Pingback: penis traction

    • Don’t open the garbage above (penis traction). I just want you to see what they’re sending me.This is the kind of stuff I used to get all the time, now they’re back.

  2. Sorry about the last two messages you don’t have to put them on actually please don’t put it on I just wanted u to see them thankyou

    • About the mirrors, I would cover them. They’re probably 2-way mirrors. Don’t put your lights on when you go to the bathroom, they’re probably watching you. Every place I’ve lived, there’s always mirrors,so they can watch us. Everyone else has medicine cabinets, but we always get mirrors. They’re a bunch of sicko perverts. I erased what you wrote.

  3. Hi n e Well I say community gs but I aint certain of that but its still gs tho sighs I don’t think it ever goes away well not for me its been long a time . An these women perps even if we do react or do anything or not do anything they still would call us lesbian sickos just for the sake of it.

  4. You aren’t kidding! I rarely see a woman patron in my restaurant who is adequately dressed. If they’re trying to impress their date or whatever that’s fine, but I’m not impressed. Spare me!

  5. Hi n e yeah ten years the madness begang community gs so familly an so called friends I use to know as well has a lot of strangers . I know what you mean about women perps they show they bits to us I have a theroy I think they want to slander us by calling us lesbians if we react in anyway it is sure not a turn on the vile creatures lol . Summertime an the living easy ….. I wish.

  6. Hi n e yeah ten years the madness begang mines more community gs so familly an so called friends as well has strangers an the street are involved in mine . I know what you mean about women perps they show they bits to us I have a theroy I think they want to slander us by calling us lesbians if we react in anyway it is sure not a turn on they vile creatures lol . Summertime an the living easy ….. I wish.

  7. Whooopeee! Here come the shorts and all the asses and boobies hanging out. PJ season will soon end. I am sometimes guilty of wearing rather ahem, low tops when it gets really hot. I have no A/C. I have not worn shorts for decades. For good reason. Last year the perps sat outside for hours each hot night talking about me when I was desperately looking for a breath of fresh air after each hot day. We had the hottest summer ever last year.

    • It doesn’t bother me if a heavy-set person wears short-shorts as long as they leave me alone, but it’s another matter when they stick their asses in my face. Wear your shorts and stick it in their faces. And low tops, I really don’t care either, as I stated, as long as something is not stuck in my face, make yourself happy.

      • There’s the modesty thing I should consider, too. I take low cut tanks and try to tie them in the back with shoelaces to make the tops higher cut. There are Web stores that sell stylish modest stuff but the cost is high. I do the “bend test” in the mirror in the morning but what does not show early sometimes shows late as the top stretches out.

  8. I just had to leave a message I can relate been wanting to message you for a good few weeks now your right its a big task staying sane an healthy an to look presentable clothes ruined etc its mad its wrong the evil bastards .

  9. Never ending I have red your blogs what a great blog this is the summer time is bad more of the devils I always felt uncomtable in the summer coundnt wear want wanted becasue the perps harrass. Me even more an not anyone else I can relate to your blogs I have red all of them just recently actually. I am a ti have been for 11 yearss or so I am going to write an expose it all you gave me insprition to do it all the tips are helping me I have no friends an can’t trust my own parent its very lonely I know am going through hell in my own apartment to the housing manger is a perp so are my awful neighbours.I also experienced workplace mobbing I mean am just researching gangstalking in detail have realised fully what’s going on only this year I wanted a normal life an. Find love ha every relationship I had was ruined or have been perps nightmare Your blog made me laugh about setting fashion trends! You keep writing your blogs.

    • I’m glad you liked my blog on trends. I try to be funny and sarcastic at the same time. I don’t always succeed in accomplishing this goal, but I think I did on trends.

      A target for 11 years, that’s a long time.

      I’m glad you’re going to try writing a blog. If I gave you inspiration, it makes me happy.

      Don’t be afraid to write what you feel. It makes for a better blog. If someone doesn’t like what you write, he doesn’t have to read it. It’s also good to write a blog to keep a record of what’s happening to you. It’s proof.

      I look forward to reading your blog.

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