Gang Stalking – Bye, bye constitutional rights.

Government a Threat?

Government a Threat? (Photo credit: Third Way)

See Image:Gold doorknob.jpg

See Image:Gold doorknob.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a follow-up to my blog of yesterday about property vs. personal rights.

If I’m not allowed to  use a video to tape what’s happening to me, then the property manager is responsible for anything that happens to me.  If someone breaks into  my apartment and rapes me, or beats me up, or kills me, he’s responsible.

I got up this morning and found my lock  partly unlocked.  It wasn’t open all the way.  I put so much tape around my door knob that they couldn’t unlock it all the way.  Plus, I had a ton of things keeping someone from opening my door.

I’m not allowed to video tape someone trying to open my door, but some creep in the middle of the night can try to get into my  apartment and do to me whatever he feels like doing.

Really, is it right that because someone owns an apartment building, he can put my life in danger?

I don’t think it’s right.

My right to protect myself is stronger than someone’s property rights in my opinion.  He has a right to do with his property whatever he wants, but not at the expense of my life.

And I feel my life is in danger.

Why reason does someone have to open my door unless he’s planning to do harm to me?

These creeps get away with so much.  They can do whatever they feel like doing, rape, kill, etc.

And where’s our right to protect ourselves from these creeps?  We can’t get help from the police, management office, government, no one.

We’re at the mercy of  these scumbags.

Whatever happened to our constitutional rights to protect ourselves?


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27 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Bye, bye constitutional rights.

  1. I’m V. V. I’m scared every day. These idiots are serious. They really believe they can control you every moment of your life. If it weren’t happening to me I never would have believed it. Thank you for your blog, I feel for all the victims but I don’t have a knack for writing as you do.

    • Anyone can write. If you want to write, just picture everything in your head. And write what you see. Imagine the perps and what they’re doing to you, how you feel, etc. You’d be surprised how well you can write. And thanks for the compliment. I don’t consider myself a writer. I began writing this blog to let the world know about what’s happening to me. You can do the same. Try it. You got nothing to lose. And WordPress is a great blog site.

  2. This is the thing that upsets me more than anything! Them coming into your home physically. Rent or own or whatever, if that happened to me they’d be looking down a barrel. Some of the things they do to you I just couldn’t tolerate. I love the statement you made about hoping to see beautiful horses! The perps are all the same everywhere! We all know they read the same perp manual at the same perp school. Lolz

    • I don’t think most of these people know to read. They do read manuals, though, given to them by their monitors. I’ve been lucky that I’ve been able to see things others have no access to. Like I lived in an apartment complex where the monitor had an office. I saw what when on, and I got a chance, with others I never met, to drive them out. One of my better accomplishments.

      I don’t own a gun, because I’m such a klutz, I’m afraid I’d shoot myself.

      I still dream about seeing beautiful horses!

    • They don’t come in when you’re home. You have to tolerate it if THEY want you to, unfortunately. You’re really lucky if they don’t invade your space! I hope they never do. It turns sanctuary into hell.

        • Yes, they have, actually. Until we put the slidelocks on our doors and started keeping them locked from the inside 24/7 we would be in one part of the house and they would come in and vandalize and steal things in the other part of the house. ie: I left my charm necklace in the kitchen while we were watching a movie in the living room (I had taken it off to wash my hair in the sink) and when I went to get it one of the charms was missing and there was a deep scratch across the face of the watch that was hanging on it. It had nothing wrong with it when I had taken it off two hours before. That’s one of thousands of incidents when we were home, up and awake. We used to get up and walk around the house at regular intervals to deter them just before we got the slide locks. They come in when we are asleep too. It wasn’t enough to keep the door locks locked.

          • Isn’t it amazing that they can just walk into our homes? My apartment is very small, so I can see everything that’s happening. You must have a large home. What happened to our constitutional rights to have a safe home?

            • It is amazing that they have no qualms of doing this!

              Yeah, it’s relatively large and there’s a hall between the kitchen and living room with a bedroom and bathroom going off on one side and the utility room going off the other side so it’s impossible to see what’s going on in the rest of the house if you’re in one part. In fact, I’ve had them come in and reak havock while I was out mowing my lawn! If I was in the front yard they’d go in the back way, and if I was in back they’d go in the front way!

              Our constitional rights got crushed in 1947 when the US government imported those Nazis and gave them our rights. Very sad. I’d love to go back in a time machine to anytime before the 1900s!

  3. They’re disgusting. The lot of them! Get a slide lock and put it on the inside of your door. That’s what we did.

    • I got a lock that I can lock from inside and outside, and the management office wouldn’t let me put it in. They told me it was against the law to put that kind of lock in the door. A slide lock? Is it something I can do myself? I don’t trust any of the locksmiths.

      • I don’t trust them either. I think they go straight to the cops and give a copy of your new keys to them. Along with your landlord or whoever else. I believe this because of my own experiences.
        A slide lock is one of those things that you put on the inside of your door and it has a little thing that slides back and forth and turns to lock into place. If you put one of those in they can’t see it from the outside and all it takes is some screws. I use a hammer and a nail to start the holes because I don’t have a drill. If they object I’d tell them you’ll be happy to remove and fill in the holes when you move. You can find them in hardware stores and they’re cheap.

        • It sounds like something I can do. I don’t have a drill, either. Thanks for the advise. I’m going to get myself one. I bet they’re going to break it. You want to make a bet on how long it will last?

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