Gang Stalking – Oh, my God, I’m becoming a Republican!

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada (Photo credit: Frankphotos)

Mi iPod con vídeo

Mi iPod con vídeo (Photo credit: juanpol)

Republican Party (United States)

Republican Party (United States) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rent day, so I had to go to the office to pay my rent.  I never go into the office, nothing but perps in the office.  Every time I walk into the office, the manager tells me of a complaint she has about me.  This week the complaint was about taking videos of other tenants.  The whiny crybabies went into the office and complained that I was using my phone to take photos of them.

I said, “Me, taking videos of them. I don’t even have a camera, all I have is a regular phone and all I can use for is my radio.”

The manager said, “Well, I’ve had a few complaints about you videotaping tenants.”

“Why is it they never tell you about all the things they do to me?”

She looked at me and nodded.

I walked out of the office and decided to find out what my rights are re taking videos. So I took a walk to the police station.

I told the man at the desk that I have a question about my rights in taking videos of others.

He said, “What do you want to know exactly?”

“I’m being harassed and I want proof of the harassment, so I want to take videos of the people doing it.”

He said, “Well, you have a right to take videos, but if the man who owns the building wants to throw you out he can. If he doesn’t like what you’re doing, he can throw you right out.”

“But the apartment complex has cameras watching everyone, why can it videotape us, but we can’t videotape other tenants.”

The man replied, “Well, it’s the man property and he can do whatever he wants. He can throw you out anytime he wants for absolutely no reason. It’s his property.”

I said, “Don’t I have any rights to protect myself?”

The man continued, “As I said, it’s the man’s property and he can throw you out  anytime he wants. He doesn’t need a reason.”

So I said, “Basically, I have no rights. What about if I videotape someone from the sidewalk?”

The man replied, “Same thing. He can still throw you out. It’s his property. The sidewalk doesn’t belong to him, but he can still throw you out if he wants to.”

I asked, “What if I put a camera in my apartment?  Can he throw me out?”

He replied, “Yes, it’s his property and if he doesn’t like what you’re doing, he can throw you out any time he wants.” He did tell me I can go to court if I don’t like it.

It’s all about property rights here in Las Vegas. At one time I wouldn’t  have understood about property rights, but now I do. It’s the man’s property and he can do whatever he wants to do with it.  And I agree.

I’m definitely going through a metamorphosis.  I’m afraid I’m turning into a Republican! Not.


But still being a Liberal, the question I have.  Whose right is more important? The property owner’s right?  Or the person who wants the right to take  videos to protect herself ?

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9 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Oh, my God, I’m becoming a Republican!

  1. I consider most “Christians” selfish, psychopathic, cowardly, repugnant and fraudulent. Needless to say they are in bed with Satan himself and neither have the knowledge nor truth of the Bible. They follow the wickedness and wickedness alone when it says “Follow justice and justice alone”. Their “Christianity” is a mini Matrix and part of the Devil’s Matrix, their buzzwords are the real stumbling blocks for knowing the truth. They mistake darkness for light and deceive themselves and others. Some even commit heinous crimes of betrayal, false witness, slander, lies, lawlessness, scape goating, Ponzi schemes, torture, money laundering, even part of mafia. Significant amount of my torture comes from them.

  2. You have rights as a tenant, the cop isn’t really explaining policy properly. You have an agreement, a lease; and eviction is a long process – he can’t ‘throw you out whenever for no good reason’.. at least in most states

    • This is Las Vegas. Those are the laws of Las Vegas. True, I have a lease, but they can give me a notice, paste it on my door for four days, and be locked out of my apartment with all my furniture in it.

      By the way, I didn’t answer your question about PM. I can’t do PM. My computer, phone, blogs, email, etc. are all hacked. Even the pay phones around my area. I used to use the pay phones, but as soon as they saw me using the phones, the phones would stop working. Even my apartment has cameras, microphones, the whole bit in it. I have absolutely no privacy. They consider me a “real” danger because of the blog I write. If anyone is dangerous,it is the criminals who hunt us all the time.

  3. With my “manager”, a controlled perp puppet who used to be a real Christian, If I do something it’s terrible, if something happened to me I IMAGINED IT and need to take more pills. She was also behind the scheme to drive me to kill myself a few years ago with such abusive v2k I’m surprised the God she says she believes in didn’t strike her dead.

    • Like everyone else, they try to come across as helpful human beings, but they’re not. They’re repeating what they’re told to say. Typically, things like you need medication, you’re crazy, etc. Don’t pay any attention to them, nor tell them anything about yourself, or how you feel, etc. They will use everything you tell them against you. These “so-called” Christians really make me sick. They’re such phonies. And as to why God doesn’t strike her dead is a puzzle to me.

      • Maybe not dead, but if she is REALLY a Christian…she could repent to me what she did, quit the gangstalking business and live the rest of her life as a human being. Eleanor White said she used to meet ex-perps once in awhile. Remember our old WP ti buddy Jeremy of “Are You Targeted?” Did he REALLY put a post up there saying that ti’s were “Toxic Individuals?” My lovely perps won’t let me hear the Talkshoes…they threaten dire consequences.

        • What did they threaten you about? If someone threatens you, you have a right to report it. It’s against the law to threaten someone. Tell them that, maybe they don’t know. I never really read that blog.

          If you want to listen to Talkshoes, listen to it. Don’t let them take away more of your life. That’s one of the few pleasures you have.

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