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    • I get woken up by my stupid nieghbor’s VERY load pickup and sometimes by them zapping my head with their DEWs. It feels like a wave of force going through your brain and makes a very loud sound in your head. When they do it several times in a row you can’t get up cause of dizziness. Helicopters are SO annoying!! I feel for you. I had that when I lived in England. Hours at a time. They said it was them looking for escaped prisoners and I believed them at the time. Now I wonder.

  1. I’m so glad that I’ve found your Blog, it gives me the strength to continue on another day. It took me (10) ten years to figure out that the Veterans Administration was ganging up on me, and when I did find out, I just did not want to believe it. I bought a phone with a quewrty key pad, so that I could make entries into a Blog as notes for a book that I was going to write, exposing the names of their employees, hoping that they would be investigated, or fired or moved to another V.A. facility. And also to inform Mr.&Mrs. tax payer about how our Gov. was spending their future retirement Social Security, Medi-care, Medicaid etc. . It was also good therepy to “talk it through”, because at that point I did not trust anyone, so I spoke to no one. Then by listening to talk radio, I desided to infom FOX News about it. At first it seemed like a waste of time, but shorty thereafter, I was left alone and not harrassed at all. Man, I just baseked in the simple comfort of being alive and living without stress. But then I experienced an all out Blitz attack, worse then I had recieved before. They almost killed me, had me run over by a car, and falsify the police report claiming that I was at fault. They said “that I was speeding going uphill, the wrong way, in a crosswalk”. At the time I was in my mid (50’s) and riding a bicycle, as all my vehicles had been tampered with to the point that they were unsafe to drive. And then, one by one, they were all towed away. I’ll have to cut this short as this story would just go on and on, and it will go on and on until I’ve put together an entire book. Here is something that might help us, it’s called “Causes” and they are fighting against our common enemy, those in places of authority, in the Government, in big business, the local people and small busnesses and of course the local gang elements. I have not written in some time now as my new netbook just up and died, (1 yr & 3 mo. old), my roommate loaned me an older model notebook, 15.6 in. screen, it up and died after only(1-2 mo. old). So now I’ve rented an Acer notebook with a (17.3 in) screen and tons of memory. So I’m off and running again, and praying daily that I may be able to complete this task, for my own benefit, the benefit of our brothers and sisters, and for the benefit of those employeed by our Gov. agencies, that are purposely harming us, getting paid for it, and of course laughing all the way to the Bank.Sincerly Wayne Wilson.

    • Hi, Wayne. I can’t say too much, because they the hackers erased what I wrote you. I got your message. There are millions of us going through this, even very famous people. No one, no one is willing to help. All the people who have any kind of power are in the know and will do absolutely nothing to help us. It’s like the Holocaust happening all over again. I wish I could write more, but I’m going to get cut off.

    • It was 14 years before I found out what was happening to me. I think it’s terrible Veterans are treated the way they are! I hope it gets better again for you. I think the GS’ers are killing your netbooks. I’ve had 3 computers destroyed by them. Sometimes they just up and turn them off to show me they can and be annoying. They mess with my car too.

  2. Good video, but a little behind. Some people are being sent actual voices already. They’ve been able to do it for years. I’m not one of those, thank God! Even if they started I would know it wasn’t me and that I’m not crazy, so I don’t think they’ll bother trying.

  3. Hey, that’s my blog name! Good video about covert classified technologies though. My theory is they may have already put in place the mass mind control apparatus ( technology and protocols). Recently I noticed online stalking by perpetrators ( perpetrator bots) with fake user names on some sites and it confirmed. Nonetheless we need to make more people aware of this dragon.

    • We certainly need to make more people aware of what’s going on. I agree this video is really good. That micro sound wave is done to me. I have a high pitch sound in my ear that never stops.

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