Gang Stalking – “They had all the guns.”

The Second Amendment. Guns.

The Second Amendment. Guns. (Photo credit: Leah L. White)

Gun Control

Gun Control (Photo credit: D’oh Boy (Mark Holloway))

Sozioökonomische Regionen North Carolinas

Sozioökonomische Regionen North Carolinas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Summer's End. Lexington Green, 11 September 20...
Summer’s End. Lexington Green, 11 September 2002. Photo taken in Minute Man National Historical Park. Sculpture : “Minuteman” by sculptor Henry Hudson Kitson (1863-1947), dedicated April 19, 1900. Erected 1899 : SIRIS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Clockwise start at the top left: Gloc...

English: Clockwise start at the top left: Glock G22, Glock G21, Kimber Custom Raptor, Dan Wesson Commander, Ruger sp101, Ruger Blackhawk .357, Sig Sauer P220 Combat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Guns?  Do you believe in gun ownership?

At one time, I was against gun ownership.  As you probably know, if you read my blog, I grew up in New York. In New York, there  have always  been  laws against gun ownership.  Growing up, I didn’t know anyone who owned one.  But I used to hear “that if I wanted a gun all I had to do was go down to the Carolinas and buy a gun.” Other than hearing this remark, no one really ever discussed gun ownership.

And I really never understood why anyone needed to own a gun. I believed no one needed to own a gun because the police would take care of any problem involving guns.   I didn’t have to worry about such a thing as gun control.

One day, when I was still living in New York, my friend introduced me to a woman who would change my mind about gun control.   We were having lunch and discussed different topics.  The woman began to talk about how she had to leave her country. I asked her why did she have to leave her country.  She replied, “I had to leave my  country because it was taken over by thugs.”   I replied, “Why didn’t people fight back?”  She said, “They had all the guns.” I remember repeating to myself  “They had all the guns.”

This phrase stayed with me for a long time, but it did not change my mind about gun control.

Fast forward to 2009, and I became a victim of government harassment. I still  believed in gun control.

But slowly and surely as time has gone by, and more and more government intrusion occurs in our lives, I’ve changed my mind about guns.

If the government  can do to me and others what they’re doing, what’s the next step? Control of government over everything?

If  “They had all the guns,” what chance do we have against the government taking our freedom away from all of us?

What the woman said to me at lunch that day resonates in my being. It’s a warning she was giving me.

I believe in the Second Amendment.  I believe in the Second Amendment and gun ownership. I believe every citizen has a right to own a gun.  And the government has absolutely no right to take away our right to own one.

It’s taken me a while to get to this point in my life.

But becoming  a target of government harassment has taught me how important our Second Amendment is in  keeping America free from those who want to turn the U.S. into a dictatorship.

Gun control = loss of freedom.

No gun control no matter what happens. Guns keep those who would enslave us away from our doors.

I can’t believe I was such a Liberal!

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17 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – “They had all the guns.”

  1. Wondering if ya’ll have seen the stickers with the DEW on them? Haven’t got close enough to see what they are supposed to stand for, but they are like the black and white circle with bold KW, for Key West, HHI, for Hilton Head Island, even IRQ for soldiers who served in Iraq…. Saw several last week with the DEW, one in particular definite a neighborhood goon… almost as if they are advertising it. Have a low-tech RF detector in my car… discovered by accident when ipod was disconnected from cassette hook up. Can tell when my phone is ‘pinged’ and also when I am ‘under fire’…(this one is especially loud, and happens even when i’ve left my phone at home.) Did a uturn and followed grimacing old lady who set it off hardcore while my kids were in the car. Was going to ignore, but, my five year old daughter was saying her head hurt immediately & I lost myself & got pissed. Recited and wrote down address bitch turned into. House # was painted over and changed the next day – mailbox & curb. Casually mention such things to mom & older kids, just for a witness if anything should happen to me. Wish I had something to retaliate with. Getting me charged with a felony guaranteed my loss of right to bear arms. Was just a part of the goal.

    • I haven’t seen the stickers. I always walk and I try to look at the cars as little as possible. But from now on, I will check it out. These people are such cowards. They changed the number and address, typical perp behavior. Right away, they report anything we targets do to their Monitor(the person they report to). And usually he’ll tell them what to do about the situation. There’s really not much we can do to retaliate. It’s so one-sided. They can do to us whatever they want, but we can’t do anything back to them because we’d be arrested. I wish I could help you, but I can’t even help myself.

      Do you live in Florida? I live in Las Vegas and haven’t noticed the signs.

  2. Holy smokes, am I glad I found your blog. There are very few venues in which targets can actually share their experiences with a rational and informed audience. These covert operations are sick, immature, and virtually invisible to the untrained eye. However, it is good to know there are at least a few (and I mean, a very scarce few) who are aware of the current decomposition campaigns in America. The unfortunate part is that it takes the experience to actually believe it. I’ve been a target for years, however I hadn’t really connected the dots until a couple of years ago. Anyway, keep fighting the good fight. It’s a steep hill to climb, but after what we’ve all been through…nothing is insurmountable. I look forward to reading your blog!

    • I’m glad you found my blog. And I look forward to hearing from you in the future. I totally agree that the covert operations are sick, immature, and virtually impossible to the untrained eye. But we are all survivors of the first order. A lot of the sickos who harass us wouldn’t last a day if it happened to them. Welcome to my blog.

      • Well thank you, I appreciate the hospitality. So as it turns out, I “coincidentally” had one helluva day after coming across your blog. Lots of strange activity around the vicinity of my home, including several folks walking their dogs with head-flashlights. Within a 15 minute period. Dog walking seems to be as popular as ever…you know, they love walking their dogs. It’s their proverbial “ski mask”. Anyway, I think the network wasn’t too pleased about my discovering of your material. However, I’m not too bothered, because I know the reason why I’m being monitored: I fight for my country. I support the Constitution of the United States, which is a mere inconvenience in the eyes of the globalist elite. I have made this point very clear via social media and other internet venues. If covert harassment is what I have to put up with in order to preserve our individual sovereignty, so be it. No matter how frustrating, saddening and mind boggling this situation is, at the end of the day it is worth it. I have a grandfather many generations removed who actually fought in the Revolutionary War. It’s in my blood to fight for the true American ideal, this is why I’m here. The perps could only dream of the true motivation and direction I have. In short, they have awakened a sleeping giant!

        • I wrote about the dogs, too. The idiots do the same thing to me with the dogs. Their limited imagination is amazing to me. Why exactly do they do this? Is it supposed to scare us? It sure as hell doesn’t scare me. It only makes me laugh at how idiotic they look. I’m glad they’re annoyed by your discovery of me. They’ve been trying for almost two years to knock me off the internet. And they’ve succeeded several times,but I always come back. Lately, it’s been really bad. I can’t even get on WordPress. I’m impressed your grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War. I’ve had a lot of my relatives served in the Armed services, and now I think, why?

          You’re not the only they’ve awakened. They’ve awoken a lot of us. I wish we could awaken all the sheep in the U.S.

      • For me personally, the dog walking is certainly a creepy part of my campaign. They often walk golden retrievers, which was my beloved pet from kindergarten through my first part of college. This is a deep personal attack. Besides the dog walking, my campaign is HIGHLY vehicular. For instance: when I’m at work, I always go to my car for my 15 minute break and lunch hour. Always, every time, the car parked next to mine has someone sitting in the driver’s seat. Just sitting there, doing nothing. They occasionally glance at me for no reason, and they always leave within 10 minutes of my appearance. Driving is always an unprecedented nightmare for me, getting anywhere is a chore. It’s a tough life for sure, however I have become a lot more shrewd in recent times. I know how to at least keep the perps on their toes, I can tell they can take their job more seriously now that I am conscious of their presence. Sometimes I give ’em a dose of their own medicine, it makes them seething mad 🙂

  3. Yea we need electronic guns and Jammer/DEW protectors for defense. The cannibal sickos have covert DEW weapons. They use it without being seen so the regular guns are of no use in this warfare. So the second amendment should also cover electronic guns for the victims

      • The constraints on gun ownership in this country restricts a huge percentage of the population from ever having one anyway. If you have any kind of criminal past or mental health issue you cannot own a gun. If you have a gun you must keep it in your house unless you have ANOTHER license to carry it around. I knew a ti that got a gun and bragged it up and landed in the state hospital on forced meds with the gun taken away. If I had a choice now I’d join the NRA. I was a stupid knee jerk liberal as well.

          • I will never ever be a Repub. The evil that is today started way back in the early Reagan era. I remember people literally changing from kind to selfish arrogant bastards right about then and it only got worse as time went on. The ’80s was the beginning of the end for most of the American public. Aspartame was allowed out in public for the first time as well. Aspartame is a mass brain poison. It actually causes mental illness. Try to find a soda without it. It is hard.

            • I’m lucky, I don’t drink that much soda. I drink a lot of water, and who knows what’s in the water. I remember, too, when people were a lot nicer. It seems today no one is very nice. Just nasty, selfish people seem to exist today. I guess it has to do with all the technology. Everyone’s on their cell, computer, smart phone, etc. I fear for the future.

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