Gang Stalking – I sometimes think…


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I want to warn everyone to be careful when you go to the comment section.  WordPress will let me know what comments I receive it thinks is  “spam.”  And 100% of the time, it’s right.  I’ve checked the IP address of everything WordPress considers spam. And I’ve discovered that every one of the comments is considered “toxic.”   A site not to be trusted.  Probably someone wants to add more viruses to my computer.  So if something looks suspicious, no matter how attractive it sounds, don’t OPEN IT!

I’m sick of   some sicko entering my apartment every day.  I went out and bought lots of marbles and pebbles.  I put the marbles and pebbles all over the floor, especially near the entrance to my front door. I figure maybe I’ll get lucky and the criminal will fall. I will then call the cops and have him arrested.

I already had marbles out, but yesterday I added the pebbles.

When I returned home yesterday, I went to my mailbox to get my mail.  I have to climb a few steps to get to the mailbox.  As I climbed the stairs, there were pebbles leading up to the mailbox, lots and lots of them.  Which means the perps were giving me a message.  A message that they’d been in my apartment again and making me aware of it.  Basically telling me that the pebbles and marbles will not stop them.

I also put up an alarm that’s supposed to go off when someone tries to enter my apartment.  This morning someone sat in his car and ran his alarm non-stop.  Another message that they knew I’d put in an alarm.

These criminal bastards have to be stopped.  We can’t let what they do to us continue.  We have to get our lives back.

I’ve thought and thought about what I can do, but I come up empty. I’ve tried almost everything  I thought would get me help, but I’ve not been able to get any.

I’ve gone to the police, write my blog, wrote to Homeland Security, handed out flyers, made up a t-shirt letting people know what’s happening to me, visited ACLU office, tell everyone I meet about what’s happening to me, sent a fax to Senator Ron Wyden,  carried a sign on the sidewalk telling people about what’s happening to me.  And none of these work.  Most times, no one paid attention to me.  And a few were very rude.  I’ve been called a lot of names: bitch, crazy, go back to where you belong, we don’t want you here, beaten up, almost arrested, etc.

I really don’t know what else to do.  I’ve run out of ideas.

Do any of you out there have any ideas on how we turn what’s happening to us around?  I’d like to hear any ideas anyone has on what else I can do.  If it’s a good idea, I will do it, no matter the cost.

This thing we’re going through is not living.  It’s a living death.  I sometimes think I’d rather be dead. At least dead, I won’t have to put up with degradation of my spirit.

So if  any of you have any ideas, let me know.  Thanks.

I’ve  had a hard time writing my blog the last three days. The hackers keep removing my internet access. I have a new internet service. It’s called Cricket.  Don’t ever get this service. It’s worse than my old internet service.  From day one, the company gave the hackers information on me. There’s really no internet service you can trust. As with everything else, the Nazis always win.

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22 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – I sometimes think…

  1. I keep telling myself I’ll file a FOIA request from the FBI but they will only send back a “clean” record to a ti not what they really have on you. If I wore a gangstalking shirt I bet I would get arrested. I could wear one in Albertsons.

    • They can’t arrest you for wearing a shirt saying gangstalking. You have freedom of speech(?). I have about 5 shirts I wear in the summer stating that I’m a victim of gangstalking by the government. I haven’t been arrested yet. And let them try to arrest!!!

    • Don’t bother. I asked for one from the NSA and they told me in so many fancy words, that since I am a terrorist they can’t tell me why they think so. It’s classified! Can you believe it? Disgusting! They won’t even tell you what they think you did! I asked the cops for a background check and they said they could get one but not tell me what was on it. “Privacy laws” Stupid gits! And the government has blocked me from obtaining one online even when I purchased it! All I got back was my name and the phone number I used before the one I use now. I demanded my money back from the site I got it off of.

      • I am an officer and yes a target too. I applied for a promotion where they have to do an FBI background and it came back clean. They mobbed me out of work, however I still hang on until I can. I’m not ready to let go. I have officer and fire fighter perps pulling their BS. My own colleagues spy on me. They have anything better to do than watch me. I used to hear them talk about INTEL and I guess how they would wait for more info on me.

        • Are you with the government? Or you a police officer? It seems no one is safe today. Stick in there. And they deleted this response once. I wonder why. There’s nothing I said that requires they erase what I wrote. I guess they want me to know they’re around and they can erase what they want anytime.

          • Yup, they do things to p**s us off just to remind us they can. I’m glad you don’t give up. At the moment a stupid perp across the street is running his pickup with the radio blaring because he knows it annoys me. There’s no reason to run your car AFTER you’ve been out! Time to put on some music.

        • I’m sorry you got mobbed out of your job. We need more good officers!

          I don’t know what they are saying about me. I only know that when I had to go to court for a traffic accident the lawyer said I had a clean criminal record so there are two records for us, I guess. One for the people who are on our side and one they show to the people they DON’T want to be on our side. The NSA did tell me that I’m being investigated for some kind of terrorist crimes but not WHAT they are so I hate to think what they are saying about you!

  2. “Do to them exactly what they did to us.”
    Never ever forget that thought. “..happy is the one who repays you..” ( psalms 137:8)
    I want them not go to hell but they are destined, besides GOD has to and will do justice.

  3. No F or S words so, I think your site pretty clean including the comments section. The ISP providers are in the pockets of the criminal perpetrators( higher level puppeteers). They attacked my laptop with virus recently and I had to reinstall the OS and the whole 9 yards.
    The psychopathic criminal puppets enjoy torturing the innocent. That soulless cannibalistic wicked nature is part of their DNA. But remember master of the puppets ( think there’s a Metallica song?)is the one running the show.
    What we are going through is a heinous holocaust. I know its repugnant but keep faith and hope that good will win.

  4. PS: Please hang on. Don’t give them the satifaction off seeing you kill yourself. They’re not worth it, and they’d probably get a big pay bonus for it.

      • Good! I know sometimes I want to do it so I know how other people feel when they say they think about it. The only way they’re going to kill me is if they do it themselves, but they’re having too much fun with me me to do that.

  5. Wish I could give you some ideas, but I’ve tried pretty much everything I could too with no success so I don’t think any of my ideas would help you either. I know for one thing, that they will be able to turn off and bypass any alarm you get, any camera you set up can be scrambled or turned off – if you do get cameras, make sure they are wired, not wireless, and have them send what they pick up to your phone when you go out – so you can see what happens when it does. Even with that suggestion, I wouldn’t promise it will work. They could fix the settings so that your phone couldn’t recieve it or something. I had a security system on my computer and they kept making it so that the computer wouldn’t send the pictures to the people I set it to send to. One thing I would do would be to collect any pebbles or marbles they set out for you and leave a note that says “Thanks for the marbles/pebbles, Perp! I will really enjoy having them.” That’s just me feeling fed up, though. My stupid neighbor, Tom Goff is doing the noise harassment stuff again lately and I’m sick of it! He’s such an @$$%0!3! And you’re right. This isn’t life!

    • I can’t use my phone, they’ve hacked it. I can’t even make any phone calls. I’m sure you’re sick of your neighbor. Some of them are more annoying than others. Some you’d like to do something to, but you know you can’t. They can do whatever they want to us, but we can’t do the same thing back, we’d be arrested. I bet your stupid neighbor Tom Goff probably thinks he’s saving the world from you. What an idiot!

      • I bought a cell phone and they disabled mine too. Fortunately we have a land line so it didn’t interrupt our communications, but it wasted a lot of money and I can’t have anything for emergencies.

        Yeah, I’m sick of Tom! And just the other night I was explaining to one of my son’s friends why he couldn’t go do a prank back to him. And Tom probably does think he’s doing the world a favor because he’s so stupid and that’s what he’s been told. Not only that, it’s really obvious he manufactures meths but the cops won’t check that out.

        Tom Goff needs his name added to the terrorist watch list with the rest of the baaaad guys. They should just replace the lot of us with them on the lists! Then we could return the favors they’ve granted us!

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