Gang Stalking – All the idiots in Congress should be given “pink slips.”

English: President Barack Obama speaks to a jo...

English: President Barack Obama speaks to a joint session of Congress regarding health care reform (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sequestration - How Would it Impact the Everyd...

Sequestration – How Would it Impact the Everyday Lives of Americans? (Photo credit: Third Way)

Man with pink slip at Occupy Wall Street

Man with pink slip at Occupy Wall Street (Photo credit: WarmSleepy)

The two-year-olds are on leave.  The two-year-olds should be working, but they’re not.  If you don’t know by now who I’m writing about, you haven’t been watching the news.  The two-year-olds are(is), of course, Congress (apologies to 2-year-olds).

We are approaching the Sequestration.  It’s happening on March 1. This is when the U.S. government has to make automatic cuts to its budget.  The sequestration will affect almost every citizen and government department.

Well, I feel a little selfish writing this, but I hope the government goes into Sequestration. Why, you ask?

Because, as I wrote, it’s me(I) being selfish.

If sequestration happens, maybe the government will have to cut back on a lot of government programs.  Maybe one of those programs will cut the money paid to people who harass us targets.  If the harassers don’t get paid, they’ll all have to get “real jobs.”  I’m sure our harassers will  not be too happy with sequestration taking away their jobs.  After all, they’re all happily sitting around doing absolutely nothing, but trying to drive targets crazy, plus wasting our money.

Can you imagine how they’re going to feel?  They’re going to have to go out and get  real jobs. Poor darlings. I feel for them. My heart is breaking at this moment.  Oh, the agony!

So in my selfish way, I hope sequestration happens.

By the way, I think all the idiots in Congress should be given “pink slips.”

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18 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – All the idiots in Congress should be given “pink slips.”

  1. As usual, they will cut food stamps, Medicare, anything to do with the poor. They will freeze Social Security checks–again. Years ago, Clinton literally took down welfare to kiss Repub asses then they tried to fire him for having an affair. They lost by nine votes. I’m sure Obamacare is not some great health care solution but a takedown of Medicare to give it to corporations to “decide” who gets health care and what and when. They will not touch anything that has to do with “homeland security”. “Homeland security” is their precious money since the Cold War ended. The money they used to spend spying on the Russians now they spend spying on us.

    • “homeland security” what a joke this agency is. They’re certainly are not protecting the homeland. All they do is harass citizens who’ve committed no crimes. Homeland Security should be sent to its grave.

      • All that crap from 9/11 will last forever. The damn “Patriot” act, Fatherland Security, all of it. Depending on who you talk to the US died in either 1913, 1963, or 2001. There is no privacy anywhere. I notice I little thing about some ti’s: a Kennedy connection. You are the 3rd ti I’ve found that has one. Another woman used to nurse the retarded Kennedy sister, you knew Jackie O, and the other ti used to write editorials to his local paper bitterly about the whole thing about the Kennedy assassination being a conspiracy. He pissed off some local rich person and he became a ti. I was taking a class in “political assassinations” in college right after the targetting started. We studied the untimely deaths of MLK, Malcom X, John and Robert Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe etc…on how they were probably not as they were officially reported. I hope my comments are not the ones who are “spam”. Just like the perps to further isolate me.

        • Yeah, she was really nice, too. She didn’t act like a “princess.” New York has a lot of princesses. My favorite thing about her was going to the bathroom and watching her watch herself in the mirror. She could have been a real bitch, but she wasn’t.

  2. They’ll never cut back on their harassment. They’d rather take it from old people and the disabled. Most of congress and the President should be fired. No future support.

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