Gang Stalking – Bishop Desmond Tutu, I ask for your help.

Desmond Tutu 2007 at the Deutscher Evangelisch...

Desmond Tutu 2007 at the Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag in Cologne 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Desmond Tutu, the South African Bishop, is complaining about President Obama sending drones to other countries to kill its citizens. And Desmond Tutu questions the President on why the president feels it’s okay to do this to people in other countries, but not to Americans. He questions why those lives that are not American are worth less than those who are Americans.

Well, I would love to speak with Desmond Tutu and let him know that it is not only  people in other places that are victims of the U.S. government, but a lot of Americans are also victims of the President’s program.

I’d tell him that we are Americans who became targets of the government and that we’ve committed no crimes, but the U.S. government treats us like criminals. And only does it treat us like criminals, but it sends criminals after us.  Criminals who have no scruples and will do what the U.S. government tells them to do for money. Criminals who are given carte blanche to mistreat us.

I’d tell Desmond Tutu that we  are  Americans the government considers not worthy of  protecting, or not deserving of constitutional rights.

I’d tell Desmond Tutu that we need someone like him to speak up for us Americans targets who no one will listen to and who no one cares about.

So, if Desmond Tutu reads this: Please Bishop Tutu, listen to me. I am a victim of government harassment, along with millions of other Americans who the American government is mistreating. We have no voice in America.  No one will listen to our plead for help.  Please use your voice and power to speak up for us.  As you use your voice to speak up for all the powerless people of the world, please use your voice to speak up for all the Americans the government quietly tortures.  We are all being slowly tortured to death.

The other people of other nations are not the only ones being tortured, we Americans are also.

Please, Desmond Tutu, help us Americans.  Speak up in our  name.  We know you have the power to get people to listen to you.

If anyone out there reads this and knows Bishop Desmond Tutu, please get this message to him. Thank you.

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28 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Bishop Desmond Tutu, I ask for your help.

  1. Have you checked out this web site: (real truth). Just happened to see it today and it is the latest real news vs the propaganda we usually get from the news Check it out.

  2. Well I used to purchase the CA Disks (good for 1 year) from Comp USA when I could afford them and they really worked but now I can’t and my Tech skills are no match for the perp pigs. I just do a virus scan each time I log on and I literally shut the power off to my computer when I am not using it. I just never leave it idle it is either scanning for bad stuff or no power!
    They must really enjoy their Psycho jobs- I would rather starve than hurt people like they do and that might well happen if this doesn’t stop soon!!

    • My computer doesn’t go on unless I’m using it. I take the battery out of it when I’m not using it and the cord, too. They can get in if you leave the cord plugged into your computer.

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  4. The homeless man DID screw up my computer. This was back in 2008. Amongst other things, he downloaded “halo” on my computer, a violent video game that eats a lot of memory. He was a perp spy faking me out, probably working for the police to get more goods on me. A month after he left I woke up to see the blue screen of death on my machine. I dutifully reloaded Windows and did it a few times more after crashes until I bought a new hard drive. I had a few months of relative peace until my motherboard and monitor started going. I tossed the whole puter except the hard drive. Must have driven the perpies crazy.

      • I”m not sure. I swear someone is trying to remote control my puter now. Heli going overhead, and heard clicks on the phone. I tried to put up a post and saw it erased before my eyes. I thought if you had an Internet Security package they would quarantine or remove any viruses or Trojans you got. It’s the kind you have to buy. The free kind only informs you of the viruses.

        • The spyware stuff is garbage. It doesn’t protect you from anything. I’ve downloaded so many spyware programs it’s not funny. Within a day, the hackers get in and change the settings.

          They erase my blogs, too. I’ll type something and they’ll erase.

          What you have to do is save your work right away. If it gets erased, usually WordPress will save it. You have to go down to the end of the page, after Tags, and you’ll see revisions. Just hit it and it’ll show all the revisions you’ve made. Just hit any of them and usually you’ll see what you’ve typed. Sometimes, you won’t, but most times you do.

          By the way, they are remotely controlling your computer. They are doing it to me.

          • Well, you should congratulate yourself. They would not be going after your computer so much unless they saw your blog as a threat. The next time I tried the post I did hit “save” over and over at times since I remember them doing this when I had my old blog..they’d wait until I had a huuge post then blam it was gone.

  5. A long time ago on the forums Eleanor? Determined 1 person in 100 was probably a ti in the United States, no saying the number for the world. That would be 3 million ti’s here alone. Most ti’s are unaware. I once did a post on the levels or awareness for ti’s but it’s gone like everything else. The last comment from a ti I got on my OLD blog was from a man from Israel, the land of God’s people and it was the second one from that country, so I know it is truly worldwide. I used to go to a place called Malwarebytes to remove viruses the computer security would miss. After that, though, it would seem my computer would crash. I don’t go there anymore. Why don’t you come on my blog anymore?

  6. You might try using Avast! for malware and hackers! It has helped me a lot. I run it first thing every morning. Oh, it is free too!

    • You really seem to know what works. I will check Avast for free. I hope it works. I’ve downloaded so much spyware from the internet and nothing’s worked. As soon as I download, the hackers get in and change all the settings.

      P.S. I went to Avast. It’s not free. It’s $70.00.

      • There is a free one that I actually used for a while and then I purchased the Avast Pro for $29.
        The Hackers are brutal and it seems whatever we do they undo. Sorry!
        Hope you can find it it did work for me 😦

    • No I just haven’t seen any comments lately from you. My computer is OK so far. I let a homeless man who I put up use my old computer and after he left it kept crashing. I replaced the hard drive, then the motherboard started going out along with the monitor. It was a POS anyway. I got it at Best Buy and they gave me the dog computer they had back there. It could not restore and was always showing error messages for this and that and freezing all the time.

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  8. Hes probably misinformed by his secretary. He doesn’t know people like you and me are living under tyranny and houses without walls. They see, hear , montior us 24/7. Lies, misinformation, disinformation is a part of sons of the Lucifers tactics.

  9. I couldn’t have said it better but I would change the thousands to millions-yes many millions of good American Citizens are being tortured 24/7!!! But we are considered insane instead of the criminals and psycopath’s being paid to do the dirty work!

    • I was going to write millions, but then I stopped myself, because I’m not sure. I think I’ll change it to millions. Thanks.

      P.S. I changed the blog to “millions” and immediately the hackers changed it back to thousands. So it must be true.

      • It is really millions and I have seen this on several sites. Our Department of Justice alone gets over a thousand callers a week about this-sick isn’t it that it is all being put in file 13!

          • File 13 is the trash can. I don’t even think they read our desperate pleas for help.
            Daniel Snowden is an Angel and I am watching the news to see what he uncovered at the CIA. He did not risk his life just because they are listening to phone calls and reading our e-mails. He uncovered what they are doing to us and had the guts to go to the Press knowing his life would be hell. Apparently the Guardian News (UK) will divulge these horros in the weeks ahead.

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