Gang Stalking – The nazis are winning the war.

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The maintenance man finally showed up.  I didn’t  think he  would.  He also showed up with a visitor. A woman from the office,and she began taking pictures of my apartment.    I didn’t stop her .  I like to push things to its conclusions.

My lease is up next month, maybe they want me out. If they want me out, I’ll leave.

Living in this apartment has been hell since I moved in.

Of course, anywhere else I go will be just as hellish.  There’s really nowhere we targets can go that’s safe.

The same things will start happening again.  Just new faces to get to hate and a new neighborhood full of perps.

Where is the justice in what’s happening to us?

We’re being tortured and we haven’t done anything to anyone, except to defend ourselves.  We all have a right to defend ourselves.

But the nazis seem to be winning the war. There’s more and more of us, and none of us can get justice.  We’re all maligned, lied about and treated like dirt.

There are blogs galore written about gang stalking, but still, no seems to be aware of what is happening, and probably don’t care.

When will we get our day in court?  When will this harassment stop?  When, when, when?

I am so tired of all the shit.

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17 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – The nazis are winning the war.

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  4. i have put the address of ron wyden on civil case for targeted individuals forum on yahoo and have sent a letter in myself. The michael f bell interview says they are useing eeg reading with a 10 digit cell phone. and this person has a book out. exposeing this is a good start with this remote neural monitering hell gangstalkers put us through.

  5. I hope you get a better place next time! I know it’s not likely, but we can dream. Who knows? Maybe it will just come true someday.

  6. Yes, we have been confined to our prisoner camps and there is no justice. I have personally written to every Law Enforcement Agency in the US, and to President Obama! No replies thus far. The FBI did return my call and the 3 hour conversation with every suggestion available was given; move, have someone move in, rent my house (if I can actually manage to keep it), get a big Dog====we all know those things will not help. So, who is really behind this hell on earth? Well I don’t understand the long term torture if we are going to be taken out in the end? With all of the TI’s screaming for help why are they not helping?
    I put a large Banner up in front of my home that reads “ORGANIZED GANG STALKING” IS HERE–IN OUR NEIGHTBORHOOD– BE
    INFORMED !!! Then I listed several web site addresses including, “”, targetedstalkedterrorized and others. This was not well received and the Direcetd Energy was ramped up but I will not take it down. Why has the news not picked this up? Looks like they all think we should be exterminated when in fact the perps are the real criminals.
    The Bible states, “the world will be upside down and backwards in the end” and it is just that!
    Good luck to you my courageous TI Friend!

    • Thank you. The media knows all about us and I’m sure they’re told not to write about what’s happening. We don’t have newsmen anymore. We have people who just repeat what someone else writes. They don’t investigate anything anymore. But I must give credit to Jesse Ventura for reporting what’s going on with targets and what’s happening to them on his program. I hope eventually someone will listen to him.

      • Oh, so do I! The assaults start right after dusk and continue in one form or another all night. The Microwave set ups in several locations, the walkers with their hand held weapons, the fumes (who knows what the chemicals are) the constant drive by’s with gaslighting,and the worst is when I take my Spaniel outside for even a moment we both end up with burns. It is brutal torture and hard to accept that it is really happening. I received a reply from a local Detective who seemed like he was trying to help. His reply to my e-mail begging for help after a particularly bad night was; “I will look into it” (OGS). Hope I am here when he finally decides he has the time!!!!
        Have you put Mylar sheeting on your walls? I understand that Iron Oxide Powder mixed in paint works to shield against microwaves as well.
        Hang in, Pray, Take care!

        • I have to believe that the detective is a good person. I hope he answers you back. But my experience has been that police are all involved in our gang stalking and will do nothing to help.

          I haven’t tried Mylar sheeting on my walls. Where do I find it? Thanks.

        • Hate to say it but “Ill look into it” doesn’t always mean they will. I know from experience. I hope he means it. I hate these people who harm animals and children in a bid to hurt the target! Shows how sick they are!

          • Yres they are as sick as it gets! Kansas City-Scheniker(spelling?) killing her children (Husband high ranking Military), Sandy Hook, Box Trucks being stolen all over Florida and Law enforcement saying there is no element of terrorism here-HELLO-WAKE UP AMERICA!! These box trucks are uised to not only clean out the contents of a Targets house but are mounted with high powered microwave’s for dealy assaults. I have filmed this on my infrared surviellance camera’s – still no one listens. America is in big trouble and it may be too late. God help us!

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