Gang Stalking – Ain’t life just peachy?

life can be peachy

life can be peachy (Photo credit: dizznbonn)

Rinso Laundry Detergent
Rinso Laundry Detergent (Photo credit: Retailmania)
Water splashes 032

Water splashes 032 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The perps are back to messing around with my pipes.  I washed my dishes, dried them, and put them away.  As I walked away from the kitchen, I felt water at my feet.  I looked down and there was water everywhere.  Puddles of water leading from the kitchen to the dining area.

I took a look under my sink.  Well, well.  Again, the pipe is a mess.  The perps  disconnected the drain from the pipe.  So the water was not going through the pipe, but it was falling on the sink cabinet bottom.  The cabinet bottom was all wet, everything  underneath destroyed.  My laundry detergent box got wet and the detergent fell out and was on everything.

Most of  the day, I’ve spent mopping the floor.  I keep forgetting that the sink is nothing but a big hole and keep putting the water on.

I went to the office to tell them that the sink is a big hole and the lady in the office told me that she would send someone over to fix the pipe.

It is now 7:49 p.m., everyone’s gone home, but no maintenance man ever showed up.  I knew he wouldn’t.  Anyone else would have gotten his sink fixed right away, but not me.

Tomorrow the office’s closed for the weekend.  I’ll probably have to spend my weekend without a sink.  I’ve washed my dishes in the bathroom sink.

Isn’t life just peachy for us targets?  Always something…

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7 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Ain’t life just peachy?

  1. Sorry to hear about the cannibalism of pipes, hope managent takes care of it soon.
    One cannibal in my neighbourhood was torturing a poor dog. Its like 5 degrees this morning and he’s walking his dog in a foot of snow. Where is PETA?
    Also cannibals struck me with DEW the other day I still got pain in my legs. Where is GOD?

  2. They’ve made the pipe under our kitchen sink leak as well. And just to make sure we didn’t think it just happened, they made the cabinet door not close so that we would know they’ed messed around under the sink. You have my sympathy! Wish I had some advice.

    Yeah, our life is so peachy…I was enjoying going to Google maps and seeing places from my past so they decided to make it so I couldn’t get to ground level anymore.

    BTW, I don’t have TV either. I think it just makes a target’s life more aggravating to hear the kind of crap the media talk about. I make my Mom turn off Fox news when I go to her house. They’re so full of (insert four letter word)

    • I know, Fox is so full of shit. There, I put it in for you. Your mother can’t blame you. She can blame me. I don’t have a t.v. because the perps would turn it into a looking glass t.v.

      Thanks for your sympathy about my pipe. No one has shown up yet to fix it. They do this to me all the time. I go into the office, tell them something is wrong in my apartment and vow to get it fixed right away. And always, nothing’s done, or done when they feel they’ve screwed me long enough.

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