Send fax to Senator Wyden

Sen. Ron Wyden (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)[/caption]

Please, please, please take the time to fax a letter to Senator Wyden. If he receives enough letters from us targets maybe something can begin to happen to end this misery.

Thank you.

contact info:

P.S. I’m re-posting this again. Please get in touch with Sen. Wyden. Send him a fax on what’s happening to you. Thanks. Neverending1

10 thoughts on “Send fax to Senator Wyden

  1. I sort of scanned the letter. I did not see him referring to OS targets. I have been a target way before 9/11 maybe even back to childhood. He seems to be referring to the investigations of citizens post 9/11: there is so much more. I have written to a target that has been getting it since the 1960s (if she is still alive). This rabbit hold goes back all the way to WWII and beyond. I do admit, however, life only became “hell” post 9/11. I was able to convince myself all the bad treatment was my fault up until then. Maybe for us “vintage” targets life could at least become like it was pre 9/11–in those days I was able to work at least.

    • You make up your own letter and tell them what’s happening to you. The letter is just an example. Yes, it was after 9/11 that a lot of us ended up on the list. Write the letter. If the Senator gets enough letter, maybe it’ll wake him up as to what’s going on. The more letters the better.

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