Gang Stalking – Thrown out of store.

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Cashier Lady at the Queens Boulevard White Caste, NYC (Photo credit: ChrisGoldNY)

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Gesture raised fist with middle finger lifted (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Grocery Store Signage | Exterior Grocery Store Remodel | Supermarket Upgrade | Chelan Red Apple (Photo credit: I-5 Design & Manufacture)

Today, about four hours ago, I was thrown out of  a store.

I went into the store to get some groceries.   When I went into the store, the store was  empty.  Within two minutes of entering the store,  about eighteen people entered all at once.  They weren’t together.  It’s  really strange to have all  those people entering  at once.   Of  course, all perps.  None of them  got any groceries.  They all got a soda  or water and stood in line.   Of course, they waited for me to finish my shopping before getting in line. As soon as they saw me coming, they all got in line.  There was  only one cashier and the line was very long.  The perps were laughing and looking at me and making  remarks.

I tried as hard as I could to keep my mouth shout and not say anything, but I opened my mouth and began to tell them all off.  Of  course, they looked at  me and gave me the look they always do.   The look  that says “what’s  your problem?”     They always act so innocent, because  they want me to think I’m crazy and there’s nothing going on.

But all the freaks were laughing and looking at each other and having a good old-time making fun of me.

While the perps were all laughing, another cashier opened his register. I ran over to the cashier. While I was waiting to pay,  he made a few nasty remarks and I responded in kind. Two women were in front of me and gave me dirty looks.  I gave them dirty looks back, and both began saying nasty things to me. I told them off, too.  The women paid and stood by the register talking to the man.  The man turned to me and said, “I won’t be ringing up your order today. Come back another day.”

I replied, “Oh, it’s okay. I won’t be coming back here again.”

One of the woman replied, “Oh, good.”

As I walked out the store, I gave the cashier  the finger and told him to drop dead.

The freaks all act as if they’re  so perfect and happy.

Yeah, I know they’re all miserable people.  If they weren’t miserable people they wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing. They’d be somewhere else living their lives. But, no, they’re were all in the store trying to tear me down, and make themselves feel better.

I wish every one of the miserable bastards would go to hell.  They’re all worthless pieces of shit.

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16 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Thrown out of store.

  1. howcum we all have wonky monster gravatars today? i never picked a gravatar, and had some yellow patten for a bit, now i’ve got a weird blue monster. neverending, yours is red. slayther is purple with many arms. targetguy is a blobby blue bat with wings. Is this normal??

  2. ALSO, many will try to convince you they can read minds… your thoughts are still private. test it. tell no one where you are going or any of your plans for the day. even better, tell someone you are going to one store and them go to another. don’t write or say anything. no broadcasting your punches. even whispers can be heard. don’t bring your phone, or take out the battery. switch directions, alot. drive through neighborhoods and meander the streets, if anyone stops you, cop or whatever, tell them you used to live here and are looking for your old house. makes them pull out all of the troops. funnyfunnyfunny. they get really pissed though and will try to scare you… with me it takes amubulances and helicopter before i give up and go home.

    • If there’s one thing I’ve learned, is never to tell anyone where I’m going. If they want to know, I lie about where I’m going. I do the same thing. I change direction, detour, play all kinds of games like they do. I don’t have a car, so I play games when I walk. Oh, the ambulance, and don’t forget the fire trucks. One day the driver of the fire truck kept honking his horn, as I passed by him, I gave him the finger. The fireman seemed really insulted that I would give him the finger, and turned off the horn.

      • You are way braver than me. I don’t even walk in my own neighborhood. It is so swarmed with perps. Live 3 blocks from my kids school and drive every day… the only 2X per day perps know exactly where I’ll be. My pattern just serves to expose theirs. I like your in-their-face, right-back-atcha attitude, but could never get away with it. Many would even invent an incident to get me locked up again. They try to make me hit their cars all the time – back out of driveway right in front of me. I drive slow & try to maintain dead calm. I have to avoid ANY sign of aggression. Can’t lose my kids again. I am the only thing standing between them and the ritual abuse. Even then, no guarantee.

        • I can be brave because I have no kids. If I were in your situation, I wouldn’t be so bold. I’d have to think of my kids.

          My “…right-back-atcha attitude…” comes from growing up in New York.

          The perps would probably invent something to get you locked up again.

          Stay calm for your kids. Good luck.

  3. i didn’t go to the store without my mom for a good while there. i feel she knows what is going on, but has found a way to stay in complete denial and a good mood at the same time. when people block or act weird, she makes a friendly comment, or even strikes up a chatty little conversation with them. SO WEIRD, but I learned from it. Now I can go alone, pretty much pretending not to notice all the bizzare dramas, never if i am on a deadline or any kind of hurry. never with a list, never going the same route through the store, changing from going very slowly to very fast. inspecting their carts as they pass. (WOW, you rushed to steal my parking spot, and now you’ve been here an hour with me and only have oreos? wow. sometimes i can’t help it and laugh out loud.), using all their same tactics. if someone blocks, i pull out my coupons and study them in front of something i[‘m not even gonna buy. just flip the script… be as covertly aggressive as they. sometimes i park my car at one grocery for 10 min, call someone or pretend to make a list, then drive to another grocery & shop there. i am a smiling fucking bitch, just like the rest of them. i’ll even imitate their little hand signals, or read their license plates out loud as they pull up… pretend to take pictures of them whatever. BUT last time i was in Kroger was doing just fine and them hit with urge to pee. some lady came in RIGHT after me. stall next to me, poured something in the toilet, and then threw some kind of dust over the stall when she flushed…. I SWEAR I SAW IT> she rushed out, only pretending to wash her hands, and was 50 yards away by the time i could come out to see who she was. took a hot hot shower when i got home & changed clothes….. if you feel yourself getting agro, just leave. leave a whole cart of groceries and try again another day if you must. if you cause, a scene they win. grace&peace&keepontruckin!

    • Oh, I did that. Two or three days before I went to the store that threw me out, I shopped. All the cashiers were real bitches. I got fed up, and told the bitch cashier to keep everything and I left. I knew if I’d stayed, I would have said something really, really nasty.

  4. I try to get in and out of the store as fast as possible when I am alone. I play an MP3. They have been making my life hell in grocery stores since the 1980s. I might make a comment or two at a perp or three. One day when this is over (if ever) what happens to all the damn perps? Do they crawl back into holes or blend into society with no punishment whatsoever? As for Albertson’s if things get REALLY bad one day and I need “three hots and a cot” I know where to go, the sto’ with the sto’ ho’s!!!! LOL

  5. Cannibals!
    They want you to feel sad all the time for their crimes like harassment, terrorism, set ups using word associations ( since they listen to all private conversations) etc..
    They swarm me at the groceries too. Get an Ipod and listen to some good music when you go out.

  6. Oh the store whores (as I call them) can make life miserable. Everyone needs to eat, buy tp, etc… and the garbage knows it. Did I tell you what that punk security guard did after he grabbed my already purchased groceries away and kicked me out of the store? He told me that if I ever came back to the store I would go to JAIL JAIL JAIL!!! He came out again later a bit and reiterated his threats. No doubt the lousy punk is long gone but I was told I could NEVER GO INTO ANOTHER ALBERTSON’S AGAIN EVER IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY. LOFL…Guess I should just lay down and die now. LOOOOL Their prices used to be higher than the rest.

    • I like the name “store whores.” I’ll try to use it in my blog some time.

      Did you do answer the “store whore” back?

      Yeah, we’re supposed to be good little boys and girls and not answer back. F–k that!

      The store here in Vegas is very expensive, too.

  7. I have had similar things happen in stores also. the gangstalker os eh spreader tracks on to peoples car radios with delight and tells people in a loud voice in their car radio to go there and harass the bad person and the good people comply as if god is talking to them.

    • Well, this is not the first time I’ve been kicked out of some place. I just get sick of standing around while people feel they can do and say what they want to me without getting feedback. I just had it when the perps began attacking. I do not regret telling the freaks off.

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