Gang Stalking – Blame the government for all the killings.

Make Way For WAASS: H.R.658 Accelerates Drone ...

Make Way For WAASS: H.R.658 Accelerates Drone Deployment For Surveillance Of American Citizens (Photo credit: watchingfrogsboil)

Case O' Guns

Case O’ Guns (Photo credit: Gregory Wild-Smith)

Government spending

Government spending (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

Severe Mental Illness

Severe Mental Illness (Photo credit: homelesshub)

Every time that someone gets killed, the mentally ill get the blame.  Some mentally ill person killed someone, or it’s some violent game that someone is playing, or guns.  But no one ever blames the government.  The government is causing more killings than either a person with mental illness,  people who play violent games, or gun owners.

The government has a program that targets innocent people.  People who committed no crimes.  But for some reason, the government  seems to feel free to make the life of these innocent people targets of  its harassment.

And these innocent people become  crazy because of  the constant government harassment.

The government hires  people to harass  these citizens. The government tells these people a lot of lies about other citizens. The government sets citizen against citizen. This is just how the holocaust began.

The government tells these people that  targets are very violent,  mentally ill,  on tranquilizers, lie, steal, cheat, want to overthrow the government.  The government tells these people any lie that they can get away with.

These people believe that the government is out to do good.  There’s no doubt in their minds that what the government tells them is the truth, because we live in a democracy and government doesn’t lie. No, the government would never lie.

So all these people get training by the government on how to harass these targets.  They’re told to make the targets’ lives as miserable as possible.  To watch everything these targets do and report back to the government on their activities.  They’re told to do everything in their power to prevent a target from having a normal life.  They’re told to follow targets everywhere.  They’re told to steal their things, break-in to their apartments/houses, kill their pets, steal their food, rip  their clothes, infest their apartments/houses with vermin, booby-trap their apartment/houses, mess with their electricity, etc.  Basically do whatever they can think of to make the targets’ lives a living hell.

And these people are also told not  to worry about anything happening to them because law enforcement will not do anything to them, so it’s a “go”  to do whatever horrible crime they want to commit. Of course, they’re also told that if they’re caught committing a criminal act, the government will not acknowledge their existence.

Now, that last part.  If what these people are doing is legal, why isn’t the government willing to back them up?  It should make the zombie-like people question the government. They should ask: why doesn’t the government back us up if what the government is doing is legal?  It should make them say “huh”.  But, of course, they don’t even think “huh”.  They just go out into the streets and do the government’s bidding.

I have no sympathy for these zombies who make our lives miserable.  They know exactly what they’re doing.  They don’t care, because the money the government pays them is more important than taking someone’s freedom away from them.

But these zombies should care, because it just might happen to them, and there’ll be no one to speak up for them, just as there’s no one to speak up for us targets now.

People should stop blaming guns, the mentally ill people, and game players.  Start blaming the ones they should blame, the government and its policies against innocent people who committed no crimes.

By the way, I know the truth of what I’m writing about.  I happen to be one of those targets harassed by the U.S. government.

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6 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Blame the government for all the killings.

  1. I am horrified at the things the perps do to your food/clothing. In the past I had some “magic coffee creamer” that made me sleepy, strangely ruined pants, and the infestation of the weird bluish gray mice that I never saw in the wild. Have you found a safe way to eat yet? I catch them putting food on my windowsill, on the sidewalk, etc and remove it instantly. My old neighbor would let his food get old then dump it on the side of the building…I even “returned” it a few times.

    • They put food in front of my apartment, too. In my old place, they’d always let their dogs poop in front of my apartment. It’s smart to remove the food right away. They do that to attract vermin to your apartment, so roaches, ants, etc. get into your apartment. Good for you returning the food. I do the same thing. I put all my food in the freezer when I go out, even my water. They can’t put anything in your food if it’s frozen. They probably put sleeping pills in your creamer. I always smell everything before I eat it, or cook it. And they like to rip your clothes, or steal them. They also like to come into your apartment and turn on your air conditioner or heater to make your electric bill more expensive, thus making you poorer.

  2. Zombies and perpetrators are seriously ill people( best word is animals), its in their DNA. Most of them are criminals, murderers, rapists, psychopaths without any human emotions, morals of right and wrong. In other words they are imbecile criminal robots. They are being unleashed on law abiding innocent people like you and me for various nefarious reasons ranging from human experimentation, white washing of their crimes to political/religious coercion.

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