Gang Stalking – Christopher Jordan Dorner trying to get the truth out about LAPD.

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper (Photo credit: mroach)

English: LAPD officers at crime scene

English: LAPD officers at crime scene (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Christopher Dorner LAPD

Christopher Dorner LAPD (Photo credit:

Boy, is my computer full of viruses.  I got some new spyware, and it reported 20,000 viruses in my computer. But now, the spyware is no longer working.  Any spyware I get never lasts too long. The hackers get in and change all the settings to suit them. Not only are there more than 20,000 plus viruses, but there are so many files my mind can’t handle what I have to do to get rid of them.  I went into one file, it led to another, that file lead to another one, and another one led to one file that had so many files I get sick  just thinking about it.  This computer is nothing, but one big virus. I’m surprised I can get anything done on it.

Well,  guess what?  There’s someone else out there who feels he’s been a victim of police harassment.

The man’s name is Christopher Jordan Dorner.  He used to be a LAPD(Los Angeles) police officer, and got fired from the department for complaining about another police office  being too abusive to a man.   When Christopher Dorner complained, the department did not believe him and fired him.  So ever since then he’s been angry about his firing.

Christopher Dorner  was a Lieutenant in the Navy before he became a police officer.  He also received a decorative coin from the Las Angeles Police Department for being a good police officer.

And now, here he is, running around in the San Bernardino Mountains with about 30 guns in his possession.

Christopher Dorner feels he’s been discriminated against by the LAPD, and treated unfairly when he complained about the officer being abusive.   Instead of getting praise for being an honest man, he was thrown out of LAPD.

Christopher Dorner sent a package to Anderson Cooper, lead anchor of Cooper 360 on CNN. In the package there was the decorative coin, with three bullet holes in it, given to him by Los Angeles Police Department, and a note stating that he did not lie.

I have a feeling that Christopher Dorner became a target after reporting the abuse by an officer.  That’s usually how we targets get on a list.  We report something we saw, or we’re outspoken about something that happened.

Now the Los Angeles Police Department is reviewing his firing.  Now that it’s too late.

Why didn’t LAPD do the right thing the first time he complained instead of firing him?  A man tries to do what is right, and he gets screwed.  That’s usually what happens.  Someone tries to get the truth out, and becomes a piranha.

I expect two things to happen. One, Christopher Jordan Dorner is going to shoot himself, or the LAPD will shoot him. I don’t see anything good coming out of this.

11 thoughts on “Gang Stalking – Christopher Jordan Dorner trying to get the truth out about LAPD.

  1. avg is a good antivirus program and has kept my laptop ok for years. a lot of this targeting does seem to be workplace mobbing related. as a former usps employeee it went on my whole career there. i suspect a threat assessment by employer and fbi causes this. especially when fired or not hired.

    • Thanks, but that’s what I’m using now. It doesn’t matter what anti-virus I put in, the hackers get in right away, within minutes. Right now, I’m using the internet service of Cricket, and there are four crickets signed on to my computer. I’ve removed them, but they reappear within minutes. All I do is spend my time fixing my computer, hours on end, without being able to use it.

      • Staples has a permanent virus removal software that is good for a year and no charge if any problems up to a year maybe that may help. I have had problems before with my laptop and had to get a new keyboard because of spilled water and also many virus on it from various websites.

        • I’m going to find a Staples. I hope they fix it, maybe the people where you live are more honest than the ones here in Las Vegas. I’ve had no luck finding someone who will really fix my computer. I’m charged a lot of money for nothing.

    • I’ve been mobbed at work too. I don’t get why some people can complain about someone and lie will be taken seriously and someone who is being harassed never is.

  2. That’s terrible! But not surprising. Our Government usually punishes good people and rewards bad ones. I’m sorry about your computer. I know exactly what you’re talking about. They do it to my family too. Arrrrrg! But I still have hope that we will get a real life again someday. I don’t know how, but I think we will. More people are waking up.

    • A woman who lived near me liked to collect plastic bottles to make some money. One day, she was in the dumpster digging out bottles, I went over to her and gave her some plastic bottles and we talked. While we were talking, a helicopter came within inches of the dumpster, to watch what we(I) were doing. It was so close, I could touch it. I guess they thought I was up to something.

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